Waxing technician posts customer on OnlyFans account without consent

A TikToker video claiming her waxer posted a video of her receiving a waxing service to OnlyFans without her knowledge has sparked debate on the platform, with commenters encouraging the original poster, the woman to challenge.

The since-deleted video, posted by @awkwardddblackkkgirlll, has racked up 70.7k views since it was posted on April 8th.

“Okay, this is about the girl who posted my treats on her OF page and made my wax,” says @awkwardddblackkkgirlll in the video. “I texted her, I said, ‘Ma’am? I saw you have a snippet of a video on your Instagram, that’s not me, is it? I see my tattoos.” And she said, ‘Oh my god, yeah, I’m so sorry. I wanted to call you and ask if I could post it.’ I said when are you calling? It’s still there, I paid the $11 to see if it was me. She posted from the part where I lay down to get my wax to the part where she had me in butterfly position and all.”

@awkwardddblackkkgirlll tells her viewers that after she was caught, her waxer tried to justify the video continuing by saying she would lose tips left on the platform.

“She says, ‘If I take it off, I’ll lose the tip, could I just send you the $150 instead?’ Girl I know what OF is I’ve had one before They won’t lose the tips unless they get posted back She said “I could always send you the $150” if they continue the video I said my tattoo is showing I have birthmarks down there She has 488 people subscribed to her OF She is from my town Hello? These people probably don’t subscribe to OF to see how you grow .They try to see the different goodies.”

“She says, ‘It’s a nice video, why are you upset?’ What if I was your waxer and your coochie open, showing tattoos, showing birthmarks, those are marks of recognition. I said you release my pussy for profit.”

She explained that she told the woman that if the video was ever reposted, she would take legal action and reported the video to OnlyFans to let them know that she had not consented to the video being shared.

Commenters urged them to take legal action against the waxer for posting the video.

“Sue Girls!” wrote one commenter. “488 Subs, she made well over $150 from it and you didn’t approve of it. Literally ruin her whole life because she tried you.”

“Bring her to small claims and sue her for $5000 for emotional damage,” wrote another.

“Girls sue now!” wrote one commenter. “Your license needs to be taken away. Blurry or not, if someone posted me while I was growing I would sue.”

Others suggested she be reported to the state licensing agency, which @awkwardddblackkkgirlll said her mum did for her.

“Please report them to the state cosmetics agency,” wrote one commenter. “She’s probably making a lot of money, and definitely without her client’s approval.”

“You got a license? Report them to the board,” wrote one commenter.

“If she’s licensed you can report her to the licensing committee,” wrote another commenter. “This is highly unethical (and so many other things).”

The Daily Dot contacted @awkwardddblackkkgirlll via Instagram DM regarding this story.

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*Initial publication: April 9, 2022 at 12:56 pm CDT

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Brooke Sjoberg

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