Woman says she was wrongly accused of stealing from Nike

A TikToker named Amanda (@daleamanduh) went viral for calling a Nike location who accused her of shoplifting on a recent visit.

In her first video, Amanda says she entered the Orlando store in Waterford Lakes with her mother and 10-year-old son to return some items. After browsing the store while waiting for the line of customers to thin out so she could process her return, she said she was approached by a clerk who confronted her about theft.

The manager allegedly told Amanda she saw her put something in her shopping bag and was told to leave her store. However, Amanda says it was her son’s denim jacket that she had removed from him earlier, not exactly an item the sports brand is known for making.

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“I was like, ‘What?'” Amanda says of responding to the employees’ allegations. “And she’s like, ‘We have cameras and we’re watching you and we saw you put these things in your bag, so you have to leave my store.'”

The TikToker says she was confused and immediately opened her bag to show the employee her son’s denim jacket.

“Below [the jacket] was my return and she says, “Well, what about them?” and I’m like, ‘This is my return and I have the receipt on my phone,'” Amanda claims.

Amanda says she was “trembling” with anger and after realizing what had happened, she asked the clerk if she was accused of stealing in front of everyone.

“There were three employees with her, so it was her, and two, three other guys in the middle of the floor, and she’s accusing me of stealing,” Amanda shares. “And I was literally in shock and I was like, ‘Are you coming at me like that? With all these people?!’”

Amanda shared more information in a follow-up video, explaining that she began to raise her voice when it dawned on her that she was being called a thief. She adds that the woman apologized to her, albeit without emotion, who then asked if she would return her things.

Amanda told the manager that her behavior and actions were unacceptable as she approached the counter to return her items. She says she was still shaking after their interaction, so she asked another clerk the accuser’s name.

@daleamanduh I don’t even want to shop from @nike anymore if they train their MANAGEMENT like this to run business. #nike #nikestore #falselyaccused #unbelievable ♬ Original sound – Amanduhayeeee

Eventually, Amanda speaks to a supervisor, who gives her the woman’s name at Amanda’s request.

“When he tells me her name I’m shaking so much I can barely type the name because I’m just like, ‘Did you really just do that in front of my son and my mom and a whole store?'” says Amanda.

Amanda, who claims to be an avid supporter of the brand, says she plans to take it “to the top” and will never visit this store to shop for clothes again.

Some TikTokers wanted to see the bag she spoke of in the original video, where she put her son’s denim jacket. She showed them off, stressing that because of her size, fabric, and appearance, she wouldn’t exactly be the best “subtle” choice for a shoplifter.

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TikTokers who heard her story were outraged. Some encouraged her to sue the store for “profiling” her, while others tagged the clothing brand to try and rectify the situation.

“DENIM JACKET? NIKE DON’T EVEN SELL DENIM JACKETS???? You’re better than me because I would have yelled in her face smh I’m sorry this happened to you!!” read a top comment.

“Retail Manager for over 8 years. Get your coins girl 1 big no no is NEVER me NEVER accuse someone of stealing. Take it all the way,” shared another.

“We are not allowed to interview customers where I work. You can sue the company for this,” one user wrote.

In a couple of update videos, Amanda shares that after being hung up on about “25 times” by Nike customer service, she was able to reach the district manager through the help of a viewer.

@daleamanduh In reply to @gracii31 this was the absolute worst. But I’m not listening to @nike #nike #kundencomplaints ♬ O-Ton – Amanduhayeeee

“He listened to me, which was the furthest I got,” she says in the clip. She goes on to say that the district manager promised to “put her in front of the right people.” Nike has also reportedly responded to her Instagram direct message, though she believes she “won’t have a solution for a while” as the store deals with Black Friday.

The Daily Dot reached out to Amanda via Instagram DM and Nike via email for further comment.


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*Initial publication: November 27, 2022 at 4:26 pm CST

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