WP Content Factory Review

If you need to write or create quality content for your blog, then be sure to read this review. Because a completely new software has just been released that allows you to create unlimited CONTENT without typing.

With this software, you will be able to create truly Human Readable Content, on any topic or topic, in just a few minutes.

The content flows and reads well, but is also crawled, indexed and ranked in Google … and brings in a lot of visitors from Google, organically.

In fact, if you haven’t watched Igor’s short video, he’ll show you the ‘over-shoulder’ style of how you can do this with his software.

Every step is simple, and it’s very quick and easy to do. like the idea of ​​being able to create really good Content no matter what you are in, catch it today.

Introducing WP Content Factory

WP Content Factory Review + OTO + Demo - Pros and Cons

This WordPress plugin makes it easy to find, customize, and publish relevant, high-impact content on your web pages. On a fully autopilot mode. There is no typical hassle of writing content from scratch or paying a writer to do it. It even SPIN content quickly before posting it on your site.

Having 100 new posts per week on your site can be great for you – you’ll get MORE TRANSACTIONS.

There are 12 premium content sources that you can use with WP Content Factory and automatically generate FRESH content every hour of every day on your site.

Not only that, you can even monetize this new content by using ads, affiliate links and banners to earn passive income from your blog.

Regardless of what field you’re in – this works for any kind of website in any category out there. Remember … Content promoting the internet, if you have an online business, presence or want, then you need new and high quality content. Keep reading this my review to learn more about this new product.

What is WP Content Factory?

WP Content Factory is a WordPress plugin that allows you to fill your web pages with new content with fast traffic. You only need to use the integrated search engine to find existing content that can be reused and turned into a new post. It integrates with 17 premium content sources: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Craigslist, Careerjet, Dailymotion, Itunes, Vimeo, Clickbank, Instagram, Reddit, Ezine Article, Rss Feed.

In addition, the plugin even has a monetization feature that allows you to add affiliate products within your content. It integrates directly with affiliate programs of Amazon and eBay.

Just give it a keyword, choose a product you think best fits and the software will immediately add all the product information with the affiliate link inside. And the best part is that every time someone clicks and buys you get paid commissions.

With WP Content Factory, you can create and run sites that monetize with Automatically Generated Content:

♥    New Content Automatically

Build websites CONTENT-HEAVY with unique human readable posts that rank high in Google and other search engines. Your website can be automatically filled with content that generates new traffic daily.

♥    FREE traffic from Search Engines

New content allows you to rank higher in search engines and pull in unlimited FREE traffic every day. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. love websites with lots of posts.

♥    Turn Traffic Into Profits

Your site can earn affiliate commissions from Amazon, eBay and any affiliate program you may find. Alternatively, you can make money with banner ads or use it to generate leads. It’s up to you!

About The Author

Igor Burban

Igor Burban is the star behind this great plugin. He is known for being talented and developing innovative products in this marketing field. Through many years, he gained a lot of experience and launched a number of products such as: WP AutoRewriter, RapidLogosPRO, NewsMaker PRO, ContentLAB, etc. .

Today he launched his latest product called WP Content Factory, with previous success, without a doubt, this product will somehow become a big push.

Features of WP Content Factory

WP Content Factory comes with everything you may need to build profitable affiliate sites

•     Profitable website + Free traffic

Enjoy free daily traffic from Google, Bing, etc. because search engines reward content sites with free traffic.

•     WordPress plugin

Build flexible websites on the most popular content management software. Add new features with thousands of plugins.

•     Integration with 12 platforms

Fill your web pages with the hottest content from the most popular social media and ecommerce.

•     Auto generated content

Write engaging content! Fortunately, you don’t have to write anything because all the content is automatically generated.

•     Automatically blog

Use the plugin to automatically add new content at a set time without your participation.

•     Update the software regularly

Please be assured that your plugin will always be up to date with regular software updates.

•     Earn affiliate commission

Drive profit from the world’s largest online retailers: Amazon and eBay. Earn up to 12% on your referred sales.

•     Add affiliate products in 1 click

All product data including title, description and images are automatically imported from Amazon and eBay. No need to manually copy products.

•     The instructions are easy to follow

In the member area, you will find videos covering everything from setup to product search.

•     Rotate content automatically

Have your WordPress posts always appear as soon as they are published. No need for manual changes.

•     Build email lists

Your site will receive a ton of new visitors daily. You can easily build an email list and have the required traffic.

