Werewolf By Night is a perfect ode to the cult classic horror

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Werewolf at night is the perfect show for people intimidated by the MCU and want a jolt of superhero horror. Whenever I watch a Marvel show on Disney+, I wonder if I should know who everyone is. Characters often walk in, make a sly inside joke related to something that happened in another movie, and then nonchalantly walk away.

Sometimes I feel left out and that’s on me. I’m a mediocre comics fan. I’ve seen most Spiderman movies and I made it The Avengers. But to be honest, I was more into Jeff Smith’s Bone grow up than any superhero.

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As I sat down to watch Werewolf at night Knowing absolutely nothing about it at Disney Plus, I felt the familiar frustration of having too many MCU blind spots. Are these characters from previous films? Do you want me to know what the “bloodstone” is? Is the type of Y Tu Mama Tambien already a well-known superhero?

Thankfully, none of these questions spoiled my enjoyment of the company’s latest TV special. In fact, most of the references in this throwback monster movie are to movies my grandparents would have liked: The most dangerous game, The island of lost souls, The wolf manand The Wizard of Oz.

what is Werewolf at night?

Be warned: Slight spoilers for Werewolf at night consequences.

Werewolf at night is Marvel’s entry into the creature feature horror genre. It’s sleek, nostalgic – and most importantly – short. Can you imagine? Good Marvel adult content that’s only 52 minutes long? Well, get out that little popcorn and get ready to finish watching before you’re done eating!

what happens inside Werewolf at night?

The TV special begins with a group of mismatched monster killers all meeting on the night of Ulysses Bloodstone’s funeral. Ulysses came from a long line of monster hunters and hoped his descendants would carry the torch to become great monster hunters themselves.

Unfortunately, as Mistress of Ceremonies Verussa (spookily played by Harriet Sansom Harris) makes clear to Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), the apple has fallen far from the tree. While it’s kind of Elsa to show up for her old man’s funeral and take part in The Hunt, she’s not the monster slayer her father seems to have wished for.

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After a delightful nod to the introduction of the CryptKeeper in each episode of Stories from the Tomb, the entourage becomes all business. It’s time to draw lots to see who begins the hunt for a monster trapped in the Bloodstone’s labyrinthine estate. The first person to kill the monster will receive the Bloodstone as a reward.

(Full Disclosure: Even after seeing what the bloodstone can do in this special, I still googled “what does the bloodstone do?” to see if I was missing a crucial plot point. Again, this has what I Didn’t find anything added or degraded I was happy to see it, but I did learn that the stone was part of a meteorite that hit earth in 8250 BC and gave Ulysses Bloodstone some cool monster-hunting abilities.. Funny stuff . Needless to say, monster hunters want this stone .)

What follows is not just a hunt for the soon-to-be-groomed beast, but a scuffle between the hunters themselves. What started out as a high-stakes trophy hunt has turned into a free-for-all. Hunters hunt hunters. And hunted monsters soon become hunters themselves.

is Werewolf at night Well?

Unfortunately, more information about the plot might spoil your enjoyment. And that would be a pity, because discovery is part of joy. Werewolf at night is a film about films. We are in the postWandaVision Marvel universe where every spot on parody or homage is up for grabs.

This time director Michael Giacchino has made a perfect ode to the cult classic horror. The special is mostly black and white with an end credits sequence reminiscent of the 1940s. There are even little cues in the top right corner every now and then to signal a non-existent projectionist when it’s time to change the non-existent reel of a digital movie we all stream over the internet at home.

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Those little flourishes hint at the even bigger, more interesting choices Giacchino makes, including a stunning man-to-werewolf transformation scene that uses old-school movie magic rather than adding a boring CGI sequence. Filmmakers who aim to make a good werewolf movie live in the shadow of the transformation scene in An American werewolf in London (1981). A computer will not improve this sequence. Thankfully, Giacchino knew better than to try.

However, all this nostalgia has a purpose. After nearly an hour of being lulled by insider baseball references to Hollywood’s Golden Age, the final scene reminds you that this is indeed a superhero action movie. One for slightly older viewers at that. The black and white pictures couldn’t protect me from the blood. The result was an extremely satisfying and unexpectedly good time.

My only regret is that I googled the main character’s name to write this review and found it was “Jack Russell”. come on guys

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*Initial publication: October 17, 2022 at 4:41 p.m. CDT

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