Viral News Jacker Review

Viral News Jacker Review

Check out many FB marketing groups and you’ll see people brag about how hard they work. But in online marketing, most people who do the hard work have hard money anyway. They are busy creating dozens of websites, products and videos. Spend many hours every day juggling dozens of different traffic sources. They always seemed like just about the Vikings to make a breakthrough. But you never heard of their results. In fact, online banking is the easier way all that.

Money is in the news.

Sites like Huffington Post, Mashable & Techcrunch make more than $ 10K a day DO NOT sell one thing. The same formula works for independent marketers – dozens of simple people. The website generates 3-4 net profit figures every day of the week.


The majority of people get their news online and thanks to regular updates The new news is’ new addiction – people need to fix it many times a day.


News sharing site that attracts VIRAL traffic and make their owners make money only when people click on ads and passive offers.

And today, a completely new software was created called Viral News Jacker. This is a software that helps you get traffic and free sales! Complete 100% for you Automatic sites for daily income!

What is Viral News Jacker?

Viral News Jacker Review

Viral News Jacker is a free virus traffic system and method for daily hands-free income. This auto sales and traffic app creates news sites that update themselves using other people’s trending news!

Set up your Viral News Profits website ONCE – and enjoy constant hands-free income. The software automatically updates your web pages with new, trending content from any combination of over 100 news sources including authoritative platforms such as Daily Mail, BBC, CNN, Fox News, and more and more.

The bank has multiple streams of passive income from affiliate links, CPA offers, and advertising banners. Take advantage of the network’s most trending news for free traffic. BUILT-IN content translation tool, image translation & replacement tool maximizes your free search traffic from each update. Share 1 click for flooding social media traffic. Building your list at the same time you are generating passive profits.

Pack your income web pages with the latest viral content in any location without fingers & See traffic and passive profits with automatic updates!

The profits of Viral News allow you to create up to FIVE of your automated revenue site. Those are the five websites of your choice, all of which bring in passive income – in whatever field you want.

Sports, entertainment, financial, political or personal interests. Create ‘authoritative websites’ covering a wide range of topics. With every automatic update, your free traffic and profits increase for an income & forgetting solution. Easily exchange ads and offers on any website to scale real people. Show best and maximize your earnings!

Viral News Jacker Features

  • Turn 100% free traffic into profit all day
  • Bank multiple passive income streams from affiliate links, CPA offers and banner ads (literally anywhere online!)
  • Take advantage of the network’s most trending news for free traffic
  • BUILT-IN content spinners, image replacement & translation tool maximizes your free search traffic from all updates
  • Share 1 click for flooding social media traffic
  • Building your list at the same time you are generating passive profits
  • Cash legally uses the content of others
  • Friendly method for beginners proving for months
  • Set up 1 time for the year of recurring passive profits
  • Social viral and traffic search engine built int! Never pay for ads!
  • Easily generate multiple income streams
  • Automatic profit scaling: every automatic update brings more traffic & profits every day!
  • Build your list for a higher long-term income without creating a product!

How Does Viral News Jacker Works?

This is a simple optimized software for users. The process to make a profit is super simple with just 3 steps!

Step 1 – Activate the software and follow the videos step by step

Step 2 – Launch your automated websites with integrated monetization

Step 3 – Watch the free VIRAL traffic turn into hands-free profit!

Benefits of Viral News Jacker?

Viral News Jacker makes passive income online easier than ever.

=> It touches REAL online behavior: people are addicted to online news, so this system gives people exactly what they want.

=> It builds news sites that spread TO YOU, fill them in content, then Automatically UPDATE them for a really set up solution and forget

=> Each of your sites [you can create FIVE] is monetized passively with ads, banners, links provided so you can make money without having to sell anything

=> Build built-in lists, for higher long-term returns

=> Free virus traffic from both social media and search engines included!

Whether you are a brand new or an experienced marketer, Viral News Jacker can start providing you with a range of passive income right after tomorrow.

Setting up a website once takes less than 15 minutes from there, your sites are automatically updated and increasing traffic & profits every day. Do not create content. Do not make videos. Do not write email.

Get Viral News Jacker now!

Why did you choose Viral News Jacker

Viral News Jacker is a game changer software that helps you with 100% passive income exactly how competent news websites do it.

=> It BUILDS you sites to make money, spread with just a few mouse clicks

=> Pack these sites with trending content & Automatically UPDATE them for you

=> Then GET you 100% free traffic from BOTH search engines & social media

Profits without an empty product, even without selling anything. More than 3 figures of daily profits can not be earned. They have happened to beta testers of this new method. To take your results to the next level, Viral News Profit includes features that put your traffic and profits on steroids:

=> Higher rankings for more free traffic, built in content spinners and keyword optimization

=> Integration with Flickr & Pixabay for easy image replacement, even ranking power.

=> Automatic translation into any language allows you to gain passive profits from untapped markets.

=> Share 1-way social media for VIRAL traffic from MERYI automatically updated.

All this plus world class training on how to have your own passive sites up.

Viral News Jacker – Related questions FAQ

What’s Viral News Profits All About?

Appar a software that builds you passively monetized websites packed with trending news content, which are automatically updated for you every day. By combining viral content, free traffic & built-in monetization, you can earn simply when site visitors click on ads or check out offers.

Does It Actually Work?

Short answer – YES. In fact the exact same concept is being used by authority news sites like Huffington Post, Mashable & Techcrunch – sites that bank over $ 10K PER DAY in passive income.

How Does It Work?

Viral News Profits takes advantage of the ‘addiction’ people have for online news. Millions of people get their news online, multiple times per day.

The software builds you sites that attract these viewers with trending content. Sites that are monetized with passive ads, banners, offers & even optin forms.

So without selling a thing, you can profit from visitors that click your ads & offers … while building your list for long term earnings at the same time.

Do I Need Any Tech Skills?

The software is a WP plugin, so all evaluated need is a WP site. From there the setup is incredibly easy and step-by-step instructions walk you thru the process.

How Much Time Does This Take?

Initial site setup is less than 15 minutes … and you can create up to FIVE income sites.After that, everything’s automated. The software updates your sites with fresh content every single day.

If you want to ramp things up, it’ll take about 5 minutes per day to use the included content spinners & image replacement tools to skyrocket your free search traffic.

What About Traffic?

Appar included, AND written free. Viral News Profits helps rank your sites in search engines with unique content, regular updates, and built-in keyword optimization.

Plus the 1-click social media integrations make it a breeze to get viral social traffic.

How Much Can I Make?

This will vary amongst users, enrich based on niche and offer selection. But MANY beta testers have been earning 3+ figures PER DAY in completely passive profits.

What About Support?

Complete step-by-step training – from setup to maximizing profits – is included. You also get access to a fully-staffed support team and I covered covered by a 30 day money back guarantee – so it costs you nothing to try it out for yourself.


Viral News Jacker are a legitimate way of providing additional streams of passive income to your business. Whether you are a new Ie Brand or an experienced marketer, it can boost your final profit every day with just a simple 15 minute setup.

Passive profit 100%, proven results. 100% free traffic from both search engines and social media. Income without products, content creation or even listings. It is really this easy game and it has been buggy with evidence from beta testers.

I have never seen an easier way to easily earn more than 3 figures daily profits. Once set up, the software will then give you the full control automatically, all thanks to a free magnet that pulls traffic into your DFY, which makes money from a site. unprecedented way before. Get Viral News Jacker Now

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