Woman claims she was nearly kidnapped at Pilates class

Dan Latu


Posted September 11, 2022 Updated September 11, 2022 3:53 PM CDT

A woman shared on TikTok her experience of being harassed and escaping possible kidnapping at her local Pilates studio.

Her story has been viewed over 1 million times as commenters flooded the video with their support and gratitude for her spreading awareness.

User Jenn (@thejenncooke) shares in the video that she took a Pilates class last month. She says a man followed her into the studio. He seemed out of place in cargo shorts to a fitness class, she adds, but nothing immediately aroused her suspicions.


I told the Pilates studio what happened today and they have security footage to back it up and are taking action with the police. 🚨BE AWARE🚨

♬ Original sound – Jenn Cooke

After putting her stuff down, Jenn says she was on her way to the bathroom when she noticed the man following her. She realized that she wasn’t sure how long he might have followed her that day.

Then he started having aggressive conversations with her, she says, but she put it down to ordinary encounters with strangers.

“I just wrote it off, I just didn’t think anything of it,” she says in the video.

The situation became serious when she returned to her station. Jenn claims a woman next to her said a man was messing with her things while she was gone. The woman is said to have even seen him tampering with Jenn’s water bottle and ringing alarm bells.

“So I stopped drinking from my water bottle, which I think saved me,” she recalls. “So never leave your water bottle anywhere. Even in places where you feel safe, like your Pilates studio at home.”

Jenn says the man stared at her during class, but she quickly left when he was over and called her mother.

While on the phone, she claims the man pulled up in his car next to her and allegedly crossed two lanes to get next to her.

He began shouting at Jenn from his car by the side of the road, “You’re single, right?” She says she then strategically ran to a point where his car couldn’t get through and made it home safely.

In the video’s caption, Jenn explained that she is in contact with the Pilates studio, which has surveillance footage and “is taking action with the police.”

Several viewers in the comments shared Jenn’s frustration and claimed they’d heard similar stories about the kidnapping.

“It’s happening all over the country and it’s scary! I bought pepper spray but it sucks!” said one user.

Many also pointed to the exploits of the class partner, who told Jenn about her water bottle. Without their help, the situation might have been tragic, they said.

“The woman also played a role in saving your life by warning you about the water bottle!! This is so scary we’re not even safe in a Pilates studio,” one viewer wrote.

The Daily Dot contacted Jenn via Instagram direct message.

*Initial publication: September 11, 2022 at 3:49 pm CDT

Dan Latu

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Dan Latu

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