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VideoSeeder Review – Free Traffic From Video + Social + SEO This App Gives You Everything!


Are you looking for traffic and video as the most powerful traffic generation system in 2019 ?. Providing videos can generate a lot of traffic, SEO rankings, and customers to any online marketer if done right.

The only problem – All video syndication applications in our market are required to share from a small group of IPs (their servers). The result – Spammers and bad marketers kill people joy when using this platform. However, one of the most powerful video marketing and publishing automation applications that bring you maximum traffic from multiple platforms has been launched called VideoSeeder.

It’s more exposed and traffic than any other informational platform around. Providing such a strategy is powerful, but delivering efficiency doesn’t mean just throwing content at the platform. It’s all about posting content effectively and staggeringly so that the Search algorithm discover new content and links all the time, power your original videos and drive the most traffic for your content. friend.

It also means protecting your content from spammers and not being bundled with them. Using the same IP and server as someone who can spam is bad news for everyone. It can be said that this is the only supply system with all the advantages and disadvantages. And in Huynh’s review today, we will learn everything there is in this software.

What is VideoSeeder?

Videoseeder is a software that runs right on your computer and keeps your account safe from bans, unlike the server-based alternatives that put your account negatively affected by Spammers share the platform. With it, you can easily:

Set up campaigns to automatically upload your videos – Set up campaigns and automatically upload your videos to multiple channels on the most popular video sites on fully automatic mode

One click Upload any video – Add all your video accounts and drip upload anywhere with just one click.

Create powerful video advertising campaigns – Advertise your videos on any social network in drip manner without posting endlessly.

Video ads on multiple social networks in one click – Ads dripping your videos across all your social media accounts with just one click

Publish your videos as posts to multiple blog platforms – Get backlink juice and power your top rankings by automatically posting your videos as posts to multiple blog platforms.

Choose from a large collection of popular platforms – Choose from a large collection of popular platforms.


  • Create powerful campaigns, add your social accounts and simply add your videos to publish them.
  • Upload videos to multiple accounts on the top 5 video sites.
  • Automatically upload uploaded videos to 12 social networks, blogs, and bookmarks,
  • Traffic to any offer, any video, or any website that offers Hands-free Technology.
  • Build a powerful backlink machine that helps create quality backlinks from the most influential sites on the Internet.
  • Ranking higher on both Google and YouTube and found for important keywords.
  • Get organic traffic for weeks, months and even years. Just set up your organic traffic hopper and let it work.
  • The powerful queue management system helps all posts in 100% human-like way using author’s custom learning algorithm.
  • The random and automatic spacing of posts helps protect your business from banning.
  • Full reporting and a really strong governance system.

How Does VideoSeeder Work?

VideoSeeder Demo

You can also watch the demo video below for more details:

Benefits of VideoSeeder:

Easily publish your videos on all leading video platforms on full automation.

Advertise your videos on social sites, share and bookmark without any manual work.

Publish videos-> posts on popular blog platforms with Spintext on automatically.

Build quality backlinks to any YouTube web or video property to rank higher on Google.

Get social signals for any YouTube website or video and get organic traffic from social sites.

Rank on Google by publishing videos to blog sites and be ranked with your content.

Extract the full potential from every video you create. Maximize flow and results.

Use Spintext to target more keywords and get more traffic, not just along the width of your niche.

Target traffic from multiple niches on autopilot and save the time you can invest to grow your business.

Commercial licenses allow you to offer promotions as a service or even give away free of charge to more potential customers and customers.

Price only once during launch. Get it now and you won’t have to pay recurring fees.

100% white hat. We do nothing to get you banned from Google and Facebook.

Should You Take It?

Yes, you should get it! Videoseeder, an all-new video delivery application has just launched and it really caused a huge storm in the market.

  1. Provide 17 video websites, social sites and blogs.
  2. Protect yourself from bans and darkness.
  3. The fake human posting system opens up a lot of traffic.
  4. Technology that automatically publishes video to a video site, then automatically shares it.
  5. Spintext for 100% unique content each time.

It will help you get higher rankings on Google and YouTube, traffic spreading from social sites, blog traffic and video site traffic, all automatically. This killer traffic system is 100% lethal to your opponent and it has been put into operation.

VideoSeeder OTO and Price

VideoSeeder Pro – $ 47. With this powerful upgrade, you get these professional level features.

  • Unlimited video account
  • Unlimited sharing account
  • Share simultaneously on multiple platforms.
  • Agency license.
  • Readymade sales page to recruit customers.
  • 3 VA & VPS License
  • Shorten URLs with
  • 2 year free upgrade

VideoSeeder Agency – $ 97. VideoSeeder Affiliates version allows you to sell VideoSeeder accounts and keep 100% profit. This is a no-brainer for buyers who can get back your VideoSeeder investments with only 1-2 sales.

Government Channel Builder – $ 47. Help you build authoritative channels on YouTube using the secret powers and strategies of top channels in your market segment.

Playtraffic Pro – $ 47. Increase traffic to any YouTube website or channel with a YouTube playlist.


  • Upload videos to any video platform you want on full automation.
  • Video ads to over 15 sharing sites.
  • Take control of your entire organization with a powerful post queue that lets you decide what gets posted and when.
  • Runs on your personal computer in the background. 100% independent from the server Support multiple uploads and sharing at the same time.
  • Get traffic on full auto from video. No need to run any ads.
  • Support for Spintext lets you spin unique content for each website.
  • Support uploading as well as sharing. Complete transport solution.
  • Extremely easy to use and powerful. You will wake up in a few minutes.
  • Provide a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It is only available online. So you need an intenret to access and buy it.
  • Prices will increase day by day. So you quickly make a decision before the price goes up again.


VideoSeeder is a comprehensive trading strategy application. How often you see an app that helps you get traffic from:

  1. Video marketing
  2. Social pages
  3. Blog
  4. Search engines

They are covering all sources of free traffic. Each of them.

That’s why I believe that if there’s only one video syndication app that you own, it’s this one.

Fortunately, it is still available for a one-time price. Not recurring! Just pay one time now and you don’t need to buy again. The entire current channel isn’t recurring (once) right now, but I hear that as soon as the premiere ends, it will all take place every year and every month. Look, I don’t ask you to buy it if you don’t like it, but I really think you should decide wisely. Take a look at the application, read the title at least.

Without that, you will never know what you are missing (if you do) and what your opponent can use to get the potential lead for you. So, don’t waste your time on other non-working methods or software. Get VideoSeeder Today!

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