VidToon Review

VidToon Review

Easy Drag & Drop Animated Video Maker 5 Minute “Simple Side-Hustle” Vids In Any Niche

It’s a known fact that video is the #1 consumed content online. So if you aren’t using it in your marketing, you definitely need to start.

But the question is, “what type of video is effective when it comes to video marketing exactly?”

Simple. Animated videos. And this brand new software can help you make them fast!

See, animated videos combine the audio and visual element together in a way that taps into our imagination. And when that happens, you marketing message will be more effective.

But also, if I’m being honest, creating animated videos can take forever. You’re dealing with character creation, character animation, key frames, and a whole host of other tech stuff that can stump even some of the most gifted technological people on the planet!

But that’s not the case with VidToon.

By using VidToon, you can pump out animated videos fast for any marketing idea or campaigns you have.

You simply drag and drop your elements where you want on the screen. There are no grids to lock you in place. You can have perfect pixel placement (try saying that 5X fast) of any object wherever you

Plus you’ll receive a number of media elements included with VidToon when you pick up your copy today.

There are 25 animated characters, 250 graphic elements, 35 HD backgrounds, transitions, text to speech options, 200 royalty free music tracks and more!

But you’ll need to move quickly because VidToon is only available for a low one time investment for a limited time.

To see everything that VidToon offers, go ahead and go here now:

You’re going to love this software. I guarantee it.

What is VidToon?

VidToon Review + OTO + Demo

VidToon is the ultimate solution for everyone – from complete beginner, to seasoned marketer in any niche, to any audience.

Just starting out? Drag and drop your way to brilliantly created videos using our prebuilt resources, characters, audio and music tracks

More experienced video marketer? Customise your videos, upload your own assets and make them come to life.

  • Works Fast! No Need To Spend Hours Creating A Video. Get In and Get Done!
  • Ready-To-Go Animated Characters Included For Just About Any Scenario and Niche That You Want To Dominate
  • Massive Royalty Free Library With HD Background Images and Music Files Ready With A Click!
  • There Are NO MONTHLY FEES. One Download And You’re Good To Go.
  • Perfect Pixel Positioning Lets You Put Objects EXACTLY Where you Want Them On Screen
  • Microsoft and Google Dynamic Text To Speech Options Included To Give Your Videos A Realistic Sounding Voice

About The Author

Cindy Donovan

VidToon was created by Cindy Donovan, who is famous for being a famous and talented software developer in the industry. She also specializes in digital marketing and has achieved some accomplishments that others really admire during the 12 years she has worked in this field.

She has created nearly 100 products and sold to over 200,000 members, helping many excited people see their first dollar made online. Her notable launches are InstaGenius, Commission Conversion, ShopABot, SociJam ..

And in my VidToon Review, you’ll know why this product is a blast and how useful it is for your online business.

Features of VidToon

With VidToon, you can create toon-style videos to attract viewers’ attention with many great features:

[+] The library is available with 34 HD wallpapers, 25 HD characters each with 30 different animations

[+] Enter your own wallpapers, images, and more

[+] Over 200 royalty free music tracks

[+] Easy desktop setup – works on both Mac and PC

[+] Free or realistic Google TTS, Text 2 speech

[+] Works in any language or niche

[+] Record or type your voice in the application

[+] Transitions and effects, flips or moves objects from A to B

[+] MUCH MUCH MORE … !!!

This is something you’ll use many times – and there are no storage fees, there’s basically no limit to what you can create with this!

How Does VidToon Work

VidToon makes it easy for you to make videos like 1, 2, 3. Turn your page into a converter. Here are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1 – Activate

Download the VidToon software, add your email to activate it and you are ready to create your first video

Step 2 – Customize

Use a large collection of backgrounds, cartoon characters, and drag and drop your way into beautiful videos

Step 3 – Publish

Click the button to export your video quickly, the video is displayed almost instantly and is ready to use / share and make a profit!

You can also watch the demo video below for more info:

What You Can Do With VidToon?

