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scenes from I Think You Should Leave, Yellowjackets and Dickinson


Try to remember the movies and shows of 2021

During a holiday gathering, I was asked a naive question by a loved one: What is your favorite movie this year? I smile and try to sound thoughtful, but panic when I return to the same question: Is that this five?

The internet culture staffers watched a lot of content this year and came up with a list of our favorites, from the hit Showtime TV series Yellow jacket, acclaimed by Jane Campion The power of the dog, to part 2 of memeable I think you should leave.

For my favorite movie, Titane definitely the most memorable experience going to the theater and it was the answer I finally got to, but How does one describe that movie to their mother?

Read our full year-end list here.

—Audra Schroeder, senior writer

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Cut your grocery bill in half

Have you ever gone to the grocery store to pay and almost fainted with the insane amount of money you owe? It’s no secret, groceries are getting more and more expensive, but it’s still a surprise every time.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save some $$, but it’s a beginner’s trick. Time to level up with some grocery shopping tips for intermediate level. Here are a few more known How to save money on your next purchase.


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Letterboxd is the only good social network in 2021

A few weeks ago, Jeff Goldblum was faced with a series of questions by Stephen Colbert in his appearance on The Late Show. Released as two individual video On YouTube, the questionnaire consisted of 15 rather soft and low-stakes questions for Goldblum to showcase his eccentric charm.

To start the second video, Colbert asks Goldblum favorite action movie to be. Instead of just listing one movie, Goldblum came up with a small black book from his coat pocket with clear anticipation of the question at hand.

“Now, this is a work in progress,” he told Colbert, so excited that he struggled to speak. “I will- I can’t- I will- I can’t say a word, but this is a series of movies, very quickly.” According to Colbert’s count, Goldblum listed 25 movies, which includes a mix of classics, modern films, and even one of his own: Jurassic Park.

It didn’t take long for Letterboxd, a social media site that allows users to log in, review and list all the movies they’re watching or want to watch, urges Goldblum to “drop your mailbox“So we can see what else Goldblum is watching. Soon after, someone made a Letterboxd a list of Goldblum’s favorite action movies, which has a bar that allows users to see the percentage of movies they’ve watched or plan to watch new. (I’ve seen 11 out of 25)

Letterboxd, a website based in New Zealand, founded in 2011 by Matt Buchanan and Karl von Randow, is geared towards movie lovers. In 2021, it’s a site I’m visiting more and more often not only because I record movies, but it gives me more windows and a healing experience. make the year a little worse.

Many of Letterboxd’s early users were the kind of people who, according to one Ringer Profile 2020 on the site, who has recorded the movies they watched obsessively on paper or a spreadsheet; The website notes that it is described as “Goodreads for movies. ”

This page is active on Twitter because it celebrates cinema anniversaries and film awards or shows affection for filmmakers. More people have started visit the site more often during the pandemic; Letterboxd said in January 2021 that the number of accounts on the site nearly as twice as in a year.

Read more here.

—Michelle Jaworski, editor


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nicole kidman and javier bardem


Being a Ricardian is an overdone and unfocused look at Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Being a Ricardian want to be many things. The latest film from writer and director Aaron Sorkin (Challenge of Chicago 7) took place during a very hectic week in production I love Lucy in 1953, the events in it would need more than one episode to convey.

It tries to include elements of a more traditional biopic like Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman) wraps up two scandals — one that could destroy her career, the other her marriage — as well as another that will provide an important key to the film.

It wants to recreate some word scene I love Lucy shoot for shoot, and for some reason the film is framed with a fake documentary in which some of the main characters this week are interviewed by an unknown person behind the camera.

Some of those devices were much more successful than others.

Read full review here.


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* First published: December 29, 2021, 11:21 a.m. CST

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