VideoFlow Review

VideoFlow Review

Did you know that today, every business that earns any kind of money uses video to advertise entertainment and sell in fact creating videos, selling fast and effectively has never been so important and even though Video technology has evolved and become a lot better.

And Video is one of the best ways to promote products and services that is why so many people are doing it. There are many ways to create videos, some of which can be time-consuming and most video creators are built for designers so you have to dedicate hours just to finish one. video version.

That’s where VideoFlow came from …

With VideoFlow you can be confident that when a business pays you, you can create an effective fast video without paying an expensive designer or spending hours learning how to do it. there.

Keep reading my VideoFlow review today to better understand this software.

What is VideoFlow?

VideoFlow Review

VideoFlow is an easy-to-use video software. It is optimized for stories, promotional videos and regular members or related videos to the site. Users can annotate videos, add video wrappers and choose from a variety of scenes to enhance and create videos that attract attention converting into sales.

This web-based software allows users to import videos from their smartphones, tablets or video devices. Then edit and create 4k high quality videos. It includes a range of additional advanced features including:

– Comment captions on the video
– Add video wrappers
– Screen recorder & webcam
– Logo animation, introduction & extrovert
– Customer project management system
– Secondary user
– Project evaluation & collaboration system
– Animated text surpassing your video
– Change scene
– Animated emoticons
– 4k rendering
– And more

All for one commercial fee so your customers can benefit from selling the videos they make to the business.

This software is packed with many other incredible features, making it a ‘No-Brainer’ for you.

About The Author of VideoFlow

Sam Bakker

Sam Bakker

The creator of this groundbreaking software is Sam Bakker and his colleague, Karthik Ramani. Sam has long been regarded as a respectable pioneer in online marketing as well as software creator with tons of profitable products. Moreover, everyone sees Sam as a world-class speaker and a devoted teacher in this area.

You may have heard of human-grade expert products, such as Create By Vidello, Sociаl Suite, Boаrd Tаrgeting Formulа, Recаstly, Softwаre Lаunch System, Secret Channels, аnd et cetera, et cetera. Search randomly for one of those names on the Internet and you’ll find it with loads of good reviews, expert reviews and user trust, and you believe that, more than thousands of people have sold over.

Due to the accumulation of knowledge and experience of Sam Bakker, thousands of online marketers have relied on their products and marketing methods.

This time, VideoFlow was born with the aim of making Video Marketing‘s work more efficient by recording a video of the screen with one click. It will become your main assistant! Read my next installment in my VideoFlow review to determine if it was or not when it was done.

Feature of VideoFlow

VideoFlow is a new approach to selling with videos based on proven & tested sales methods. Every video you create in VideoFlow is created in minutes, optimized to make creating easy and completely free. Create your competition and save monthly and yearly costs. Let me list its most salient features below to give you a better idea:

  • Caption Your Videos Fast

Videos with prominent captions or subtitles in news feeds are packed with viewers scrolling at blazing speeds. They attract people whether the sound is on or off

This is standard: 85% of videos are watched without audio.

Literally EXPLAIN your audience writing subtitles on your video. Many people absorb your entire message so they can really get your call to action, click it and make money for you.

VideoFlow uses an AI-powered learning tool that makes captions automatic and easy. Within minutes, you can record your entire video with the right caption.

  • Edit As Fast As You Have Never Seen Before

VideoFlow Creation is very fast! The longer the video, the more it will eat into the bottom line of the agency.

You can’t spend days fiddling with complicated settings or time-consuming free stream editors (Built for video artists).

So Sam created a new way of editing. And it’s faster than ever!

With VideoFlow, it only takes a few minutes and a few clicks to completely customize any of your videos, create high conversion scenes and use templates to pump videos at a fast pace.

  • Pack Your Videos And Gig Click Drive

The video is better wrapped than the unpacked video. Advertising is about getting attention, conveying a message and preventing people from following. Use VideoFlow’s ‘Wrapper’ to optimize your video for a few seconds to stand out. Get people to click on your videos every time with Cartoon Emoticons, pay close attention to fonts & arrows.

  • Import videos from mobile, web and desktop devices

Select the video you have shot on your mobile phone, camera or footage you have purchased. You can enter freely and easily with a few clicks, then edit your videos instantly in our easy-to-navigate interface. Choose videos from any device.

  • Create and publish short, traffic stories:

Select the video you have shot on your mobile phone, camera or footage you have purchased. You can enter freely and easily with a few clicks, then edit your videos instantly in our easy-to-navigate interface. Choose videos from any device.

