Woman stalks man after he asks to split check on date

TikTok user Evelyn Gonzalez (@e11evyn) shared how she ghosted a guy who asked her if it would be okay if they split a check on their first date.

In her viral clip, she makes it absolutely clear that she would most likely never entertain anyone romantically unless they were willing to foot the bill on a first date, and her remarks divided TikTok users but a large number of women on the die Platform stated that she agrees with Gonzalez’s point of view.

“Men are so funny, I swear to God,” she begins in the clip. “Well, I was on a date with this guy and when the check came he asked me to split the check with him. To which I replied: ‘Yes, sure, of course.’ And he said, ‘Don’t you mind?’ And I thought, ‘No, of course not. Like why should it bother me that I don’t care.’

Gonzalez goes on to say that they had a great night and he ended up dropping them off at home. But it seems when he tried to text Gonzalez the next day, she wasn’t interested anymore.

“Tell me why he was like this the next day: ‘Why are you distant? Why are you looking at me? Why don’t you text me back?'” she says, rolling her eyes at the camera and tilting her head. “Sir “Like, what, baby, I don’t know how to tell you this. I won’t be the one to tell you, but someone’s gotta tell this man.”

@e11evyn who will tell him 😭😭😭 #dating #relatable #latina #hispanictiktok #spanishtiktok ♬ Original sound – e11evyn

In the comments, presumably in response to people saying there’s nothing wrong with splitting the bill on a first date, Gonzalez wrote that “everything [she’s] It’s clear from these comments that all these men want to be [her] Beast.”

Depending on which survey you consult, the percentages of men and women who expect a man to foot the bill on a first date vary, but only slightly. According to Elite Singles, only 2% of men say they expect women to pay their share of the bill on the first date, versus 5% of women who said they were more than willing to pay their bill for the first date date to pay .

However, an independent 2018 article claimed that more than 60% of women said they would rather pay for the first date, and a CNBC article cited another 2019 elite singles survey of a whopping 300,000 people. 63% of men and 46% of women agreed that men should pay for a first date.

TikToker in the comments section appeared to be split down the middle, but many female commenters seemed to agree with Gonzalez that if a man wanted to share the tab with them, they should be immediately added to the friend zone. Others noted that what matters is not whether the man in question is expected to pay, what matters is that someone takes you out to dinner. When someone asks you out or when you want something to eat, there is an implied offer that they are the one paying for it.

“I’ve been hanging out with male friends who will have no hesitation in picking up a bill lol there are guys who don’t get it,” shared one user.

“Obviously if you pay, he just wanted to be a friend and then get mad at you for ghosting him. I would ghost him like sir I thought that was a date,” wrote another.

“Instant friend zone. I shared the check with my friends,” repeated one viewer.

“If we split the check…you’re back in the strange zone lol,” agreed another.

Others quipped that if someone doesn’t pay the bill or suggests someone else pay half, then there’s “no spark.”

“I want to break up after you asked me out on a first date means you don’t fancy me enough to impress me on a first date,” said one user.

Some have also argued that the economics of men covering first date expenses is justification enough for a man to pay for a meal or drinks for a first date, and Forbes touched on the notion of “benevolent sexism.” in an article about how the gender pay gap plays a role in who pays for dates.

The play’s author, Kim Elsesser, argues that women are ultimately harmed by this practice: “It’s not fair that straight men feel obligated to pay for their female dates, but it’s ultimately worse for the women. Social scientists refer to chivalrous behavior such as entertaining women as benevolent sexism. Benevolent sexism is the notion that women should be revered and valued, along with the paternalistic notion that they need men’s protection. It reinforces prejudices that women are both fabulous and fragile and that they need men’s help.”

The Daily Dot has emailed Gonzalez for further comment.


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*Initial publication: October 10, 2022 at 4:44 pm CDT

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