•     Fast & reliable support

Need help with something? Just send a quick message and they will do their best to solve your problem within 24 hours.

How Does WP Content Factory Work

WP Content Factory works really simple. You can get started with 3 simple steps. It’s your fast lane to 100% automated CONTENT websites

  • Step 1 – Choose which content source to use.

Integrates with 12 most popular content sources including: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Craigslist, Careerjet, Dailymotion, Itunes and Vimeo. A detailed guide behind the shoulders is included.

  • Step 2 – Choose the type of content you want.

Now you are ready to arrange some content for your site. Just point the plugin at the topics and niches you want your website to focus on.

  • Step 3 – Make money from your website with links and affiliate ads.

Insert affiliate links to related products from Amazon, eBay or any affiliate program you choose. Or profit with Adsense by inserting your banner code.

That’s it now you just need to Rinse and repeat. Create MANY unique content CONTENT in any Niche.

WP Content Factory Rinse Repeat

And then you will get results like this.

WP Content Factory Proof

You can also watch the demo video below for more info:


Usually, we don’t trust the method if it’s too easy. There is no specific reason why, we just know it’s our human instinct. However, this is not the case – maybe this time, your instinct is wrong.

Becoming an early user of WP Content Factory allows me to experience its professional top quality. It was designed to help you produce massive tempting posts on your page every day and get free traffic from search engines! But the point is, don’t focus too much on the quantity, because no visitors want to read stupid crappy sites. My advice is if you carefully pick your Content Watcher topics, you’ll end up with some pretty cool sites.

With the help of WP Content Factory, I can have 10+ new posts every day! Isn’t it a very cool software to get rid of all the hard work from creating content? Definitely! The plugin even has a money-making feature that allows you to add relevant affiliate products inside your content. It directly integrates with Amazon and eBay affiliate programs. I would recommend it to all site owners and people who work their heads off for daily posts.

Here are what beta testers and famous marketers saying about WP Content Factory:

WP Content Factory Testimonials

Why Should You Buy WP Content Factory?

Making your website ranked high on Google is the “holy grail” of internet marketing. And when it comes to ranking your website and getting that sweet Google search traffic. “Regular original content” is what you need. Just imagine how easy your life would be if your site were sitting on Google’s # 1 page right now.

This WordPress plugin makes it easy to find, customize and publish high impact content related to multiple blogs, websites and social media at the same time.

[+] 100% Original content: You never have to create ANY original content again!

[+] Works in any Niche: You have access to our library of thousands of content sources for your use.

[+] Get what Your visitors will like

[+] The most powerful “Dial Text” you’ve ever seen.

Stop wasting your time and energy. Create profitable automatic content with WP Content Factory.

WP Content Factory OTO and Price

I guess you’re all excited to get home one copy of this plugin, especially because of how convenient it is to solve your content problems. Depending on the time you check out, you can get this brilliant invention at a reasonable cost from $16-$29.99. Of course, the earlier you buy, the better price you get. Why don’t take this now to get the greatest deal ever?

WP Content Factory Price

In addition to the FE, you can buy these OTOs and do greater content work.

OTO 1: WP Content Factory Plus+ – Price: $37

With this upgrade, you will get additional:

  • FIVE additional integrations

Create even higher quality content and get more traffic by using 5 additional integrations. WP Content Factory Plus integrates with 5 additional content sources: Instagram, Reddit, Ezine Article, Rss Feed and Clickbank. With more content, you’ll see more traffic and higher sales.

  • Earn extra money with Clickbank

With integration from Clickbank, you will be able to promote more affiliate products and earn more affiliate sales.

  • Developers License +

This license allows you to include the plugin on customer websites or websites that you sell.

There is a well-known market for websites called Flippa, and affiliate sites like those built with this plugin sell for more than a hundred dollars.

OTO 2: DFY Service – Price: $197

If you’re too busy and you don’t feel like watching the training videos and do all the setup yourself. Then this upgrade is the perfect solution for you. With the Done For You service, Igor’s team of trained WordPress experts will do all the work for you.

They will do everything including:

  • Help you choose and register a domain name. They will help you choose the best .com, .net or any other site
  • Set up hosting for your new website. So you do not have to deal with cPanel
  • Install all necessary plugins and themes. So you don’t have to do any guessing work
  • Help you choose a niche. Saving you hours of brainstorming
  • Content Research & Auto-posting. We will research the most relevant and engaging content for your new website. And we will allow automatic posting so you get new content every day.
  • Find the best affiliate product. They will look for the best affiliate products to promote on your website to gain the most profit for you
  • Make original sharing on social media. So your newly built website quickly starts snowing traffic

OTO 3: ContentLab – Price: $67

Access to our premium content-generating web app ContentLab. With it you will be able:

Article extraction

ContentLAB allows users to add their own links to the editor area, after sending ContentLAB fetches all the content of the external url added in seconds and provides the user to add to the article and post. write theirs.

