Warner Bros. exec testifies Amber Heard’s ‘Aquaman’ role wasn’t ‘reduced’ due to abuse allegations

Both parties in the Depp-Heard defamation lawsuit allege that their professional lives suffered as a result of allegations of domestic violence. In Depp’s case, he was fired from the Fantastic Beasts franchise after a British court ruled it was “essentially true” to refer to him as a “wife beater”. Meanwhile, Heard says she lost job opportunities because Depp claimed her allegations were a hoax.

During the current trial, Depp accused Heard of hurting his chances for another Pirates of the Caribbean Continuation – a claim that he found difficult to prove in court. A relevant Disney executive testified that her 2018 Heard comment about domestic violence (the main reason Depp brought this lawsuit) was not known, so it did not influence the studio’s decision-making. Around the same time, Depp was reportedly struggling with drug problems, had to feed his lines through an earphone during filming, and showed up late to work on the last one pirates Film – a film that achieved disappointing box office results. In other words, other factors played a role.

This week the Aquaman Franchise had its day in court when a Warner Bros. executive offered a similar opinion to Depp’s Disney exec: Heard’s allegations of abuse (and her personal life in general) didn’t affect casting decisions.

Heard testified on May 17 that she “had to fight really hard to stay [her] Career” following her split from Depp, claiming that she struggled to keep her role as Mera aquaman 2 (2023). She said her screen time is “reduced” compared to her previous expectations. At the same time, she faces ongoing backlash from anti-fans demanding she be fired from the franchise, with 4.5 million signatures appearing on a petition describing her as a domestic abuser.

However, DC franchise head Walter Hamada said that while the studio considered recasting Heard, it wasn’t because of her personal life or reputation. It had more to do with concerns that she and Jason Momoa “didn’t have much chemistry together.” Hamada said the studio has to “make that chemistry” in post-production — a problem he described as “not uncommon” in Hollywood.

Hamada also stated that the Aquaman The sequel was already conceived as a “buddy comedy” between Aquaman and his half-brother, and Heard’s character was not intended to co-star.

As with virtually every element of the lawsuit, this latest update prompted a spate of backlash against Heard on social media. If you are looking Aquaman You can find tweets all over the place on Twitter today mocking that meaning from Heard’s character Mera, to mock Heard’s career, jokes about Warner Bros. to punish her for leaked spoilers and for generally expressing happiness at the idea that Hamada’s testimony “proves” that she is a bad or unlikable actress.

This follows an apparent trend in reactions to the trial: while public opinion is skewed in favor of Depp, the tone of these responses often has less to do with sympathy for Depp (or support for male victims of domestic violence) and more with pure vitriol against Heart. Like viral TikToks celebrating the possibility of Heard being fired or poking fun at her for crying on the witness stand while Depp exclaims, “Aquaman!”

Depp fans also use this aquaman 2 Quarrel as further evidence Heard is a “liar,” though Depp’s claims on that matter Pirates of the Caribbean met with similar skepticism in court. Both actors are struggling to prove their conflicting abuse allegations influenced their blockbuster careers circa 2018. However, it is difficult to imagine that this lawsuit will not harm her career in the future. By taking that trial to a Virginia circuit court, Depp guaranteed it would be live-streamed, prompting continued coverage and discussion on social media — most of it extremely negative towards Heard.

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*Initial publication: May 25, 2022 at 9:27 am CDT

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