♥   VidToon User Friendly Display

VidToon Review 1

VidToon downloads onto your Mac or PC computer, so there’s no need to connect to the internet and no expensive data costs. When you get access to VidToon today , you’ll first be greeted by the easy to use software dashboard. Everything is right where you need it with a simple click of a button. But don’t let the simplicity fool you.

While VidToon is simple to use, the dashboard is incredibly powerful!

Want to add a character quickly? No problem. Need a background to make your video more appealing? Sure. Want to change the animation of any character? Just click the settings and you’ll be presented with all the options you need.

In short, all the settings, options, features, and more are all included at your fingertips whenever you need them.

♥   25 Characters Included For Any Scenario


Vidtoon also gives you access to a ton of characters for just about any video idea you can come up with. We don’t hold back here. Whatever your ideas are, we’re sure there’s a character to help you bring it to life!

Just take a look at some of the characters included:

VidToon Review 2

♥   30 Eye Popping Animations That Grabs Attention Immediately!


You didn’t think that we would only give you a set of characters that didn’t do anything did you? Nope. With VidToon, we’ve taken it to the next level by giving you a boatload of animations. Best of all, every single animation can be applied to each character with only a few clicks! No animation skills necessary.

Take a look at SOME of the 30 animations included:

VidToon Review 3

♥   200 Music Tracks Included To Give Your Videos That Special ‘Spice’

Sure, animated videos are great and can be incredibly engaging. But when you add background music to your animated videos, they can make them even better! However, instead of having you go out to try and find just the right music for any of your brand new animated video creations, we’re going to include 200 music tracks with VidToon when you get your copy today.

Take a listen to some of the tracks included below:


♥   34 HD Backgrounds To Make Your Videos Pop!

You’ll also receive 34 high quality high definition backgrounds in a variety of scenarios to help make your animated videos stand out even more. There’s nothing extra for you to do here. These backgrounds will be included inside of VidToon and can be added with a simple drag and drop.

Take a look at a sample of just SOME of the backgrounds included with VidToon:

VidToon Review 4

♥   250+ Sales Graphics To Give Your Videos That Extra Sizzle…


Creating animated videos are already easy inside of VidToon. But sometimes you need just the right item to make your video complete. That’s why we’re also including this special VidToon graphics pack to help your videos be even more dynamic!

There are buttons, badges, headlines, and many more elements included like these:

VidToon Review 5

You’ll get a transparent PNG file for each image (readymade, just drag and drop into your videos) PLUS the source PSD file if you want to edit, customise and truly make your own

♥   Intro and Outro Animations

Choose from left, right, up, down, zoom in, zoom out, and fade transitions with a click of a button.

♥   Insert Text & Customise Your Fonts

Drop in text and customise how you want it to look changing font type, sizes & colors to make your video absolutely perfect.

♥   Drag and Resize Any Element

Just drag the corner (the red x will show you where) and you can get every element in your video the exact size you want.

♥   Free Roam Canvas

Other software makes you to be a pixel prisoner, not VidToon. You’ll have the freedom to drag and drop each item exactly where you want it to be.

♥   Music + Image Import

VidToon’s library is massive, but sometimes you want to just use your own or tie it in with the look and feel of your website. Now you can!

♥   One-Click-Flip

Got a character or image that faces right and want it to face left or vice versa? Check the flip option and make it look like characters are having a conversation!

Who is VidToon for?

Animated videos work great for:

  ♥  Bloggers

  ♥  Digital marketer

  ♥  Affiliate marketer

  ♥  ECom store owner

  ♥  Coach

  ♥  Social media marketer

  ♥  YouTube channel owner

  ♥  Local advice

  ♥  And a variety of other industries.

Obviously, if you need to sell, educate, entertain, or combine all three, animated videos are the way to go.

But you’ve had to spend a lot of time trying to create a video, work through cumbersome software or banned … spend several thousand for a video. That was until VidToon appeared on the stage.

VidToon Price & Evaluation

Are you ready for a few extra good news?

It will only take you $19 – $27 to possess VidToon at your service! Isn’t this amazing?

