Why is my phone showing no service?

DESPITE the growth of broadband network technology, mobile phone users remain at a loss when their phone is out of service.

But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of possible causes when your phone isn’t receiving a signal – and how to fix them.

It's easy to feel at a loss when your device is out of service


It’s easy to feel at a loss when your device is out of servicePhoto credit: Getty

Why is my phone showing no service?

Check your account balance

Before considering technical reasons, make sure you have checked your account status.

In some cases you may have forgotten to pay, or there was a problem with your payment from the bank.

Also, keep in mind that phone companies can sometimes terminate a customer’s account. Reasons can range from suspected fraud to an error on their part.

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Weak signal in your area

Perhaps the most obvious, but if you’re in a remote area with no nearby phone towers, you might get a message that no service is available.

If you’re experiencing this problem, you should move to an area that likely has a better signal.

If the problem persists in your own area, you may consider buying a phone booster.

Make sure at least one signal is available for the booster to amplify, otherwise it won’t work.

Check your phone settings

While a phone’s settings shouldn’t change randomly, changes can sometimes occur if an automatic software update has been performed on your device.

This may involve changes to a new available version of the operating system which will need to be downloaded before the phone will work again.

You can connect your phone to a WiFi network or a PC to check if a new version is required.

Reset to factory settings

Factory resetting a phone, especially the network settings, often fixes a no-service issue.

However, note that WiFi and other connection passwords are gone and you will have to configure them again.

Remove the SIM card

For some reason, your sim card may have properly connected to your phone.

Removing the SIM card and reinserting it will likely fix this problem and solve your no-service issue.

Blowing away potential dust particles from the SIM card slot can also help your case.

Bent phone

While it may seem like an impossible foot on most modern phones, it’s important to check that your phone is bent on a flat surface.

This could have been caused by sitting on the phone while it is in your pocket.

If this is the case, bending the phone backwards might fix the problem.

If it’s bent too much, it may need repairing.

water damage

Even if they appear to still work after getting wet, a water damaged phone may not be able to receive service.

This is because the water may have damaged the components responsible for connecting to your carrier.

In most cases, a water damaged phone cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced.

Save and recover

In rare cases, software can be damaged by viruses.

Backing up and restoring your phone is an option, but it could potentially erase everything on your phone if unsuccessful.

Experts advise you to visit a garage if you are considering this step.

phone case

Believe it or not, phone cases can cause an issue with your phone’s signal.

Even if it makes only a small difference, it could determine whether or not you can make calls in areas with a very weak signal.

Once removed, the phone’s signal can be restored to its full potential.

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