Was the coronation better than Seinfeld?

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Hundreds of readers took to their keyboards to give us their thoughts on the coronation of King Charles and whether it was time for Australia to sever ties with the monarchy.

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Did the coronation show us it’s time for a change?

  • The heraldRob Harris, Europe correspondent for , asked how it was possible to explain the pageantry and ceremony of the coronation in the age of Uber Eats, Netflix, e-cigarettes and Alexa.

Mac_the_Dog Everything about the coronation is absurd. It can be argued that we shouldn’t mess with our current form of government, but this silliness shows that it’s time for change.

Westman I observe His field. Another show about nothing.

Kate I couldn’t see it. The whole thing is ridiculous, inappropriate and disgusting. I don’t mean that personally against Charles, who is obviously trying to see through the room. It’s not his fault sitting there in 2023 with a crown full of jewels stolen from around the world placed on his head.


anon melbourne Waiting 74 years for a paying job? Really sad.

James I felt privileged to witness such an important historical event. The religious/historical symbolism of the ceremony was fascinating. And the recognition of multicultural Britain through the inclusion of all religions and cultures in worship was outstanding.

gray spirit It’s good to watch for 10 minutes just to confirm the complete anachronism of all the royalty crap. Hereditary rulers? What a joke. swear allegiance? Garbage. Certainly a nice tourist attraction for the British, but toss the rest and remove our association with it.

Luc God save the king God bless our country and its people. Inspire our leaders with wisdom, kindness and humility to lead our great Republic of Australia.

Illustration: Cathy Wilcox

Illustration: Cathy WilcoxCredit:

Time to cut the apron strings of the monarchy?

  • “There can be no more urgent work in Australia than to truly recognize the enduring effects of the violence of colonization,” wrote journalist and author Julia Baird. Readers’ opinions were divided.

Tony McIntyre We complain about the monarchy’s philanderers, and then we complain when they don’t interfere in the running of this country. Please make up your mind. It must be Australia that rightes the wrongs of the past. You can no longer contact the Privy Council, so the apron strings have been cut.

True life One could forgive Queen Victoria for the racism of the time, which was a believed view of civilization at the time. But to know what we know now and still repeat the pantomimes and delve into the repeated rituals ingrained in this patriarchy seems far less forgivable.


artusj England and its monarchy have nothing to do with this country. By all accounts, it is time to turn our backs on the country’s colonial history and set about righting the wrongs that have been done.

Pam Timms, Suffolk Park Let us not count on the current monarch to right the wrongs done to our first people by colonization. By becoming a republic, we are taking an important step in the reconciliation process. We tell the world that our allegiance lies with our democratically elected government and that we stand with the First Nations people of our great and ancient land.

nonsense For 70 years we’ve had a sycophantic press that couldn’t seem to get over how “merciful” QEII was. Suddenly, with a new person in the same chair, we realized what a terrible institution the monarchy is.

daisy blue No, no, no, this Medieval Commonwealth nonsense needs to stop.
Australia can do better.

Illustration: Cathy Wilcox

Illustration: Cathy WilcoxCredit:

A stupid decision? Premier turns off the lights

  • Prime Minister Chris Minns defended his government’s decision not to light the Sydney Opera House’s sails to mark King Charles’ coronation, saying the high cost of the lights could be better spent elsewhere, wrote reporter Anthony Segaert.

Barry59 So petty and I’m for a republic and voting ALP. Makes Minns look like midgets.

datcha Exactly what would be the effect of spending the equivalent of a teacher’s pre-tax annual salary on lighting the Opera House? I’d rather the money be used for something important.


Wennicks The sails are the city’s greatest asset in the world. Most people in the world immediately associate it with Sydney and we should use it whenever we can.

A balance Disrespect to the Labor Party. Typical left wing anti-monarchy approach. Shame.

Billinudge It’s time to stop pulling the forelock and opening the lids. Bring the Republic of Australia with you. I do not recognize any German descendant as our head of state.

GeePa I would characterize the coronation of our Head of State as an important national and international event and would therefore meet the new criteria.

Yay variety Given the millions of dollars in advertising we’ve missed, saving $80,000 seems like a foolish decision.

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