What is a circumcised penis and why do some men have it?

CIRCUMCISION is a procedure that removes the retractable fold of skin that covers the end of the penis.

It can be done for a number of reasons and here we take a look at what the procedure is and why some men need it.

Circumcision can be done for a number of reasons - here we look at the most common


Circumcision can be done for a number of reasons – here we look at the most commonPhoto credit: Getty

There are two main reasons people get circumcised, medical and non-medical.


Medical circumcision is performed when the foreskin is too tight and won’t retract—a condition known as phimosis.

The NHS says this can sometimes cause pain when the penis is erect and, on rare occasions, urination can be difficult.

Circumcision is performed in extreme cases and most people prefer a topical steroid solution.

Other medical reasons are penile cancer.

This is a rare type of cancer in which there is a red spot or a wart-like growth or ulcer at the end of the penis or under the foreskin.

The three main treatments for this would be surgery to remove the cancer cells and surrounding tissue, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

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Paraphimosis is another condition that can lead a man to choose circumcision.

Here the skin of the penis cannot be pulled back after being pulled back.

In this case, immediate treatment is required to avoid complications – such as: B. Restricted blood flow to the penis.

Recurring balanitis can also be a reason why circumcision is required.

This is where the foreskin and head of the penis become inflamed and infected.

This condition can sometimes be treated with the use of antibiotic or antifungal creams.

You may also be given corticosteroid ointment, gel, or cream.

Not medicinal

This is usually done in Jewish and Islamic communities and in many African communities.

They are mostly performed on children.

In most cases, the procedure is only recommended when other treatments have been tried and have not worked.

If you are considering circumcision for medical reasons, you should always discuss this with your GP. What is a circumcised penis and why do some men have it?

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