What you see first in this optical illusion personality test reveals your deepest fears

WHAT you see first in this optical illusion could reveal your deepest subconscious fear – what do you see?

This thought-provoking image automatically encourages your subconscious to associate figures with fear as it contains the subliminal message of a skull.

Which image you see first can reveal a lot about your deepest fears


Which image you see first can reveal a lot about your deepest fearsPhoto credit: The Minds Journal

According to The Minds Journal, if the first character you saw was a little girl sitting under a tree, the origins of your fears are repressed emotions from childhood.

“There are numerous types of events that can shape a child’s mind,” explains the Journal.

“If not properly worked out, they can surface in adulthood in the form of fears, addictions, cognitive patterns, and inappropriate desires.”

Your relationship with your mother is important because much of your emotional development is based on that relationship.

Which animal you see first in this optical illusion reveals how others see you
If you spot the elephant, you'll be in the top 1% - but there's a helpful trick to finding out

If you’ve spent little time with your mother and received a little affection, then this could possibly be projected through your fears.

And that’s because your deepest unconscious fear is about making decisions or taking responsibility.

If you’ve seen a butterfly, your greatest fear is probably dying or missing out on life’s opportunities.

The butterfly is traditionally associated with a positive meaning, but it also has a darker side.

When they appear in your dreams, they mean change and beginnings.

“The spiritual meaning of this symbol is a bringer of souls to the afterlife,” the journal says.

“It leads the butterfly to the world of the dead.”

And if you first saw an oversized butterfly, then this portends an unconscious resistance to love.

If you have discovered a strawberry in the middle of the picture, it should represent a heart.

The Journal writes: “The strawberry has long been presented as a symbol of love.

“Well, a better depiction would be a symbol of the outcome that comes from love’s pain.”

According to legend, after the death of Adonis, the goddess Venus could not stop crying.

With every tear that fell from her face to the floor, a strawberry would emerge.

And what you first see in the optical illusion below is meant to reveal a lot about your personality and how others perceive you.

One such illusion, created by Jackpotjoy, is inspired by the Myers-Briggs personality test and claims to reveal your true characteristics depending on which animal you discover first.

There are a whopping twelve different animals in this illusion, and depending on which one you see first can reveal a lot about who you are and how others might see you.

If you saw the lion first, it means you are a born leader and you are very confident.

This coupled with your ambition has earned you a lot of respect from others.

But if you saw the cat first, it means that you are very motivated and determined.

You can be introverted at times and are happy in your own company.

However, if you saw the wolf first, it means you are mysterious and people may have trouble figuring it out.

You have high expectations of yourself and are proactive when it comes to getting through difficult times or overcoming doubts.

Seeing the whale first means you are sure of who you are and what you want to achieve in life.

You let your heart guide you when making difficult decisions and enjoy being part of a group.

If the horse jumps at you first, it means you are adventurous and enjoying your independence.

You value your freedom and are a very strong person who can find your way in any situation.

If you saw the owl first, it means you are intelligent but you can also be sensitive.

You may even be a perfectionist, but your attention to detail helps you get through life.

If you saw the fox first, it means you can be a bit reserved but also passionate and brave.

People may also find you charming and funny, and you can be good at getting what you want.

If you saw the monkey first, it means you are playful and like to laugh.

It is also said that you can obfuscate your true thoughts, making it difficult for others to know what you are really thinking and feeling.

If you saw the elephant first, it means you have a strong spirit and are unselfish in your love and care for others.

Even if people don’t give you the same attention, you will care about them and always want the best for others.

If you saw the turtle first, that means you’re smart, but you can be quite an introvert.

You tend to be sensitive but are good at sensing how someone else is feeling.

But if you saw the bear first, it means you are strong and brave and people often rely on you in difficult times.

It is said that you are also very kind and protective of others.

The last animal that could have been spotted first – if you saw the giraffe first, it means you are a practical and patient person.

You have an overall view of life that keeps you positive and grounded.

The animal you see first in this optical illusion says a lot about you


The animal you see first in this optical illusion says a lot about youPhoto credit: Jackpotjoy What you see first in this optical illusion personality test reveals your deepest fears

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