Depending on your demands, you’ll choose from Personal License – $19 and Commercial License – $27. As usual, i might recommend you choose the Commercial License option if you’re doing serious business. While it costs you simply $7 higher, you’ll get access to more free items and therefore the exclusive sales graphics pack.

The table below will show you the detailed differences between these two versions:

VidToon Price & Evaluation

I mean, just believe it! We are talking a few never-seen-before video builder that allows you to create such highly engaging animated videos fast without the large learning curve, and yet, it’s priced at only $19 – $27.

In other words, from now on, when trying to make a video, you’ll never need to worry about whether it’ll end up to be a splurge or not!

Amazing, right?

Honestly, I don’t think you’ll find any similar tool that comes with an equivalent price as this.


During the launch, the Commercial Membership is kept at $27 while there’ll be some price changes with the private version. Details below:

Mon, 20th April. Day 1

  • 9am: Earlybird Is Live – Personal Licence starting at $19.97
  • 8:00 pm: $19.99
  • 11:59 pm: $20.95

Tues, 21st April. Day 2

8:00 pm: Price Increase => $20.95
11:59 pm: Price Increase => $20.97

Wed, 22nd April. Day 3

  • 8:00 pm: $0.50 Price Increase => $21.47
  • 11:59 pm: $0.50 Price Increase => $21.97

Thurs, 23rd April Day 4

  • 8:00 pm: $0.50 Price Increase => $22.47
  • 11:59 pm: $0.50 Price Increase => $22.97

Fri, 24th April Day 5

  • 8:00 pm: $0.50 Price Increase => $23.47
  • 11:59 pm: $0.50 Price Increase => $23.97

Sat, 25th April Day 6

  • 8:00 pm: $1.00 Price Increase => $24.97
  • 11:59 pm: $1.00 Price Increase => $25.97

Sun, 26th April. Day 7

  • 8:00 pm: $1.00 Price Increase => $26.97
  • 11:59 pm PT: end of launch … $47.00 … $20 coupon code SAVE20 (making price $27.00)

Mon, 27th, Day 8

  • Morning … post launch pricing … $47.00 (post launch coupon – lasting for 7 days – SAVE20 will stay active taking price to $27)

One Week Later

  • Morning … post launch pricing … $47.00
  • Post launch coupon will no longer work.

You should notice that in the launch, the worth only increases a touch but right after the timer hits zero, you’ll need to pip out with the worth of $47 in one week then . But not only will you miss out the simplest price, you furthermore may lose all the amazing add-ons of the FE.

One of the most important bonuses you’ll receive is entry into the 30 Day VidToon Challenge. this is often an opportunity for you to ensure profits with this technique , claim some additional software bonuses get maximum value out of your purchase – drastically reducing refunds, which suggests extra money for you!

While I don’t encourage you to shop for anything with the blind mind, please hurry up and secure one copy of VidToon because it’s one among the simplest offers you’ll ever get to!

VidToon OTO

Besides the initial offer, I also discovered that there are other OTOs:

OTO1: VidToon Pro + agent – $ 67

You’ll get the best VidToon has to offer, with these pro-only properties and features – as well as a bonus agent license that you’ll be equipped with powerful to spit animation and collect payouts like mad!

This is what you get today:

[+] 100 new characters

Your videos will be instantly fresher and more exciting with this collection of fully professional animated characters.

Regular members (your current membership level) have 25 characters to create. VidToon pro gives you an extra 100 points on it, so you have a character ready for every situation you can think of!

Appropriate characters include male and female characters who are doctors, police officers, teachers, architects, graduates and characters of all ages.

Here is an example of what you will get (they will also be animated!)

[+] 2,000 tracks

The added music will allow you to set the mood for any video you can think of, in any segment.

It’s no secret … the music makes sense and the atmosphere turns any video into a masterpiece.

With VidToon Pro, you can use as many of these high quality tracks as you like in the videos you use for yourself or even the videos you sell to customers!

