What to Do If You Missed the Fantasy Playoffs

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We are nearing the end of the fantasy football season. Several teams have won a playoff spot, and some have had a flop season. What if you are one of the latter?

There are a few things every manager should and shouldn’t do in this situation. Nobody likes being in a league with bad managers. Whether it’s people who forgot to set up a squad or people who made trades that were clearly just made to help their friends. These managers should be replaced immediately and reported so that no one else joins the union with them.

The way you handle yourself after being knocked out of the playoffs says something about you. Of course, if your league has a safe framework for determining the draft order, this might be a little different. But if you’re in a league with a simple playoff with the top teams, there are some things that should never happen to a team that is eliminated.

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Do not select players who give up exemptions

Don’t be this person. You’re out of the knockout round, but you decide to be the fool to keep making high-priority disclaimers just to annoy others. Not only will this harm your league teammates, but it will also show them exactly why you shouldn’t join the tournament.

Whether you think this is just a joke or you have ulterior motives, this offense is unforgivable. Think of it as the fantasy football version of the Cruciatus curse in Harry Potter.

Most leagues have a setting enabled where eliminated teams cannot add relinquish players. If your union doesn’t, be sure to ask the commissioner to turn it on. It will save you headaches and a lot of hurt feelings.

Don’t dump good players when given up

This could be even more serious than removing player immunity. Not only will you dump the trash for the rest of the season, but you’ll also cause a fight for the rest of the league. Guaranteed, DK Metcalf might not be doing much lately and you don’t care if he’s on your squad when you’re eliminated, but allow a team to run for him at Flex instead of hoping for a big game are from Donovan Pe People’s-Jones can change the outcome of a knockout match.

You would never abandon him in a regular situation, so these will be your thoughts throughout the season. This is why many leagues have a long roster. Whether it is provided by the platform or another form, this needs to be adhered to. The only exception should be made for end-of-season injuries such as Christian McCaffrey good now DeAndre Hopkins.

Again, if this happens, the commissioner needs to step in. The player involved should immediately be returned to the offending list and the manager immediately blocked from making any moves. I know this seems obvious, but it still needs to be done. Not everyone can see the obvious right in front of them.

Continue setting up your squad

This may seem insignificant but it shows that you are still involved in the tournament and have integrity.

There is nothing worse than a manager who quits midway through a season. They either had a bad start or had some bad luck with injuries and just put their name in the net. It’s also bad that many leagues use the NFL format to select next season’s draft. If that’s the case, someone who doesn’t set their roster will be penalized one draft slot for each week they don’t set their lineup. It is also an obvious reason we should use the available expect points for positioning. If you do not set up a squad, the available points of your best players available will be used to determine your position, much like a best ball tournament.

Tanks are one thing. You can still raise and set up a legit squad. At the very least, by setting up any squad with active and injury-free players, you show you’re still interested in the league. Reign is an entirely different matter because the bill of exchange chooses to become the currency of value. In one-season Redraft tournaments, tanks are in poor form but it’s still better than not placing a squad at all.

Finally, the most important thing to remember:

Continuing the Trash Talk

Who says trash talk has to stop when you’re out? There’s nothing better, or funnier, than someone who’s already uncontested going down the left side.

This may be true for someone, but this may be true, but fantasy football is supposed to be fun. So we need to make sure it is. There’s nothing wrong with wondering if someone would have won if they had made that trade with you earlier in the season for their currently injured player. Or if they don’t lose to you, they’ll play against another team that scored less than the team that left this week.

Talking about trash is a necessary and enjoyable part of any tournament. It needs to be kept tasteful and respectful, but it needs to be done. If you can’t beat them on the field, you might as well make them laugh about it. And this comes from a blind guy who constantly plays on blind words. So follow my lead. Unless we’re near the edge of a cliff. In any case, I will follow you.

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