VidScratch Review

VidScratch Review

VidScratch Review

Online marketing is harder than ever. The society is too saturated, SEO is dead, and the forms of opt-in are almost non-converting. Traditional advertising and opt-in are virtually inactive, making it difficult to build lists, increase traffic and get sales for yourself or your customers.

However, a new application that created revolutionary video scratch card games, tripling engagement and leads was born. It’s called VidScratch, this is a 100% unique gaming leader, which not only creates irresistible scratch card games, but also catches emails a lot easier than those opted in. bored. bored. In Huynh’s article today, we will learn about this program, what it can help you to create Unlimited Traffic & Behavior.

What is VidScratch?


VidScratch is a powerful cloud application that creates video irresistible video scratch card campaigns, helping to build your playlist faster.

The agency rights that come with this unique 100% online game play engine mean that you can not only double the number of leads and make profits faster, but also sell the access yourself. his customers. Any price you choose.

Feature Of VidScratch

  • Advanced drag/Drop interface

Drag / drop your way into awesome scratch cards and thank the pages in seconds. Add text, upload logos, upload images and add different layers with one click.

  • Model DFY in the hottest Niches

Create a top VidScratch game in just a few minutes with some editable DFY templates. Includes general game patterns, plus hot local niches like plumber, dentist, beauty salon, etc.

  • Fully customizable with 100 options

Get 100 fonts, add emojis, buttons, graphics, layered backgrounds, page loading animations and more to make your scratched games come alive. Visitors will want to play multiple times resulting in higher sales because the game seems realistic!

  • Customize the probability of winning and multiple prizes

It is possible to customize the chance someone will win from 0 – 100% and provide random prizes to visitors. This encourages repeat play of the game to sell more.

  • Includes franchise and agency

There are many ways to make a profit with VidScratch including the ability to charge per lead that is submitted, sold as a service to a customer, or sell access to VidScratch at any price you want.

  • Embed anywhere you want

VidScratch works with all landing page solutions and works for both desktop and mobile visitors. Just copy your code and paste it wherever you want to start selling.

  • Integrating Pexels and Baptism

Choose from millions of video wallpapers and images to use for your scratch card games. Design games in EVERY imaginary niches!

  • Add your own or others’ videos for more interaction

Add your own videos or use someone else’s to encourage visitors to provide their best email address and contact information in exchange for their prize.

And more included

Fully responsive on mobile – VidScratch game is 100% responsive for mobile devices allowing you to capture leads from desktop and mobile devices.

GDPR Compliance – Add custom GDPR options for the game. Your VidScratch so you fully comply

Bapt & Pexels integration – Make your scratch game awesome with unexplained rewards and integrations

Turn on/off the 2-step auto-answer option – Turn this option on or off to make your list faster than usual

Integrate with all Autoresponder – Connect with your favorite main auto response or integrate your own personal code.

How Does VidScratch Works?

This is an optimized software that helps you build lists in just 3 simple steps. The steps include:

Step 1: Create scratch cards from DFY or Scratch Patterns

Choose from many DFY scratch card models in the hottest nooks or create your own game from scratch. Use the drag / drop editor to add text, colors, images, layers, coins and more to bring the game to life.

Step 2: Visitors visit Scratch Scratch to reveal their prize

Paste your game to any website (mobile or desktop) and visitors will remove the card to reveal if they win or lose view the details of their prize (You can customize the chance someone will win from 0 – 100%).

Step 3: They enter their email to receive their prize

Finally, visitors will watch an optional video encouraging them to enter their email to receive free gifts, whether it’s coupons, lead magnets, free advice, etc.

You can also watch the demo video below for more details:

Benefits of VidScratch Software

100% unique lead generation technology – the only application that creates fun games on scratch cards for desktop and mobile phones that encourage visitors to play and exchange their emails for prizes reward

Advanced drag/drop interface – Drag/drop your way into awesome scratch cards and thank you pages in seconds. Add text, upload logos, upload images and add different layers with one click.

DFY models in the hottest games – Create VidScratch-leading games in minutes with DFY, editable templates in many niches.

Fully customizable with 100 options – Get 100 fonts, buttons, emojis, layered background technology and more to make your scratch games fun to play.