[+] More than 15,000 vector graphics

The first thing you’ll notice about VidToon is its flexibility and a few minutes later – you’ll be craving more ways to express your ideas.

You will be able to download this huge collection (over 7.3 GB of extremely useful graphics that you can use!) And drag and drop them into the video, turning it from average to extraordinary in moments. notch.

And if the idea doesn’t go well, don’t worry. Browse through these graphics, drag in a few to get you started, and your gorgeous video is almost done!

[+] PLUS BONUS: Agency license

We know you are excited to get your hands on VidToon … just like so many other online marketers who are hungry for audience attention.

And you, my friend, can hold the key to their kingdom – by selling them access to VidToon and keeping 100% profit for yourself. You choose the price (minimum $ 27), pay and we’ll take care of the rest!

We will even include a complete dealer website and brochures that you can use to copy and paste your way to sales, pocket profit.

OTO2: VidToon Job Finder Software ($ 47 one-time)

VidToon Job Finder software allows users to find top paying clients to sell 2D videos, or any other service the customer is selling or use Fiverr to establish an arbitrage business where customers can get high paying client and outsource the work.

  • Unlimited search Run this software anytime you want customers to pay more from 5 job sites worldwide
  • Find the best selling platforms worldwide, PeoplePerHour, Craigslist, Freelancer, Project4Hire and Guru
  • Get high pay contracts for videos, logos, SEO, proofreading, PowerPoint slide formats, writing tasks, voice over or anything you can do from the comfort of your own home.
  • Easily arbitrate any kind of free service. Find high payment providers, low payment service providers – then “middlemen” and cash in profits!

OTO3: VidToon Job Finder Reseller ($ 67)

With this upgrade option. You will get:

  • Selling 250 job software licenses
  • FREE updates to any new improvements we make
  • Create an account in your 1-click Dashboard
  • Self payment, no waiting
  • They will handle support, training and software development
  • Includes sales and generated sales documents for sale

OTO4: VidToon Software Source Code ($ 497)

With this upgrade option. You will get:

  • VidToon Unity Source Code For this highly prized video marketing software. Software is huge, video is even more huge – and you can be the owner of it all!
  • Job Finder Unity Source Code Two software source codes for the price of one
  • Customize, rebrand, resell and completely make your own.
  • No limits to the price you sell your rebranded copy for, and no restrictions to how much customization you choose to do!
  • Perfect job replacement toolkit with this popular video creation software AND Job Finding software bundle

VidToon Advantages:

√  Works fast! No need to spend hours creating a video. Received and completed!

√  Active ready cartoon characters are included for any scenario and niche you want to dominate.

√  VidToon works on both Mac and PC so you can be creative on any computer you have!

√  Text-to-speech: Use Google TTS for free or realistic for your videos

√  Record or import audio: Record directly inside the software

√  Export videos, free of charge: Publish your videos in UHD, HD and standard formats

√  Huge free library with HD background images and music files ready with one click!

√  There are NO MONTHS FEES. Download it once and you are good to go.

√  And A LOT of make this a unique & new breakthrough in more online sales. New, fresh & NOW!

√  Perfect pixel positioning allows you to place objects exactly where you want them on the screen.

√  Include Microsoft and Google dynamic text options to give your video a realistic voice.

√  ADD # 1 Upgrade your free commercial license so you can monetize all your video creations!

√  ADD # 2 Ten days of gift giving: Get your ticket to receive hundreds of dollars worth of software tools and made for you package & training.

√  And finally you get a money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

VidToon Disadvantages:

Χ   You need internet to access and order.

Χ   You will need some time to get acquainted with its control panel.


Overall, in my personal opinion – VidToon is a multifunctional online tool and deserves to be the fast inventor of high quality animation. It simply requires you to be creative in your own style, not requiring you to create time-consuming and tiring new videos.

The price is also affordable for many types of customers. Sale discounts are also a special promotion for early birds, so act now to get VidToon right away.

Above is my Full Review of VidToon today. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope it showed you a smart way to build your videos in a great animated way. If you have any questions – please let me know in the comments below.

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