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There is only one certainty when it comes to locating the broadcast of a Mets or Yankees game this season:

It’s always on the radio.

That’s 162 consistent dates for the Mets on WCBS-AM and the Yankees on WFAN AM/FM. Or as one of the mouths who edits the Mets on the radio, Howie Rose, likes to say, you can “put it on the books.” rely on it. Just like Death, Taxes and Stupidity is on Sporttalk radio (or what’s left of it).

Major League Baseball and some of its member clubs like the Mets and Yankees have found new markets for their TV rights and new ways to outplay fans. They sell anything that isn’t nailed down. MLB’s television midgets have signed deals with multiple streaming services. Checking your “local baseball TV lists” is now akin to reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

Yankees or Mets games can be streamed any night or day on YES, SNY, Fox (Ch. 5), WPIX-TV (Ch. 11), FS1, ESPN, TBS, MLBN, Amazon, AppleTV+, Peacock, and the YES- App to be broadcast , SNY app. As a result, even baseball fans who are already paying through the nose for cable subscriptions are being urged to pay more monthly to subscribe to the streaming services. Then they have to grapple with the technology required to access those services and pray that everything works.

There is a portion of both fan bases that don’t want to either: 1) Pay, especially with rampant inflation 2) Install 3) Chase the games.

Radio games are easy to find and free. You can even listen without a password, day or night. Guess what? It’s always the same stations. It is fear and interference free. Most of the time, baseball on the radio is a beautiful thing.

And after two years of COVID forcing the votes – Rose, Wayne Randazzo (Mets); Suzyn (Ma Pinstripe) Waldman, John (Pa Pinstripe) Sterling (Yankees) – off the road, rather than calling up games delivered by a TV monitor, it’s reasonable to expect them to be re-energized. Normalcy is restored. The Voices are actually looking forward to the grind of the longest season.

What you hear is what you get. These are both experienced crews with established styles. Rose and Randazzo, both play-by-play practitioners, like to have fun and rarely disagree during a game. They have similar baseball sensibilities.

Ma and Pa present a more bizarre show. And that’s friendly. Sterling puts more emphasis on his “signature” home run calls than on the exact naming of players spinning a 6-4-3 doubles game. He stopped seeing the field clearly years ago makes its HR call “It’s high…It’s far…It’s…caught on the warning lane” a late-night guessing game. Some find Sterling’s gaffes charming; we doubt you’ve ever heard him say a full nine innings. Now is her chance.

Waldman knows as much or more about the Yankees than anyone on the beat. She was burdened with cleaning up after Sterling’s mistakes and her reluctance to spill the pinstripe beans entirely. Nonetheless, with all their quirks, flaws, and Broadway references, Ma and Pa is a unique baseball take on a fun mirror.

And unlike their Mets/Yankees TV counterparts, as a baseball fan you always know where to find them.


When they debut Sunday night’s ESPN alternative baseball show Kay-Rod (Red Sox-Yankees), Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez will be operating at a distinct disadvantage. One that will haunt her throughout her eight-game schedule.

Everything Big Head and Professor PED do is compared to ManningCast, the ESPN2 alternative show Monday Night Football, which was a smash hit. No matter how well Kay, the TV voice of the Yankees, knows the scandal-ridden A-Rod, they’ll have a hard time replicating the chemistry the Manning Brothers created.

When asked about this at a recent media conference, Kay said, “Well, we’re currently in legal maneuvers to be adopted by two people so we can actually be brothers, which is going to give us more of a ManningCast feel.” “

Smart answer. Better for Kay to poke fun at the situation than take herself seriously.

The Manning Brothers have set the bar sky high. After all, they grew up together on parallel tracks. Compared to Peyton and Eli, Rodriguez and Kay are total strangers. Watching these two huge egos casually deal with themselves over the course of three hours of live baseball is going to be either a must-watch on TV or a chilling bummer.


Carlos Beltran’s debut at the YES booth on Monday will not be easily forgotten.

Beltran, who was accused by MLB of plotting the Astros cheating scandal in 2017, told viewers that Aaron Judge’s new contract extension was a done deal. Sources said the YES production team thought Beltran had received information they didn’t know about. When they discovered that was not the case, Beltran was asked to clarify his remarks. He then said he “hopes” Judge and Bombers would reach an agreement to extend the contract for the hitting outfielder. which they haven’t done by Friday’s deadline.

Aside from the premature judge’s verdict, Beltran seemed to settle into more of a rhythm and comfort zone as the game continued to work with John Flaherty (pbp) and David Cone. Beltran talked a lot about batting and how he used spring training to prepare for the season.

Another potential broadcaster was spotted during the broadcast: Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo. He was miked and answered questions while playing first base. Rizzo even “interviewed” Philly players who reached the bag safely. This was a memorable performance from Rizzo.

Goodbye EDDIE

A few thoughts on Eddie (C No Evil) Coleman, who recently “retired” from WFAN after rambling on for over three decades, mostly as the station’s Mets reporter.

Coleman never took himself that seriously. This markedly differentiated him from most of his peers who believe they are dealing with nuclear physics rather than fun and games. He could sniff out and decipher Met’s dysfunctions like no one else on the market.

And no one could deliver a line with Coleman’s deadpan effectiveness.

While working with Dave Sims on FAN’s midday show, the two got into a lively discussion about a particular baseball player. Sims attempted to locate this player’s location.

“Where is he? Where is he now?” an angry Sims asked Coleman.

“He’s dead,” answered a Coleman who was as calm as possible.

If you want more of the Coleman style, check this out solid hour-long interview Kimberly Jones spoke to him on FAN last Sunday night.


Panic City Mayor Sal Licata has completed his acquisition of SNY’s Baseball Night in New York show and will host the nightly soiree. Licata’s presence will add a dose of explosiveness and unpredictability to the show… Licata’s former roaddog, Ch.11’s Marc Malusis, comments during his cast. We checked out the one about Gerrit Cole. Malusis had written down all the information but needed to spice it up and add some emotion to his presentation.

Will the new SNY app broadcast the old Kiner’s Korner post-game shows? If not, it should…..Michael Kay went overboard and berated Anthony Rizzo for telling Aaron Judge that on the business side of baseball there is “no loyalty” between a player and a team. It sure sounds like Rizzo was telling the truth. On the other hand, Kay essentially works for the Yankees… Since he’s a fan of private jet travel, we wonder if Al (El Exigente) Michaels will be traveling to the locations of Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” in Jeff Bezos’ rocket ship?”



Pairing these two impressive WNBA stars on an ESPN MegaCast for the Women’s Final Four was a brilliant move. They were smart, dedicated, brave and irreverent. A perfect mix.


Standing out from the mountain of NFL draft experts is hard work. With his diverse background in sports, however, it’s under McShay to call Atlanta’s NFL roster “garbage.”


What Kyrie Irving said, “Since I was 7, 8 years old, I’ve only looked at the East Coast attitude.”

What Kyrie Irving meant “I know a donkey when I see one.”


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