What does ESB, SCM, NRS, PU and WYLL mean? Snapchat acronyms explained

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Snapchat is still alive as we enter 2023 among Gen Z, according to Statista, with 347 million daily users.

While we love a good 30-second TikTok dance, sending funny or filtered photos and videos — seconds after watching them — never gets boring.

Snapchat also lets you show your location with GeoFilters, check your astrological profile, and even make your pet look like a Disney character.

They’ve even introduced a new dual-camera feature that lets you create Snaps, Stories, or Spotlight videos from two angles.

Fancy joining today’s youth with another social media slash camera app?

Prepare yourself: There are many slang terms and acronyms out there, and you should probably know how to use them.

Here’s what some of them actually mean, including ICL, SB, SCM, NRS, and ESB.

Snapchat acronyms, terminology and their meaning

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SU for answers to popular acronyms (Picture: Getty)

ESB: This acronym stands for “Everyone Snap Back”. This is a prompt for anyone who sees it to send a snap to the user – usually to ensure snap streaks are maintained. The term is usually used in stories or group chat messages.

FFF: This could mean Follow For Follow, meaning a Snapchat user follows people who follow them back.

ICL: This can mean a few different things, but the most common meaning is probably I Can’t Lie.

However, you might recognize that it means In Christian Love. You can work it out from the context of the post. Hopefully.

MMS: This simply stands for Made Me Smile. However, if you’re feeling particularly dated, you could use it to say Multimedia Messaging Service…

NRS: This means no answers. It’s often used when you’re in a situation where you can’t send repeated snaps, e.g. B. when you go to sleep, don’t feel ready or low on data/Wi-Fi.

PU: PU is essentially an acronym for Turn up. A literal translation would be “Get on Snapchat and send me a message”.

SB: Perhaps one of the most common, SB simply means Snap Back – or reply to the person you snapped with.

SCM: want an answer Or do you want to move a conversation from another platform? Well, SCM means Snapchat Me.

However, if you move forward a bit and see this in a professional or digital context, it could potentially mean something less exciting: social media optimization.

SFS / S4S: That means snap for snap — or “yell for shout” — which is essentially a way to promote another Snapchat user.

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Do you know the difference between snap score and a streak? (Image: Getty)

SMH: You will see this cross-platform. It usually means Shaking My Head, expressing disappointment or confusion.

SMO: OK, so this really depends on the context. SMO could mean Serious Mode On (meaning you feel something or talk about something in a non-joking way).

It could also mean “Shout Me Out” (meaning you want someone to give you a social media shoutout).

SR: This can mean either slow replies – meaning the other user might need time to get back to you if they’re busy, for example – or it could also be written S/R, meaning streaks and recents.

This effectively means that the person using the phrase sends a bulk Snap to all users they have Streaks with or who have recently Snapchatted.

Snap Score: Your score basically shows how many times you’ve used the app. The higher the number, the more Snaps you’ve sent. How to find your snap score.

strand: A Snapchat streak tracks how many consecutive days you’ve snapped to the same person.

For example, if you snapped to your best friend every day for seven months, you would see a small flame next to their name, with a number representing how many days you lasted the streak.

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SO: Usually SU means Swipe Up.

Normally, when you’re viewing a Snapchat story and see “SU,” swiping up takes you to your phone’s web browser and a webpage associated with the story.

TM: Can mean Text Message, Too Much or Trust Me depending on the context of the chat.

WYL: This popular acronym stands for “how you look”. But the real thing here is the context. It can either be a question or a bit of a reality check.

When someone asks it like a question, they’re kind of asking for a selfie.

When someone who knows what you look like says that, they are basically indicating that you look like a Muppet. Are you doing something unusual to justify them saying it? Have you tried a new hair or makeup style?

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