Utah man accused of torturing wife, brutally killing missing grandmother

Last month, a West Valley city man was arrested and charged with kidnapping and torturing his wife, now suspected of the brutal murder of his grandmother, whose body has yet to be found.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday charged Garman Shaun Cunningham with one count of aggravated murder, aggravated by kidnapping and obstruction of justice; two counts of aggravated assault; and three counts of illegal firearms.

The case began on November 12, when Cunningham’s wife called 911 from a neighbor’s house on South Greenmont Drive after hiding from her husband, she alerted the police.

The woman told officers that Cunningham had beaten her and held her hostage since November 1. Officers noted that she had marks all over her body, “including wounds to the head, cuts, open sores and what appears to be a healing burn,” the document charges the state.

During her incarceration, Cunningham handcuffed her to a rocking chair, slashed her with knives and shards of glass and burned her with cigarettes, she told police. He also repeatedly strangled her and threatened her with a gun, she said.

She told officers that Cunningham remained in their home where he killed his 99-year-old grandmother.

Documents depicting brutal killing

When West Valley police arrived at the couple’s home, they heard three shots inside over a 30-minute period, as well as broken windows and large objects being moved around inside. whether the state. Cunningham eventually ran out with a sword and was apprehended by K-9 police.

His wife, who is not named in the documents, was taken to the hospital, where she described the murder of her grandmother.

She said the first time Cunningham intended to cuddle her grandmother with a pillow. She described seeing the elderly woman’s skull as “subdued” after Cunningham then hit her with his fist, the document said.

Cunningham then dragged his grandmother out of bed and down the hallway – her arm still wrapped in her walker, document condition. He then threw her down the stairs, and his wife called the police.

At the top of the stairs, Cunningham then punched and suffocated his wife before going downstairs, where his wife said he told his grandmother, “She’s not dead,” court documents read. Cunningham then picked her up, carried her back up the stairs, and threw her down a second time.

He then stabbed his grandmother in the neck with a fragment of her walker, and when he realized she was still alive, he threw her down another set of stairs to the basement, his wife warned. close.

Cunningham then ordered his wife to check on her grandmother in the basement, which she reported to the police. The grandmother’s face was swollen and bruised, she said. The wife then threatened to call the police, at which point Cunningham threatened to kill her, the documents said.

Moments later, after the wife retreated upstairs, Cunningham then stabbed his grandmother in the chest with a knife, which he later told his wife. The wife could hear him wrapping his grandmother’s body in plastic and duct tape in the garage.

Cunningham then drove up a mountain, where he dumped his grandmother’s body on the side of the road, “rolling her body down an angle in the hope that no one would see her,” the document says.

Tracking data from Cunningham’s phone shows that his phone was taken to the Kamas, Utah area, near SR-150 on November 2, the documents said. The grandmother’s body had not yet been found as of Wednesday.

Blood was found all over the house

Cunningham did not feed his wife while holding her captive, she told detectives, noting that she had lost nearly 30 pounds over the course of her ordeal, charging documents.

Her husband also forced her to clean up a large amount of blood at home and on police duty. Forensic investigators found evidence of a large amount of blood at the foot of the stairs, in the laundry room downstairs and in the garage, the documents said.

While executing a search warrant at the house, officers discovered that all furniture and carpets in the old woman’s room had been cleaned. They also found ammunition, used cartridge cases, handcuffs, knives, swords and two guns in the house.

In trash cans and an outside bin, investigators found broken bedding, carpeting, clothing, cleaning supplies, shower curtain and walker, among other items. All covered in blood, forensic investigators have found. A forensic analysis matched blood evidence samples to Cunningham’s grandmother’s DNA profile.

Cunningham is being held without bail at the Salt Lake County Jail. A hearing on the case is expected on Friday. Utah man accused of torturing wife, brutally killing missing grandmother

Yasmin Harisha

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