  • Full commercial copyright license so you can sell videos to customers

Build unlimited videos for customers that you can then sell as a service. No royalties or annual fees – you keep 100% of what you earn without paying a penny to us. Sell ​​unlimited videos to customers with this VideoFlow commercial license.

Loaded With The Best Features For Marketers And Creators:

  • Instantly spice up your videos with transitions.

Keep viewers engaged and making your videos interesting. Cut between scenes, make your video flow and add excitement. Keep viewers’ attention by choosing from a range of great transitions.

  • Pre-created ‘Color optimization’ filters

Choose from a range of fascinating ‘movies’ like video filters. Just navigate through a range of professionally designed palettes for your videos. Choose one of your options.

  • Attractive text effect

Choose from a wide range of eye-catching animated text effects. Just choose where you want to put the text then select and customize the text as you like.

  • Export up to 4k or publish videos instantly

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram combined have over 2 billion people logging in every day. Use your videos as updates for Social Media and distribute your videos instantly from Inside Video Maker Maker. With VideoFlow – you just need one click, post videos directly to these networks to be ready to attract visitors or be part of a social media strategy for businesses.

How Does VideoFlow Work

The ‘Social Media is ready’ video in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a Video size

Choose the size you want. You can create videos quickly and easily for ‘Video ads’, Stories or Update videos.

Step 2 – Customize

Use our beautiful, easy-to-navigate video editing system to add your effects, captions to your videos, and quickly customize your video to enhance its design, look and feel.

Step 3 – Publish

Instantly publish your video from within the software to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram in just a few minutes.

To see how VideoFlow works, watch the demo video below:

Why Should You Get VideoFlow Now?

VideoFlow is the easiest Video Creator out there!

Unlike other video players it is NOT built for designers. It is built for business owners who want to make a profit in the least amount of time.

For that reason all the intricacies, fiddley settings and older video player elements used have been removed.

As a result the software is super fast and beautiful video in minutes. It also includes enhanced conversion features that include:

– Automatically annotate your videos

– Video ad bundle in seconds …

– Animated text, images and a variety of additional effects

– Add videos from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop in seconds … you can even choose from a wide range of ‘preloaded’ stock footage in this system

And more …

Come here now to insure a $ 10 discount and the best price possible.

VideoFlow OTO

Front-end – Personal – $37 Commercial – $47

– Sell Videos To Businesses
– VideoFlow Software
– Access From Anywhere
– Smart Video editor
– Burn Captions onto videos
– Video wrappers
– Unlimited video renders
– Import video footage, images & audio
– Video Transitions
– Color-Optimized Video Filters
– Engaging Text Effects
– Animated Emojis
– Export Videos Up To 4k

OTO 1 – VideoFlow – Professional – $67 (Increasing to $97 after 48hours)

– Video Recording
– Complete Video player (CTA overlays, Design customization options, play options)
– 1.5 million videos & images to search through
– 1000s Of Icons
– 20+ Built-in Audio Tracks
– text to speech (Different languages – drop in text and then create text to speech)
– 30 Outros & intros done for them (Audio)
– 30+ Done for them Audio tracks (Royalty-free)
– Commercial Rights

OTO 2 Collaborate by VideoFlow – $67 (Increasing To $97 24 hours before close)

– Share Project Files & Video Templates With Other Users
– 30 Brand New ‘Done For You’ Video Projects
– 15 Brand New Video Projects Every Month For 12 Months
– Facebook group for sharing projects & Collaborating
– Commercial Rights To All Templates & Project Sharing Feature

OTO 3 VideoFlow Agency – $97 (Increasing to $127 24 hours before close)

– Client Project Management System
– Assign Sub-Users
– Video approval system (Clients can comment on videos or approve)
– Automated Client Attraction Sales Funnel
– Agency Contracts, Documentation & Sales Resources
– Agency Training
– Facebook group
– Commercial Rights To All

OTO 4 VideoFlow Reseller – $297 (Increasing to $497 24 hours before close)

– Reseller License
– 100% commissions
– Use the professionally designed marketing material
– Sales Pages
– Sales Videos
– Email Swipes
– Process Documents

VideoFlow Bonus

[+] Bonus 1 – Social Mobi Video Pro development license

Revolutionary new video software that creates great interactive videos with Optin forms and buttons directly for the Web, Facebook and mobile … Nothing to download or install.

A next generation video application that runs on FB, Web and mobile from a link, using our smart URL technology.

[+] Bonus 2 – Videohub Pro development license

Use Video Gallery to Build Leads and with Simple Setup Earn More Revenue! They have created a solution that allows you to download videos online fast.

