VoiceBuddy Review

VoiceBuddy Review – Create A Natural Voice From A Combination Of Amazon Polly and Google Wave Net.


We all know that having verbal text is a very powerful tool … when it’s done right. However, I have found that most text-to-speech engines do not produce quality results and sound like a dementia robot.

So Ali.G has created a great solution. And that is where VoiceBuddy appears.

VoiceBuddy covers the best of both worlds when it comes to text for speech technology.

Put simply, it combines Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into a software platform and has also added a lot of features. Believe me, there is nothing in the market like this. But the real appeal will be what you can do with this technology. Let me explain it all to you in this article.

What is VoiceBuddy?

VoiceBuddy is the first software application of the type that combines Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly under one roof in an easy-to-use platform. But that is not the best part. It is a fact that using VoiceBuddy allows you to create opportunities to make money in so many fields and the market can take forever. There are many ways you can use text to speech technology and make a profit. But none of them is more popular than creating videos.

And that is where VoiceBuddy will shine. You will be completely happy when you can create high quality natural sound without much hassle. In addition, you can also:

  • Put emphasis on how you like
  • Put Speak
  • Set your audio pitch
  • Adjust speaking speed
  • Set breaks for a more natural conversation
  • Set paragraph break
  • Set a break time

Add notes to each audio file – Just click to add notes to any sound and you will never forget your thoughts and how to use that sound in the future.

Easily find previously created sounds – When you start with VoiceBuddy, you’ll create loads of audio files from text. That is why VoiceBuddy allows you to find any audio easily just by doing a simple search.

How Does VoiceBuddy Work?

Despite its incredible features, Ali.G has turned VoiceBuddy into an absolute cinch to use. Even you have little or no technical expertise. It only takes 3 simple steps for you to get started:

  • Step 1: Choose your language and voice
  • Step 2: Paste your text into Voice Buddy
  • Step 3: Click here to create your audio

In a few minutes, VoiceBuddy will create an entirely new audio file that sounds incredibly human.

Benefits of VoiceBuddy

Multiple voices to choose from – As mentioned above, this cloud program is a combination of Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into the VoiceBuddy platform. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds.

Diverse languages ​​to choose from – English is not the only popular language today. That is why the author has provided more languages ​​inside VoiceBuddy. This way, you can make sounds in some of today’s most popular languages ​​without missing a beat.

Easy to use – VoiceBuddy is extremely easy right out of the gate. You simply cannot ruin this. Even if you have the technical skills of a blind caveman. It is really simple as following 3 steps. But, if you want slightly more advanced capabilities, VoiceBuddy can do that too, and you’ll learn that inside.

Create Video Quickly – Typically, even an experienced video marketer can spend 30 minutes to create a basic video and edit it with slides. But with VoiceBuddy, you won’t have to do that. Just drag your items into your favorite video editor, add your audio, make adjustments and you’re done.

Save money and thousands of voices – If you’ve ever bought or watched a few voice services on Fiverr. You also see that you have to spend on the lowest starting at $ 5, most likely every minute. So if you have a 10 minute video, would you consider $ 50. $ 10 per minute? That’s $ 100 for 10 minutes of audio. $ 20 per minute? So you get the point.

VoiceBuddy Proof

100% cloud-based – VoiceBuddy doesn’t require you to download or install anything. What you need is a PC, Mac, Chromebook, Tablet, or Smartphone. And when you want to create words from text, just log in from your device, add your script and click send. And in minutes, you’ll have an entirely new audio file ready to engage your audience.

Export and use on any software you want – The great thing about VoiceBuddy is that you can download any sound you create quickly and easily in mp3 format. This will allow you to enter any software like; Audacity, Camtasia, After Effects, because mp3 is a normal format that a lot of software today uses.

VoiceBuddy OTO

VoiceBuddy FE – $ 21.97 for the first 6 hours of Launch increased by 50 cents and then every 6 hours: Sound with full customization. You can also copy 500 words and paste them into the English voice

OTO 1 VoiceBuddy Pro- $ 37 once, (9.97 per month after) and OTO 1 DS – $ 27 once (9.97 per month after): Copy and paste unlimited Length and text files Support, enter text from website URLs, background music.

OTO 2 – $ 37 translator and OTO 2 DS – $ 27 Once: Convert scripts into any language with multilingual voices

Custom video maker OTO 3 – $ 47 once and OTO 3 DS – $ 37 once: Create videos from Bunch of Integration & Pixabay Integration and upload them to Youtube + Social Sharing

OTO 4 agents – $ 47 once and OTO 4 DS – $ 37 once: 1 User but Different Login (Provides access for Employee / Secondary User).


  • Integrated Google Voice Wave Net – No programming required
  • Amazon Polly integration – No programming required
  • The voice will be used immediately
  • The number of languages ​​to use immediately
  • Instant translation tool VoiceBuddy
  • Easy audio customization for all your text into words
  • Bonus fast movement
  • VoiceBuddy comes with a free risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • This is a cloud-based software. So you need internet to access and use.
  • Prices will increase every day. So you need to quickly make a decision to get it right before the price rises.


If you really want to succeed online, you need access to the best tools available. And if you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent your fair share on tons of shiny, unreleased promised items. And that is why VoiceBuddy was created and for you. It can help you cut your workload into debris while providing the most natural human-like voice available today. In addition, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. But if for any reason within the next 30 days of your purchase you disagree, you only need to email the support team and you will receive your money without missing a penny. So go ahead and have access now. Get VoiceBuddy today!

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