WP AutoRewriter Review

WP AutoRewriter Review

If you own an online business or manage a big brand, you understand that it is necessary to create more high quality content in order to have more customers. The problem, however, is that striking production is more difficult than ever. You need longer, more articles, a variety of content formats, reference site authenticity and the speed at which content is generated. In other words, you need to create killer content, and you need to do it quickly. And to solve your problems above; Igor Burban, a famous digital marketer, has teamed up with his team to research and create WP AutoRewriter, a plugin that automatically rotates WordPress posts to create unique content that pulls traffic. In today’s Huynh review, we will explore its salient features and how it makes it possible to attract more customers. First, we will learn about:

Author of WP AutoRewriter?

Igor Burban is the star behind this great plugin. He is known for being talented and developing innovative products in this marketing field. Through many years, he gained a lot of experience and launched a number of products such as: RapidLogosPRO, NewsMaker PRO, ContentLAB, etc. . Today he launched his latest product called WP AutoRewriter, with previous success, without a doubt, this product will somehow become a big push.

What is WP AutoRewriter?

WP AutoRewriter ReviewWP AutoRewriter is a plugin that automatically rewrites WordPress posts and creates unique content that draws free daily search engine traffic for everyone. With it you will be able to:

  • Automatically rotate WordPress posts (including post title and URL!)
  • Rewrite content quickly
  • Large volume content
  • Full control over the synonym database
  • Woo commercial support
  • Check integration for plagiarism
  • UI to manually edit rewrite content (if needed)

SEO AutoRewriter Feature

SEO Status on Dashboard: The current status of your site’s SEO is displayed right on your WordPress admin dashboard to help you update.

Gives you tips for improvement: A new section in the post editing view shows you how you can improve the content to be more search engine friendly.

Control Meta Data: Set title and description. Refine the way your pages appear in search results using the Open WordPress SEO SERP Preview.

Social media presence: Use the Open chart tab to make your content appear neat in Facebook. Add the Facebook application ID for Facebook details.

Support for custom post types: Features available for all custom post types whether you create or another plugin (e.g. WooC Commerce).

The SEO extension also comes with some of the automation described below.

Caring for your Sitemap: Automatically generate XML sitemaps for your pages and stay up to date whenever you edit your site content.

Automatic Meta Data Creation: The plugin creates meta descriptions and keywords for you automatically if needed. Just sit back and relax!

Search engine Pings: Google, Bing and Ask are automatically notified when your content changes. This way, they will put your new content in the results sooner.

Fix authentication issues in content: Automatically handle minor authentication issues. For example. Fill in the missing image alt attribute “on the fly”.

And more!: In addition, the plugin contains many other powerful features to ensure your site’s presence in the search engines and is still the commodity as it deserves.

How Does WP AutoRewriter Work?

  • Step 1: Choose what content to rewrite

Simply select which post will automatically rewrite in bulk, include / exclude entire categories, or, if you want more granular control, edit any individual post. A detailed guide behind the shoulders is included.

  • Step 2 Choose Thesaurus & How to rotate the text

Make your own edits according to the way the content is rewritten. Enter any desired words to skip. Customize synonyms and choose one of the 9 integrated languages to use.

  • Step 3: Make money from your website with links and affiliate ads

Insert affiliate links to related products from any affiliate program you choose. OR profit with Adsense by inserting your banner code.

This plugin is well designed with simple and easy to use steps. Just watch the tutorial video below and you’ll have a clear view of WP AutoRewriter:

Who is WP AutoRewriter for?

According to the feature details listed above, I think WP AutoRewriter is suitable for:

  1. Internet marketers of all kinds
  2. Business owners
  3. Bloggers
  4. Freelance workers
  5. Social media marketer
  6. Digital marketer

Why Should You Buy WP AutoRewriter?

You should know that unique quality content is a must to increase your google rankings, you also know that writing quality content takes a long time to write or you will have to pay a lot of money if You hire someone to do it for you

WP AutoRewriter Save a lot of your time and money, take your bulk or series posts / posts on your WordPress site and convert them into unique 100% readable quality articles. human will help you rank better in google search results.

