Why I’m on Team Luigi

I have long chosen Luigi as my avatar in the expanded world of Nintendo console games. Accidentally driving in from the Rainbow Bridge Mario Kart or when I hit a bunch of other cartoon characters with a big hammer Super Smash Bros, his big mustache and cheeky green cap were a staple. In one of my shared apartments, everyone knew it was Luigi My choice and was therefore taboo for the rest.

I never gave it too much thought until a friend scoffed at my choice and asked why I would choose to be “the second most popular Italian plumber in the game” over “literally everyone else”. Why choose Luigi, identical to his brother in every way (except for a green and slightly larger version), rather than one of the most famous characters in the world, if not the most famous? Why Luigi instead of Mario? I’ve realized that’s exactly what drives my passion – an unconscious decision to support underdog, longtime pal Luigi.

When will Luigi get the recognition he deserves?

When will Luigi get the recognition he deserves?

The titular brothers were born in 1983 in the arcade game of the same name mario brothers, This was followed by Nintendo’s 1985 video game Super Mario Bros.where the two Italian costumes spend their lives hopping around the mushroom kingdom trying to save Mario’s girlfriend from a big turtle or something.

For a long time I was unaware that they were brothers and assumed their relationship was more the situation of a plumber and an apprentice plumber, which explained Luigi’s clearly subordinate role. I’ve also wondered if they might be indulging in couples dressing or this trend where gay men who are dating start looking like twins because they wear the same type of clothes and have identical grooming habits. But no, according to canon lore, they are fraternal twins, with Luigi being slightly younger.

Luigi is a Robin to Batman, a Sam Gamgee to Frodo, but even less evolved than them, something closer to Mario’s shadow than a real person. Initially, Luigi was just a color-shifted version of Mario, a green jumble of pixels to Mario’s red, but over time and as the graphics evolved, Luigi started to look a little different, bigger, dumber, but still essentially a fun reflection of Mario.

As Mario’s star continued to rise, so did Luigi’s star, but only to a certain extent. He got his own games, including the critically acclaimed ones Luigi’s mansion. Nintendo even proclaimed 2013 the “Year of Luigi” in a desperate attempt to even out the power imbalance.

But while we prepare for the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie in April (with Charlie Day voicing Luigi) the problem is not solved. Luigi is still inseparable from Mario, always the one to help or save Mario. Who is Luigi without the famous Mario? We still don’t know.

This fact makes Mario an absolute monster, an attention-grabbing narcissist who dominates his twin brother and forces him to live as his greener, slimmer shadow. It is Super Mario BROTHERS, not just Super Mario. Isn’t it time to acknowledge how “awesome” Luigi is too?

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Jaclyn Diaz

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