WP Story Machine Review

WP Story Machine Review

WP Story Machine Review

There are currently 2 major issues online. Sites like Facebook and Instagram have reduced people’s attention. More and more people are visiting your website with mobile devices. Now this brings up an interesting issue about your site. The usual long form content on your site is of no long-term value.

The new type of content on the internet is called Short Content. This is why Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even Google have created a feature called STORIES – this is a completely new way to consume & read content that will kill website content in the future.

But – I want to help you stay ahead of the curve.

That is why we have found an entirely new software called WP Story Machine. This great software turns your wordpress blog posts and pages into stories.

The form content is short, visually appealing, and just swipe a few times to achieve the whole thing. This is very powerful because it caters to low-attention + audiences designed for mobile devices.

This will automatically add the story button on your posts and blog pages to launch the content story view. You can also earn Stories by adding ads, offers and any kind of promotion within the story.

In just 60 seconds, it can turn any post or blog into a STORY and make it more appealing. Create unlimited stories on your website without manual work. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat and other big companies are doing this.

This software adds the same power to your website without the big cost. Just download this plugin and add it to your website.

It creates great stories from any content. Comes with a full story builder to customize your story easily. Add offers and ads to monetize your story and earn additional revenue or commissions. This is the power of WP Story Machine – Keep reading my review today to learn more about this new Plugin.

About The Author


This new plugin was created by Ankur Shukla, an icon in affiliate marketing. When I mention his name, there is a long list of his products that have hit the market many times before.

Some prominent applications are 1-Click SEO Store, WP Automatic Commission, etc. The similarity we can see in most of his items is that they are very realistic. He used to be a business owner, so he knows what it takes to overcome challenges.

That is also why I strongly believe that WP Story Machine is a beautiful tool. Let’s find out more about it in the following segments of WP Story Machine Review.

WP Story Machine Features:

Here are 12 Amazing & Powerful Features That Make Story Machine the simplest Story Creator Plugin For WordPress Sites:

  ♦   1-Click Story Creator Turns Any Blog Post or Page into a Story

This 1-Click Story creator plugin helps you begin making extra money from your existing content by simply turning your existing blog posts into STORIES and making it easier for your mobile audience to interact, buy and convert into sales.

  ♦   Monetize Your Stories With Ads, Offers or Affiliate Links with Call to Action Buttons

We want you to form the maximum amount money as possible together with your Stories which is why we made it so you’ll earn commissions from multiple sources, advertisements, offers & affiliate networks like JVZOO, WarriorPlus and ClickBank.

  ♦   Create Unlimited Stories & Embed Them Anywhere on Your Site or Other Sites.

You can create any number of stories you would like – no limits and you’ll also add them to your blog posts automatically and even embed them anywhere on the online easily.

  ♦   Automatically Add a VIEW Story Button within the Blog Post or Page

No got to manually add story buttons on your posts or pages, all this happens automatically once you create a replacement story from your post.

  ♦   Automatically Share Your Stories on Social Media / FB / Twitter etc. for free of charge Traffic

Everyone wants free, automated traffic. That’s why we added automatic social sharing so you’ll publish your stories to the highest social sites with none manual work. Just press one button and done.

  ♦   Automatic Images for all of your Stories in only 1-Click

If your stories don’t have enough images otherwise you need more enchanting images for your posts – you’ll simply type in one keyword, press one button and amazing images are going to be added to your STORY in only 1-Click.

In 60 Seconds – Turn Your Content into STORIES – WP Story Machine allows you to Create Unlimited STORIES Fast

  ♦   ALL STORIES Are Designed for the simplest Mobile Experience

With over 70% of the web traffic being on mobile devices now, your mobile visitors need a better experience, one that convinces them to require action and buy from you. This is often why Stories are the simplest because STORIES will sell for you & convert sales.

  ♦   Get Higher Engagement on Stories & More Views from Mobile Visitors to Your Site

Stories are designed for a far better social experience that has sharing, driving back more traffic to your site and more engagement from your visitors making it a richer experience.

  ♦   Add Any quite HTML Ads, Content, Banners or Advert Slides Inside Your Story

Banner ads and ADVERT SLIDES come built into your Stories and you’ll add them in only 1-Click into your Stories. You’ll add any quite adverts, insert ads automatically, promote offers, affiliate products or anything you would like inside your Stories.