Choose one of 20 beautiful templates and customize it to your liking and automatically grab your videos from YouTube, Amazon S3, and Vimeo.

Publish immediately to Facebook, WordPress, your website or even we will host your library for you on our servers.

[+] Bonus 3- Script writer / channel

Create scripts for your videos in minutes with funnel writers.

Create high quality – custom written professional sales scripts for your business in minutes. Just fill out your business profile and script creation software for your sales videos, Opt-in pages, Webinar pages, swipe emails and more.

[+] Bonus 4 – White label of 50 high quality wallpapers

Use these scrolling Background Videos to create more compelling blue screen videos

Innovative, high quality background motion videos you can use in your marketing videos

Full use of each of these videos for your own purposes – Use them with your customers or in your own business

Scenes from Parks, Nature and Indoor scenes … Something for every occasion

[+] Bonus 5 – 8 steps to create high converting sales letters

You do not have a business if you cannot sell products. Sales is the most important skill in business. So in this tutorial, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned for 10 years in online marketing and read tons of books from top sales teachers out there.

This easy-to-follow step-by-step guide will walk you through the proven sales process for creating converting sales videos.

[+] Bonus 6 – How to create professional, high quality training videos

Want to learn how to improve the lessons you create in your online training course?

This information helps you better educate and help customers and charge more on a regular basis.

[+] Bonus 7 – Delicious flat icons

White label rights to be repackaged and resold in your own applications, website or as an independent package.

Icons are an essential component of many design projects, but creating custom icons for each project is rarely realistic as it is time-consuming so we created this icon pack for you to use. Whether it is personal or commercial.

[+] Bonus 8 – Call to action marketing strategy 100

To be successful, every website must have a conversion in the forefront of their marketing strategy. To address this issue, we decided to create this collection of Short Call to Action (CTAs) for people who don’t have the time, knowledge or inspiration to create them for the site. their.

Use these short texts along with suggested buttons, with CTA software, or simply resources whenever you need inspiration to attack.

[+] Bonus 9 – Social media toolkit

One of the most important resources that helps you sell Social Media Services is contracts, documents, strategy documents, and scripts that prove to be convertible.

In this package, you will get everything you need to get and convert potential customers into customers in your Social Media Agency.

[+] Bonus 10 – Advice on WhiteLabel’s benefits in minutes

Local advice immediately Professional tool & resource pack

Attention: 6 Image Offline Consultant Releases His new instant offline consultation system to destroy your contest overnight and increase to 6 digits for each local deal!

Who is VideoFlow for?

With the above features, I find VideoFlow suitable for:

♥     Marketers with many stores, affiliate websites and product websites

♥     Video marketer

♥     Business owners, shop owners

♥     Small or local business

♥     Product creator

♥     Freelancers

♥     Video agency

♥     Bloggers

♥     Offline marketer

♥     Social media marketer

♥     Online coaching

Use VideoFlow to create:

♥     Video introduction

♥     Video introduction

♥     Video introduction

♥     Video of Virаl

♥     Instаgrаm / Fаcebook / Stories on YouTube

VideoFlow Pros:

This software is easy to install, works on both Mac and PC.

100% newcomers are friendly, do not require any special skills.

There is no limit to the number of videos you can produce, render and then export. And sell them to businesses when you buy a Commercial License package. Set the price you want to charge and keep 100% profit.

After purchasing VideoFlow, you also receive VideoFlow updates that are automatic and offered for free in the future.

You can render your videos at any resolution up to 4k. VideoFlow has standard presets like 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, as well as social media presets for square videos and even vertical videos for mobile users.

You get a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If, during the above period, you feel dissatisfied with the result, let them know and they will refund you without a penny.

VideoFlow Cons:

Χ Prices will increase after the end of launch.

Χ It will take some time for you to get used to all its features.


With VideoFlow – creating short, effective video ads is a lot easier. You can create a video without the hassle of delayed timeline editors, fumbling with all sorts of confusing settings or free flow editing on the street.

You will be able to create videos to sell customers’ products in minutes. With VideoFlow, you only need a few clicks to create videos that look exactly the way you want them without any puzzles. $37 – $47 is a cheap investment compared to the great features it gives you. This is the best price that this product will be listed at … when you have access today, you will only pay a fraction of what others will pay later.

Remember: You can even test drive VideoFlow today for 30 days and if you’re dissatisfied for any reason, just email them to request a refund.

There is nothing better than this. For low one-time payments, get access to ‘VideoFlow’ today.

Notice! Prices may rise early so you should seize the opportunity and make the best deals! Thank you once again and hope you will make smart decisions!

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