White boyfriend brought black girlfriend to tour a plantation

Pew Research has pointed out that there has been an upward trend in intermarriage since the passage of Loving v Virginia in 1967, the landmark case that made it no longer illegal for people of different races to marry in the United States. As of 2017, 17% of all marriages involved two people of different races joining in a sacred marriage.

Another poll also says that white respondents are most opposed to people having a romantic relationship with someone of a different race (12% of respondents), compared to 9% of black citizens and just 3% of Hispanics saying so that they would not want family members marrying outside their race.

It’s shocking to think that it’s only 55 years since Americans were legally allowed to marry someone of a different race, so it’s not surprising that much of the media has focused on this dynamic. One of the most notable and commercially and critically successful films dealing with this topic in recent years is Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”. The film follows a black man’s visit to his girlfriend’s liberal white childhood home, where he uncovers a deeply rooted racist history that culminates in a visceral horror experience for viewers.

Commenters compare a recent video of TikToker @scrambledyolkes visiting a plantation with her white boyfriend to the film. While the TikToker said the clip was a joke, a litany of different people on the platform didn’t stop it from sharing their concerns and jokes about the situation.

@scrambledyolkes ♬ original sound – 🍳

A lyric overlay for the 10-second clip reads, “This Mf really took me to a plantation,” accompanied by southern guitar. In it we see a white man, presumably her boyfriend, walking through a forest. The video then shows her face, then a shot of a sprawling Southern-style mansion. The video then shows shacks on the property, presumably where slaves once lived. The video ends with a doll sitting on a black fabric chair with a handkerchief on its head and bundled yarn that looks like curly hair.

She released a follow-up clip addressing people’s “concerns” about her video.

@scrambledyolkes ♬ original sound – 🍳

In the additional video, she answered many of TikToker’s questions.

“There were many concerns about my plantation video. First, let me say that I do what I want, whenever I want. If I didn’t want to be there, I wouldn’t have been there. I’m black and mexican. I’m not [a white dot comes up on the screen] So please stop.”

She clarified that her boyfriend was not racist and that the location was Oak Valley Plantation. She also responded to the “Get Out” comments, saying, “Yeah, I’ve seen Get Out, y’all can stop please, I’ve seen it.” She also criticized people for calling the plantation pretty.

Although she clarified a lot in the follow-up video, many people still found it strange that her boyfriend took her there. Some argued that there was nothing wrong with calling the buildings pretty, even though they were built to enslave people, work them to death, sell them like commodities, and house countless atrocities.

One user said: “It’s pretty but what’s sad and bad is the story behind it, there’s nothing wrong with saying it’s pretty.”

Another user said: “Are you all aware that people visit historical places all the time? It’s a sad story but it’s still interesting and it’s ok to go lol.

A third user joked, “If he cares about your family history.”

Another TikToker joked, “Who said romance is dead.”

“GIRL WHY YOU HAVE VIDS RUNNING,” quipped another user.

The Daily Dot reached out to @scrambledyolkes on TikTok for more comment on their visit to Oak Valley.

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*Initial publication: July 22, 2022 at 4:16 pm CDT

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