  ♦   Add Videos to Your STORIES from Multiple Video Sources

Getting clicks from your affiliate articles isn’t enough, you would like to try to to a touch more to draw in attention to your offers and that’s why we created the special high conversion boxes that grab attention and obtain you sales.

  ♦   Automatic Transitions & Animations for Your Stories

Presentation and appearances are important to offer your visitors an excellent experience. Thats why now you’ll easily animate your slide effects, add transitions or maybe animate call to actions and banners inside your Stories.

  ♦   Create Social Style Stories Like Facebook or Instagram or Tiktok in only 1-Click

Social style stories are those that appear as if the Stories from Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook like stories which will offer you a tremendous experience to your visitors when viewing the story on your mobile or desktop.

  ♦   Create NEWS Style Stories like FlipBoard or inShorts

Once you have more content on your blog posts or pages, you’ll select the NEWS sort of STORY to make from your blog post. This style looks almost like the view you get once you use news apps like Flipboard or inShorts on your mobile devices.

  ♦   Add Unlimited Content & Slides in Your Stories, Install on Unlimited Sites & Create Unlimited Stories

No matter what percentage posts you’ve got, regardless of what proportion content you’ve got, what percentage images you would like to feature to your stories – there are absolutely no limits to what percentage stories you’ll create using Wp Story Machine.

How Does WP Story Machine Works

WP Story Machine basically helps you create stories out of your wordpress posts. The rationale we did that’s because with the increasing use of social media, more people are literally going after short form content… just basically stories.

That’s why Facebook, Instagram and even Google now have a replacement content format called stories… which is essentially a bunch of slides with images, content and videos put together. You’ll just swipe them on your screen and watch of these stories.

I’m sure you want to have seen them on Facebook, Instagram or maybe on Google right? So you made this for your WordPress site because we don’t want you to truly behind.

You can now create stories from your WordPress content and obtain more engagement, more people to ascertain them and have an cash in of the shorter span of individuals by converting your content into a fresh way of consuming content in 2020.

In this section of WP Story Machine Review, i’m getting to show you ways easy it’s to urge started with this plugin. Once you put in the story machine plug-in on your site, you’ll see the story machine option on the Left menu, and you’ll also see all of your posts inside your WordPress site.

WP Story Machine Features 1

You can see we’ve three different posts up here. So let me quickly show you ways I can turn these posts into a story. Click one button up here and make a social story out of the post which is “10 places to go to before you die”. Now my story is essentially ready, this one click and it’s almost done.

The best quite content to show into stories are list based articles that are having a couple of good sections of content and a couple of good images, these work alright for turning into stories. These also are called Listicles.

Here you’ll customize your story as you want… name your story, select a thumbnail, choose the subject. I can automatically advance my slides by 3 seconds then automatically also insert advertisements inside the slides to basically monetize this content automatically by showing ads. Hit on Save Changes and now my story is published.

You could also add a call to action button into any slide. You’ll change the colour, you’ll change the link, you’ll change the text of the button… anything you would like. You’ll also edit the pictures, add more animations and stuff like that.

WP Story Machine Features

Click on preview button and this is often how it’ll look on mobile devices. Automatically slides you’ll tap on left and right to basically view these thing. this is often the precise same content from my wordpress blog post that’s now converted into a story that appears amazing on the phone. it’s more like instagram, facebook or google visual stories.

This is the new way of consuming content. Google has began to rank a visible content like this higher and better on their websites… which is why you would like to possess this type of format for your content today using story machine.

The plugin basically automatically adds a story button at the highest of each post on your site. So basically if people inherit your site who don’t wish to read the whole content, they will just attend the story and watch the entire thing. you’ll also monetize the story by inserting ads between stories and make extra money from that.

You can add your own product offers, you’ll design your own ad slides and insert them automatically by category into the Stories. you’ll also promote offers from any affiliate network you would like and insert them into slides inside your stories.

This is a fresh thanks to create content from your existing content. You don’t got to actually republish a content, you only got to convert your content into a story and make it more attractive, make it work and basically make it more consumable for the new sort of people coming to your site… who are more engraved with spending shorter amount of your time on your site, and quickly swiping through your content, landing on ads and making you extra money .

You can add any number of advertisements or ad-slides inside your story content. We recommend adding an advert-slide after every 3-4 slides in your story otherwise you can just have one within the end with a call to action. there’s no limit to what percentage ads you’ll have.

Is This Plugin Worth Your Money?

