What is the 69 sex position and how does it work?

IF you’re looking for a quick way for you and your partner to enjoy both orally, then the 69 is the perfect one.

Named for its resemblance to the number 69 as each person is bent towards each other, face to genitals.

Try the 69 with your partner if you're on a tight schedule


Try the 69 with your partner if you’re on a tight schedule

Yes, that’s also why people laugh and say “nice” if the number ever comes up in other situations – which can be pretty annoying at that age or with those born in 1969.

What is position 69?

The 69 is a position where both partners give and receive, meaning it can be a great position if you have limited time.

This position also has the benefit of being suitable for all genders as all you need is a mouth and some genitals.

To get into this position, one partner lies on their back, the other partner then climbs up and turns over so they are sitting on their partner’s head with their genitals over their face.

Both partners then lean forward and begin performing oral sex on each other.

Are there risks with the 69?

Provided all participants are STD free, then there really aren’t that many risks associated with this position.

Even though your knees and legs are so close to your partner’s head, be careful not to kick or kneel them.

Are there variations on the ’69?

Yes – if the classic 69 isn’t really for you, there are a few different variations of this position that you can try.

The lazy 69

Instead of lying in the lazy 69 with one partner on top and one on the bottom, you both lie on your sides and face each other’s genitals.

This version can actually be more comfortable than the classic 69, so if you don’t feel comfortable in the first position, you can easily switch to that one.

The teasing 69

You can participate in the teasing 69 while staying in either the classic or lazy position.

Because of this, instead of both of you taking turns giving and receiving, take turns taking it, bridging each other to the brink of orgasm before switching givers and receivers.

booth 69

Only for those who are very strong is the standing 69, where one partner faces their partner, then lifts them up and turns them over so that they are upside down.

threesome 69

The 69, but with an additional participant. All three form a triangle formation and then continue with the classic 69 positions.

Person one performs verbal with person two performing verbal with person three performing verbal with person one. What is the 69 sex position and how does it work?

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