Customize Probabilities and Win Prizes – customize the chances that someone will win from 0 – 100% and offer any prizes including random prizes to visitors.

Including franchises and agencies – There are many ways to make a profit with VidScratch including the ability to charge per potential customer submitted, sold as a service to customers, or sell access to VidScratch at any price.

VidScratch OTO and Price

Frontend: VidScratch dealer $ 29.00

You will get all the features listed on the sales page, you can use this cloud application to create VidScratch potential customer campaigns for yourself or your customers with Franchise. VidScratch will also come with an Agent Rights on the front that allows you to send your own customer credentials to create VidScratch campaigns for you and can sell campaigns or access the app with Any price you want.

OTO1: VidScratch Platinum – $ 49.00

With this upgraded version of VidScratch, you’ll get more campaigns, leads and views every month. It also includes advanced features like the ability to turn scratch campaigns into animation, advanced channel analysis, A / B split testing, DFY video leads, more embedded options and more.

OTO2: Enterprise VidScratch – $ 97.00

With the most advanced version of VidScratch, you’ll unlock campaigns, leads and unlimited customer access. Moreover, you will be able to resell your own software with 100% commission through JVzoo and special ‘VidScratch Agency Suite’ including DFY swipes, sales videos, advertising banners, merchandise custom graphics and more to help sell VidScratch accounts to customers.

OTO3: VidScratch Whitelabel 100 License $129 & VidScratch Whitelabel 200 License $197

In a rare opportunity, you can resell VidScratch to customers with your own logo and domain name. This allows you to start your own fully profitable, branded software business. You also receive complete updates and bug fixes including access to author support.

OTO4: VidScratch VidRepurposer Special $49

Finally, you can access VidRepurposer for special prices. This is a groundbreaking video content multiplier app, creating months worth 100% UNIQUE, stunning video content for easy leads and sales in minutes.

VidScratch Bonus

FB Premium Messenger Builder w / Resell rights

Start building your Facebook Messenger list right next to your email list with this software. The plugin is packed with 10 pre-designed button templates with 10 different hover animation effects and 8 different positions for high toggle button positions that you can embed anywhere.

50 types of DFY Whitelabel high quality lead for use with VidScratch

Lead magnets are the fastest way to create lists and now you will have 50 solid lead magnets to start integrating into your top competitions and building your list or your clients.

The first 5000 buyers led from the beginning

Now that you have VidScratch, do you know how to build a quick list that will actually BUY from you this weekend Learn how to build your list or your customers quickly with this new strategy as soon as possible.

Local FB review application with agent rights

Help your clients get and recommend their local FACEBOOK reviews! Facebook is giving great importance to page reviews and rankings now.

Reseller rights for PRO traffic and traffic training

Generate more leads and no traffic using the power of influencers and this great software & more rewards, including the method of Whiskers & Cheese Cheese to get visitors local goods, DFY ratings videos, + more videos.


You get a franchise – selling games as a service and a bonus agent right – selling access to the app

The software handles technical tools, saving you a lot of time and years of learning.

Drag / drop game editor. 100% customizable, easy to use, novice-friendly games.

Provides DFY templates in the hottest niches + 100 custom font options, emoticons, etc ..

Provide valuable bonuses that you can use with VidScratch to increase traffic and sales for your business.

Comes with a 100% refund guarantee in 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can get your money back at any time.


Χ This is a digital software only available online. So you need internet to access and buy and use it.

Χ Prices start at $ 24 and it will continue to increase every day. So you need to hurry and get yourself a copy before the price goes up.


VidScratch is a groundbreaking technology that captures brand-new scratch card videos that people can’t resist. It helps skyrocket your traffic, leads and sales with a unique 100% online gamification tool and double your agency profits by selling access to whatever price you want. In addition, Ben Murray and his team provide you with the 100% Money Back Guarantee on the 30 days from the date of purchase. During the above period if you are not 100% satisfied, just open a ticket with quick feedback support for them and say that I want a refund and you will get right there without any questions. So don’t miss the chance to increase your traffic and sales. Get VidScratch today before the price goes up again.

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