What you first see in this illusion is secretly saying “I love you”.

AN optical illusion can reveal a lot about how you treat others – especially when it comes to the art of love.

Figuring out how to show your love can help you bond more deeply with your romantic partner.

What do you see first in this picture?


What do you see first in this picture?Photo credit: Your Tango/ Pinterest

So find out with this tricky teaser and test your emotional range.

The smart folks at Young Tango did just that and recently released an optical illusion designed to show you secretly saying “I love you” to that special someone.

What you first see in the mystical painting by artist Oleg Shupliak, how to express your love.


“When you saw the home first, then home inspections and safety are very important to you,” the outlet said.

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“You like to go into town once in a while, but if you want to feel rested, refreshed and happy, you need to spend time in your home surrounded by people you absolutely love.”

As a result, the website suggests that the secret way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

You always bake or cook something, even if you don’t have time to prepare treats yourself.


If you saw the moon first when looking at this picture, you are a dreamer at heart.

“You may come across as completely grounded and responsible, and while that’s true, you never managed to shake your dreamer’s sensibilities,” the site suggests.

“You love to write or dance or appreciate both art forms when others share them with the world. The spiritual and creative side of the world is what inspires and drives you.”

Therefore, you like to be creative when showing your affection to others. Be it a work of fiction or a work of art, you express your true feelings beyond just the written word.


If you saw the wolf first, then you are a passionate person.

“You love things of the flesh and inhale them all with gusto. You’re the kind of person who starts a party just by walking into a room,” the website writes.

“You’ll always have a full bar on hand, and when friends drop by they can expect to be treated to a three-course meal that you’ll effortlessly prepare while telling them tales of your most recent romantic escapades with your loved one. “

Consequently, you are the type of lover who craves physical touch, and physical gestures are your way of letting that special someone know how much they mean to you.


If you saw the curl first, then you are a person who has been hurt before.

“When it comes to love, keeping an eye on your emotional baggage is part of territory,” the website believes.

“Nevertheless, you’re the type of person who feels things a bit more acutely than everyone else.

“What might be a small thing to a person can boggle you for weeks or months. You still have hope, but you’re burned – and it shows.”

This means that making yourself emotionally vulnerable to your partner is the best way for you to establish true intimacy.

Honesty and transparency are vital, only when you share your secret hopes and fears with your partner can you truly be in love.


Finally, if you saw the face first, then you are a person who dreams big and achieves your goals in life.

“While everyone else frets about details, put together one big image that’s rendered so carefully that you don’t have to worry, knowing everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to,” the website reads.

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“You are a born leader, and you have the aura of calm to show it.”

And while it may sound self-centered, you are someone who values ​​their own time, and there is no better expression of love than to inscribe someone’s name on your calendar at a specific and closely guarded time and place What you first see in this illusion is secretly saying “I love you”.

Jessica MacLeish

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