Waiters rant about difficult families who always send food back

A TikToker named Murphy (@murphy1526) went viral for his tirade against a regular group of customers who come to the restaurant where he works as a waiter.

In the clip, he opens up about the family’s unconventional ordering, telling them they keep sending food back even though they’re regulars and the staff knows their order by heart.

Murphy begins his viral video calling the family because he’s sure they’ll show up that night.

“It happens every damn time,” says Murphy. “They start with three steak quesadillas, they want the steak as a side, no problem whatever. They want the light cheese on the quesadilla and whatever cheese would have gone into the quesadilla, they want it on the steak. You’ll also want the sour cream and guac and salsa that comes with it in separate little bowls. No problem, happens, we understand.”

But then Murphy says the problems start as soon as the food is served. He claims that within seconds of putting the steaks down, customers complain that the cheese is either too much or too little.

“So we take it back, we hold the plate for three minutes, same damn plate,” says Murphy. “We take it out again and say, ‘How does that look?’ and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s perfect.’”

The TikToker also claims that the family gets the most expensive salad, even though they don’t want anything on it. When Murphy suggests ordering a regular salad to save money, they reportedly decline.

“They want the loaded soup and they want it deconstructed,” Murphy goes on to list the family’s absurd commission. “Not only do they want that to be deconstructed, they also wanted the loaded nachos to be deconstructed.”

He reiterates that it doesn’t matter that they’re housed every Saturday, but that “they always send it back” even though the staff know exactly what they want.

Then Murphy unveils another unusual order.

“Then they want a glass of milk,” he says. “Yo, I’m sorry, you know what, I understand it’s not my place to judge, but I’ll judge anyway. Who the hell has milk with Mexican food? It’s not even that spicy. You get the bland flavor stuff, you don’t even get the Cajun flavor.”

He concludes by saying, “I don’t want to see that family tonight.”

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His story prompted a variety of mixed reactions from other users on the platform, many of whom said they worked as servers and shared their own customer horror stories.

One user, Jadzia, seemed familiar with this type of patron, writing, “They sound like the kind of people who lay out five $1 bills at the start of the meal and take one away for every ‘mistake’.”

Another viewer just couldn’t get over someone drinking milk with dinner and commented, “WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DRINK MILK FOR DINNER.”

There were other users who recommended Murphy not serve the table and inform the owner of their annoying behavior.

“At this point I would suggest refusing service to the owner or manager. lol,” wrote @hey_hay1ndonly. Another user, @toooondeeez, wrote: “In my restaurant we can say no, it’s amazing.”

Judging by the comments, it seems that there are some servers that aren’t thrilled to work for certain crowds.

User @Tony1Kenobe said, “The Sunday crowds after church were the worst when I was a waiter.”

Much has been written about substitutions and modifications in restaurants. A piece of Mashed from 2021 suggests that if a restaurant refuses to make changes to a meal for a customer, it could be seen as a red flag if a specific Reddit comment is to be believed.

“While they might try to play it up as, ‘Our food is perfect and we refuse to change it for moral reasons,’ it is [sic] almost always a sign of ‘This was done 2 months ago and all we do is warm it up,'” according to one Redditor. However, the outlet mentioned counter-arguments, explaining that restaurants sometimes refuse substitute products because it disrupts their workflow and could seriously affect efficiency.

Murphy’s problem with the family ordering milk with Mexican food appears to have more to do with the fact that they bring their food back to the kitchen every time they visit the restaurant than with their substitute.

A Quora commenter noted that the phenomenon of customers sending their food back to every establishment they visit is widespread and may be rooted in a desire to get “fresh food” or to attract some sort of attention.

“Some people are angry, unhappy people and believe that the restaurant industry is the place to vent their angry, sad feelings. Sometimes they’re just awful for the servers and sometimes they go further,” they wrote. “It’s their way of dealing with the unhappiness and insecurity in them.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Murphy via TikTok comment for more information.


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*Initial publication: December 11, 2022 at 2:20 p.m. CST

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