White nationalist Nick Fuentes has never had a girlfriend

In a recent podcast appearance, the white nationalist Nick Fuentes shared her deeply sexist views on women. His opinion was clearly formed without dating anyone. Fuentes said he has never been romantically involved with a woman.

Above You are hereFuentes said women should not vote and described the Taliban’s treatment of women as “ideal”.

The Taliban are notorious for restricting women’s rights. Women under Taliban rule in Afghanistan were unable to work or go to school. Under its previous rules, women were forced into marriage and beaten for appearing in public without a male relative or for wearing something other than a burqa.

Fuentes also describes his “nagging wife” as his “worst nightmare”.

Co-host Sydney Watson wasn’t too pleased with Fuentes’ views. She begins by pressing him to admire right-wing autocrats, since he has lived nowhere but the United States.

“You can only read so much before actual experience should take precedence,” says Watson.

She then turns around Fuentes’ claims about women.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?” she speaks.

“No,” Fuentes replied.

“So how are you telling other people about how to treat women when you yourself have not had any physical interaction with them on a romantic level?” Watson shot back. “Or in fact, in any capacity when you honor them in a way that treats them with respect.”

“I have to question what kind of person who has no experience with women can fundamentally promote these ideas,” she said.

“Well, I’m having experience with a woman right now,” replied Fuentes. He went on to say that he had “talked to” and “enough women who knew what was going on”.

Furthermore, based on what successful men of the opposite sex have told him, he considers it necessary to have a few tricks up his sleeve in order to find women. (Perhaps he didn’t use them himself). However, he therefore concludes: “They are not entirely rational. I don’t believe that like men, they are fully rational.”

Clip of the meeting posted by Hannah Gais, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, has more than 600,000 views on Twitter. In the comments, Gais to add, “Let’s be clear, it’s okay not to date!”

People are not particularly surprised that a young white man is nationalist and sexist request lived with his parents until recently (and probably still is) without a girlfriend.

Many expressed interest or even shame for him.

“You can actually see his soul trying to escape from his body,” tweeted @annamerlan.

“This is brutal,” to add @Craigipedia.

Some commented that they would never admit it.

A Twitter user posted screenshot of a tweet that read: “Riding on water can’t do this pass me.”

Some point out that conservatives and far-right figures have complain that their dating life is affected because of their views. Incel (or the culture of involuntary celibacy) is notoriously right-wing.

“Dude, you finished Tim Pool at the age of 23,” tweeted @thetomzone. “You never fully joined the Tim Pool at 23”

Pool once feminism is to blame because he is single.

A clip of Fuentes admitting he’s never had a girlfriend has appeared on the Cringe subreddit. The comments there are brutal.

“My boy is 23 years old! Who listens to whatever he has to say? And why???” speak one.

As for Fuentes, he tried to prove his indifference to being forever single by post a video of him tweaking everything Watson says.

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* First published: December 8, 2021, 11:59 a.m. CST

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