WP Story Machine is a fresh software that basically takes any wordpress blog post and turns it into a story in only one click. Stories are the new sort of content that’s becoming the new gold on the internet… because Facebook, Instagram and even Google are now focusing more on using stories as a replacement format to consume content…

Because tons of the people have lower attention spans because of of these social media giants, and that’s why any wordpress blog post having a extended form content will take tons of your time to read. So turning it into a story makes it easier faster and more actionable to consume.

In the previous a part of this WP Story Machine, you’ll see actually I even have turned a blog post into a story that’s very visually appealing. you’ll do this in only one click and also insert ads between your slides inside the story. So you can’t really make money off these stories.

It’s very easy to consume on the mobile devices and makes it super easy to form stories from this. You don’t need to build it, you only need to press one button and convert it into a story in only one click and that’s what this plug-in does for you.

I’ve been expecting someone to return up with a plugin a bit like this one. lately , information overload is that the favorite reason why is has become on the brink of impossible to grab the eye of site visitors.

People seldom take the time to consume long articles, albeit the knowledge provided is of interest to them. They hardly watch videos that are quite just a few of minutes long. So, there’s no wonder short and a spotlight – grabbing stories are on a rising trend and being utilised to the max by the social platform giants

Story Machine provides unbelievable potential and may be a complete game changer! Built into a replacement WordPress plugin may be a world of pleasure for Bloggers, Affiliate or Digital Marketers and every one on-line enthusiasts.

You have seen/used “Stories” on Social Media, but now Story Machine will turn any regular WordPress post into an entrancing story, to draw the immediate attention of your reader. Adopt this state-of-the-art WordPress plugin to become the last word ‘StoryTeller’ and reap future benefits…

  • Ranking higher in google with stories.
  • Drive more traffic to your site from ranking high on Google
  • Information overload may be a huge problem – make short concise content
  • Grab attention easily with Stories.
  • Stories are better than plain old boring content. Stories SELL
  • Insert ads into stories & make money (sell or promote offers)
  • Grab the eye of Mobile generation of users
  • Increase web traffic and social engagement
  • Stand out from your competition – they don’t have stories, You do.
  • Google is going to roll out Story Maker soon for all sites, it is in private beta right now so you have the chance to start ahead.

Who is WP Story Machine?

With all the above features. I think WP Story Machine is for;

[+] Affiliate Marketers

[+] Marketers

[+] Com + Amazon

[+] Freelancers

[+] Website Owners

[+] Social Media Marketers

[+] Local businesses

[+] Any other kinds of online business

WP Story Machine OTO and Price

For a limited time, you can get WP Story Machine at an early bird discount price in the options below. Please select the option that best suits you before this special offer disappears!

Front-end: WP Story Machine ($ 27)

OTO1: WP Story Machine Pro ($ 47)

OTO2: WP Story Machine – Profit Stories Monthly ($ 27 / Month) – Downsell To Monthly Trial ($ 1 For The First 7 Days & $ 27 / Month)

OTO3: WP Story Machine Developers License – Unlimited ($ 67)

OTO4: WP Story Machine Resellers License – Unlimited ($ 97)

OTO5: WP Story Machine Hosting ($ 67- $ 72) – Option 1: Gold ($ 67) – Option 2: Platinum ($ 72)

OTO6: WP Story Machine Backlinks 5000 Monthly ($ 27 / Month) – Downsell To Monthly Trial ($ 1 For The First 7 Days & $ 27 / Month)

WP Story Machine Pros and Cons

  • Turn any article into an engaging STORY in 1-CLICK.
  • No technical skills, no learning curve. Just set up and you’re good to go.
  • Insert ads in the story and make money.
  • Guaranteed to make extra money from any website.
  • Provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on the day of purchase.
  • You need internet to access and use.
  • Price will increase when the launch is over.


Overall, WP Story Machine is the new WordPress Plugin that turns Blog posts into STORY – The most attractive form of content on the Internet right now. Attract more people and get involved.

If you are having trouble finding a new way to refresh your content, don’t worry because I used to be like you and I fixed that situation thanks to WP Story Machine. So this tool is highly recommended! Last but not least, I want to remind you that its price is now $ 27 and it can go up and out of your reach anytime! So please get it as soon as possible because you don’t want to miss a great tool like this.

Thank you for taking the time to read my WP Story Machine Review today. Hope with it you can make your decision. If you have any questions – please let me know in the comments below.

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