Article MetaData

When anyone uses any article from any external resource, ContentLAB will automatically fetch Metadata and make it available for integration with websites with copper suggestions. The definition helps to list articles in a unique format across all search engines.

Source of the article

ContentLAB comes with more than 500 integrated RSS feeds, users of this content can capture revisions and rotation by using the integrated functions to create new posts for their blog.

Automatic synchronization platform

ContentLAB can be integrated with 5 blog platforms including, WordPress, WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter

Update automatically

All Posts created with ContentLAB are configured as automatic updates, so whenever a user edits any post or post, it will be automatically reflected to all. Blog platforms have been selected so that users do not need to make many edits on multiple blog platforms, this function also eliminates any human error while editing more posts.

Text translation

ContentLAB includes all languages ​​for any language translator, so don’t worry if you have blog content in Spanish and need it to be converted to English or Japanese, Current article language Support 104 languages ​​in addition

Grammar suggestions and words

Grammar checker and synonym suggestion support for the 20 most popular languages


Bookmarklets for chrome and Firefox will allow users to bookmark articles and save references in ContentLAB, later users can convert these bookmarks into blog posts because ContentLAB has its own translation service. , users will be able to translate these bookmarks in any desired blog language.

Text spinner

By using the latest advanced Statistical Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Partial Speech Analysis and Simulated Natural Language Methods, ContentLAB can automatically generate content close to quality. of human. Currently supporting 7 popular languages

Content plan

Streamline content workflows by collaborating and organizing efforts from an intuitive date book. Planning, auditing, planning and implementation from a single place and responsible for the quality and social network of you.

Content automation

The goal is to post content to your channels without human intervention. Advanced rules help filter content according to your own needs. Setting and forgetting the scheduling options makes your social pages grow on autopilot.

Integrate images

Integrated 500k + ready to use Images and 200k + videos to add to blogs and posts.

Content integration

Capture content from Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, Pinterest, Medium, disqus, etc.

RSS reader

Full blog reader with all content synchronized from all popular blogs, using synchronized posts to create your own blog post.


In-depth analysis of all posts created using ContentLAB

Make money

Function of replacing the word that matches the entire page with hyperlinks to any third party website.


Integrate Amazon, Ebay to fetch, list, and add products in blog posts with associated URLs.

OTO 4: WP Content Factory Reseller – Price: $297

Reseller license allows buyers to sell WP ContentLab plugin to their customers (starting on May 1st) and keep 100% of the profits.

Who is WP Content Factory For?

Content has always been a top priority whatever you are in the online space. Having the right tool in hand means you can save a lot of time, money and efforts but still get great results.

Well, WP Content Factory is the premium tool that can fill your sites with the hottest content from the most popular social media and e-commerce sites.

If you belong to the list below, WP Content Factory is 100% highly recommended for your toolkit:

[+] Internet Marketers

[+] Online Marketers

[+] Offline Marketers

[+] Affiliates

[+] Social Media Marketers

[+] Website Owners

[+] Online Business Owners

[+] Content Writers

[+] Drop-shippers

[+] Bloggers

People who want to create quality content without much effort.

WP Content Factory Pros:

√   Create many profitable affiliate websites

√   Perfect for beginners: No Techie Stuff

√   No boring tasks & No writing content

√   Choose any Niche you like

√   Self-developed website with FREE daily traffic

√   See results for at least 24 hours

√   30-day money back guarantee

WP Content Factory Cons

Χ    You need internet to access and use.

Χ    WP Content Factory requires WordPress 4.1 and up


WP Content Factory is a profitable content builder that helps affiliate sites combat degradation and get free traffic and sales on Google in 60 seconds using new content – even if you’ve never built it. built a website before.

Also, your purchase is 100% risk free. If you are not happy with WP Content Factory for any reason, just let their friendly support team know via email and they will be happy to refund your money. No question.

So take action today and download your copy of WP Content Factory now & build passive income websites today.

Thank you for taking the time to read my WP Content Factory review today. Hope it helps you make your decision. If you have any questions – please let me know below the comments.

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