WP AutoRewriter Rewriting WordPress posts automatically converts it into a single post by replacing words and phrases with its synonyms automatically and manually, this plugin supports a number of side API APIs. 3rd with rewriting mechanism supported, faction api is supported

  1. SpinRewriter API
  2. WordAi.com API
  3. TheBestSpinner.com API
  4. SpinBot.com API
  5. ChimpRewriter API
  6. ContentProfessor.com API
  7. SpinnerChief.com API

Languages ​​supported by WP AutoRewriter:

  • English
  • Turkish
  • German
  • Italian (Beta)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Dutch

WP AutoRewriter also comes with various functions like Plagiarism which allow you to search the internet for phrases that you may accidentally duplicate in your posts and pages. Google, since the Panda update, has given such duplicate rankings with very low rankings. Plagiarism also allows you to search for copies of your own posts and pages, identify posts that may have been copied and posted elsewhere on the internet. The list of results will display the terms used for the search and their status. Clicking on the phrase will open a window to search so you can see which sites have been searched.

Benefits of WP AutoRewriter:

Autoblogs support – if you are using any auto-blogging plugin like NewsMakerPRO or ContentLAB WP AutoRewriter turn your auto content into unique on fully automatic mode just set and forget

Support batch recording – Rotate already posted posts, just select which posts to shoot and the plugin will line them up for recording.

Woo-Commerce Support – The WordPress spinner supports rotating commercial products so you can rewrite Woo Commerce products automatically.

Manual user interface for modifying rewritten posts – You can review written posts before publishing and change synonyms rewritten using a seamless interface that only hover over rewritten words and all its synonyms will appear on the list where you can change the current synonyms

Full control of synonyms database – You can Add / Edit / Delete synonym sets with an easy-to-use ajax interface

Custom Thesaurus support – besides built-in synonyms, you can build your own synonym dictionary using the easy-to-use ajax interface

Excluded category support – You can set specific categories to be excluded from automatic mode

Does not include title words from rotation – Dial supports manual posts – the plugin has the option to spin posts manually written You can spin the post content and exclude words found from the title

Multi-site support – The plugin is tested to work with multi-site installations without problems.

Plagiarism – allows you to search the internet for phrases that you may have accidentally duplicated in your posts and pages.

SEO renewal – Features mentioned separately

Dashboard widget – The dashboard widget provides all information about your website’s SEO

WP AutoRewriter OTO

WP AutoRewriter FE $ 22 – $ 27: Autoblogs support; Bulk Spin Support; Manual Editor for Manual Article Spinning; 9 Language Support; Inbuilt Synonyms Database; Custom Synonyms Functions; Woo-Commerce Support; Multisite Support

OTO1 WP AutoRewriter PRO $ 47 – $ 67: Everything from FE; Plagiarism Support; Commercial license; Unlimited Website Installation; Access to 7 3rd Party Spinning API configuration [Requires Paid Subscription]; 2 WordPress themes (Bonus)

OTO2 WP AutoSEO $ 37 – $ 47: Everything from FE and OTO1; WP AutoRewriter SEO Extension; 5 WordPress themes (Bonus)

OTO3 WP AutoContent $ 37 – $ 47: WP auto content Plugin (Content source 30k)


  • Add Unlimited Content to your blog on Autopilot.
  • Run Multiple Campaigns on each site.
  • Get Content from 30k SOURCES
  • Use the plugin on Unlimited WordPress Sites.
  • Translate Posts Into Over 150 Languages
  • Customize Content – modify the post title & content before publishing.
  • Passive Commissions – drive higher profits by automatically replacing keywords with affiliate links
  • Custom RSS Support – allows you to plugin any RSS feed for fresh content from unlimited sources

OTO4 WP AutoRewriter Reseller $ 97 – $ 147: Reseller Rights for sale AutoRewriter and keep 100% of the profits.


Create articles with unlimited profits

Build large affiliate websites that work

There is no handwritten content

Choose any Niche you like

Website automatically grows with free daily traffic

See results for at least 24 hours.

30-day money back guarantee.


Χ You need internet to use.

Χ Individual results will vary.


WP AutoRewriter is a good choice that you need to be able to create quality content for your business and expand your business. In addition, it offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, if in the above time you feel unhappy or have any problems just email them and you will receive a refund. without any questions. So don’t waste any more time. Get WP AutoRewriter today!

Visit Official Website

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