Who dies in Stranger Things season 4?

Stranger Things season 4 was one of the most anticipated episodes of a Netflix show of all time. Fans are excited to see what happens so they can join all of the online discussions about the show, the cast and the new adventures of Eleven, Mike and the gang. If you are curious who dies in Season 4 of Stranger Thingsthen this article will break it down for you.

Keep in mind that we’ll be revealing all of the fatalities on the show, so keep in mind there will be some heavy spoilers. Don’t read any further unless you want to know all sorts of details about the show that might be revealed.

Who dies in Stranger Things season 4?

We get it. We really do. People are still grappling with the sad death of Bob Newby after all this time, and you might want to prepare before you watch the show. Still, here’s another spoiler alert and a chance to walk away just in case you missed the first one. With that said, let’s dive into the body count for Stranger Things season 4.

This list is current as of the end of Volume 1 and will be updated when Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 is released.

So far, the following characters have died in Season 4 of Stranger Things: Chrissy, Fred, and Patrick. All three are students at Hawkins High School, and all three are killed by Vecna ​​the big bad this season. The connection between all three characters seems to be that they’ve been through a tough time in their lives, and it seems that Vecna ​​can take advantage of those struggling to manage their emotions.

After that, Agent Harmon is also killed. He should take care of Mike, Will and Jonathan and protect them from danger. The good news is that Agent Harmon is a bit of a hero, and when the going gets tough he puts the boys’ lives ahead of his own and sadly succumbs to the wounds he sustains while protecting them. In addition to all these characters, many unnamed Russian prisoners die at the end.

Are any main characters dying in Stranger Things season 4?

This is your final spoiler alert? Reverse now to avoid major spoilers for Season 4 of Stranger Things. You have been warned.

Does Hopper die in Stranger Things season 4?

Hopper has potentially come closer to death more times than any other character on the show. The emotionally wounded Hopper seemed to be taking risks in the early seasons, and by season three he seemed to be sacrificing himself to save everyone he loved. The good news is that Hopper is alive, but the bad news is that he is in a Russian prison camp. By the end of Part 1, Hopper had somehow managed to survive the camp and was on the verge of freedom. Things could finally get better for the Hawkins hero.

Does Max die in Stranger Things season 4?

Although Max is in great danger and in a very dark place emotionally, making her a prime target for Vecna, he manages to get out alive at least until the end of Part 1. While Vecna ​​comes close and loots in her guilt and grief over the death of Billy, she shows incredible strength herself while also being supported by her friends. After using music to ground her in reality, her friends manage to help her shake off Vecna’s power.

Does Steve die in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

A fan-favorite character, every Stranger Things fan always worries about Steve and whether his hair will survive every horrific episode. Steve ends up in mortal danger like Max but also makes it to the end of part 1. Excellent news for the gang but one has to wonder how much longer Steve can last as his fate should have been sealed in the first season.

Does Nancy Die in Stranger Things Season 4?

As of the end of Season 4 Part 1, Nancy is arguably the most vulnerable. Nancy falls under Vecn’a’s spell near the end of Part 1, becoming another of his victims and acting as a surrogate for the audience, giving Vecna ​​a reason to reveal a lot of information about herself. This could spell disaster as it seems unlikely that the entire gang will survive the incredible run of Stranger Things without losing one of the main characters.

Luckily we don’t have to wait long. Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 will be available on July 1st and we will update this article at that time. By then you will at least be aware Who dies in Strangers Things Season 4 Part 1.

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