Woman claims neighbor uses ring cam to look inside her property

A mom is at her wits end over a neighborhood argument she shared on TikTok. After several attempts, she couldn’t stop her neighbor’s ring camera from peering uncomfortably at her property.

Her story has gone viral, garnering almost 880,000 views on the platform. Users have suggested everything from a Wi-Fi blocker to growing corn.

In user @livingrichardson’s original video, she explains that her neighbor installed a Ring Camera at the very edge of his property. It peeks over their shared fence.

“How is that allowed?” She captioned TikTok.

Ring cameras are more commonly installed to monitor your own property and are even advertised as a “doorbell” on their website.

@livingrichardson how is this allowed? #momsoftiktok #help #neighbors #neighborfromhell #dispute ♬ Original sound – Samantha Richardson

However, this camera is said to be able to see into the entire life of the creator.

“He’s angled it so he can see our entire backyard, all the windows, our house — where our kids sleep, our living room is, and all three of our bathrooms,” she says.

The TikToker and her husband erected a temporary barrier to block his view.

After a month, they realized he’d just kept moving the camera along the fence. A primary concern for the parents is the privacy and safety of their 11-year-old daughter, who uses rooms visible to the camera to change clothes.

They called a sheriff who explained there was nothing legally he could do. He allegedly tried to argue with the neighbor anyway.

Speaking to the officer, the neighbor allegedly said they installed the ring camera to view the pool on the TikToker’s property.

She is suspicious of his answer. The mother not only argues that there is no reason to watch the pool, but that it is at the other end of the fence.

“The only way we can block his view of our house is if we build a bigger fence,” she says, which requires a special permit from the city.

User @livingrichardson says she is now considering a court case, but asked viewers if there was anything else she could do about the situation.

TikTok users jumped in and suggested she shine a floodlight or laser into the Ring camera. Others said she should buy a short-range WiFi blocker or tint all the windows in her house.

Some had far more inventive ideas for blocking the ring.

“I would put up a big sign in my front yard asking why does he feel the need to look at my kids in my windows? Inform the neighborhood; call him out,” wrote one viewer.

“Walk the entire fence line and plant something that will get taller. I made corn once lol,” suggested another.

The Daily Dot reached out to @livingrichardson via Instagram message.

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*Initial publication: June 5, 2022 at 12:08 pm CDT

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