TubeSiphon Review

TubeSiphon Review

You hear every day how ‘essential’ video is if you want to make money online. And sure, it’s true.

But because everyone & their brother is making video these days … You can use other people’s videos for personal profit.

When most people upload video to YouTube, they want exposure. That’s why over 90% of these videos include embed codes … the creator is literally saying “go ahead, PUT this on your website”. The only thing you can’t do is SELL these shareable videos … But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to make you money!

TubeSiphon leverages all this amazing video content for you. By creating gorgeous, DFY video sites on any topic you want.

Visitors come for the video content … But your sites are passively monetized with related offers.

So when people check them out – YOU get paid … And you haven’t done any work at all.

FINALLY you can make bank from OTHER people’s content … Legally, ethically and without cracking a sweat. Then grab your copy before the launch discount expires.

What is TubeSiphon?

TubeSiphon Review

TubeSiphon is a cloud-based application that creates 100% complete courses / membership websites for you using content / videos of others that you can legally earn money to lead. top, sales, commission!

This smart app helps you have many ‘profitable factories’, each of which includes a lead generation page and a monetizing website. The monetized site was created to look like a “fake” membership site, filled with videos from ANY YouTube channel or playlist. Use this site to sell affiliate products, promote any offers you choose and even have your own mini eCom store hooked up for additional sales.

The software finds you great video content to put on your website, earn money with customizable products and offers.

So with TubeSiphon, you build your list AND earn commissions at the same time.

TubeSiphon offers you a powerful 2-step DFY channel that adds subscribers to your list AND makes instant cash everyday. Choose from many gorgeous lead sites to pack your list with targeted subscribers that you can promote for long. Monetize visitors to your DFY sites instantly with irresistible perks.

Turn great content made by others into personal gain! ANY YouTube video that has an embed code is yours to share freely in your monetized sites and that’s the easy way with just 1 click.

Get the full playlist from top educators on the topic ANY for a government membership website built in minutes. Curate premium music, comedy, magic, movie trailers and more in any combination into your own entertainment style website. TubeSiphon shows you how and includes a custom search engine to find EXACTLY what you are looking for.

This is the only software that allows you to grow your list while creating multiple revenue streams in any location … Use videos and authority of others.

About the Author


The creator of this great product is Glynn Kosky – a familiar supplier of many 6-digit products launched on the market. In fact, he gained a reputation as an entrepreneur, an investor and a digital marketer.

Starting a career as a digital marketer, Glynn fully understands your needs and is always working hard to meet them. Thanks to that, his products are highly appreciated by experts. Some of the top quality marketing products in recent years are: CB Profit Sites, Giveaway Profits PRO, Recurring Profit Machine, CommissionReplicator, AffiliSites PRO, FreebieCommissions PRO, DigiFunnel Lab PRO.

So I can reform you that TubeSiphon is no exception. Please see the following to learn more about its features.

Features of TubeSiphon

Continue with this review. I will show you its most outstanding features.

[+] All-In-One list building, passive income & traffic solution works in ANY niche.

[+] DFY lead pages and DFY monetized websites optimized for conversions.

[+] No expensive designers or copywriters needed.

[+] 100% pure profit system => included hosting & traffic mean zero overhead costs.

[+] No content creation EVER => leverage premium content made by others, evaluated & ethically.

[+] Have FUN while making money! Customize your profit sites to entertain, educate or both.

[+] Fully automated => one-time setup for non-stop leads & commissions without any maintenance.

[+] Scaling INCLUDED – launch up to X DFY profit centers for multiple, unique income streams.

Additional Key Points:

– Lead generation, membership area, course builder and store ALL IN ONE!

– YouTube Video Search Tool & 2 page funnel builder

– 2 page funnel (opt-in + video membership area site)

– The site is pre-designed with various theme options

– Content of the site is populated by YouTube videos

– First page is landing page to build email list

– User can add additional text, buttons on video page

– User can place affiliates links through site

– Banner ads can also be added

– Side swiping eCom store for a few products.

TubeSiphon Features

TubeSiphon Features

How Does TubeSiphon Work?

The cloud-based software & system build you video-based websites on any topic you choose. It legally adds related YouTube videos, made by other people, for you. Your sites have built-in monetization … including banner ads, affiliate offers, even eCommerce products.

In addition, the software creates list building pages for you. These get people to subscribe to your list for getting access to your video sites. Included training covers how to get free traffic to kickstart the system. From there, automation takes over and both your list and daily passive income grow on autopilot.


  • Step 1 – ACTIVATE – Update a few simple details so leads & commissions go directly to YOUR accounts
  • Step 2 – MONETIZE – Customize multiple income streams including affiliate offers, eCom products, banner ads & more [we show you how]
  • Step 3 – PROFIT – Kickstart your traffic with the FREE methods included … then watch visitors automatically turn into leads & commissions

See Demo Video

What Makes it Different From Other ‘all-inclusive’ Methods?

TubeSiphon works in ANY niche, which is huge. You’re not stuck with the ‘make money online’ category – instead you can have sites on topics that interest you.

The system includes hosting for all your sites & landing pages … saving you $100s to $1000s each year.

The software uses cutting edge technology to make you stunning video sites that people love visiting … and the more time they spend on site, the more potential income you make.

Finally, the included training is top notch. Glynn and his team make sure you have everything you need & more to get great results.

Do You Need a List?

Not at all … in fact TubeSiphon has list building built-in to the system. If you have a list already, great … you can expect results even faster.

How Much Time Does It Take?

Setting up your 1st site takes no more than 20 to 30 minutes. The included traffic methods take around 24 hours to kick in … After that it’s 100% autopilot with zero daily maintenance required.

What Else Should You Know?

During this exclusive launch, commercial rights are included. Meaning you can SELL these websites to customers for 100% profit.

That’s insane value at no extra charge, but commercial rights are only
available for a limited time.

Where Can You Get More Information?

TubeSiphon really lives up to all the hype. I haven’t seen a more complete or effective done-for-you system before. Hope this helps with your decision,

Why should you get TubeSiphon now

TubeSiphon makes marketing easy. To get leads and targeted commissions in any Niche

Creating Effective Leaders

The included landing page templates are very easy to customize. In addition, they integrate with all the main answering devices, it only takes a few seconds to plug in your device and start building custom lists.

Effective Monitoring

Your ‘money-making’ models are not simply great money-making games, they have strategically placed monetization elements.

In just a few minutes, you can customize banner ads, affiliate offers & CPA, buy buttons in video MACHI

And even your very own eStore has products from any affiliate platform.

Effective Content On Demand

TubeSiphon’s powerful YouTube search engine makes it simple with just one click to take advantage of other people’s content.

  • Enter a location or keyword to see top results for related videos, including thumbnail images and # views
  • Add them to the gallery to save later or directly to your site in ONE click.
  • Even upload entire playlists for a final shortcut to line up your web pages with great content.

Custom Effect

  • Personalize your money sites with points and clicks easily.
  • Change the video title, add your own description and call to action
  • Customize your profile and profile for your unique websites,

Effective Style

  • You can not only create many profitable factories with TubeSiphon duel
  • You can share them wherever you want to scale up your income.
  • Include on social media, like free gifts or bonuses, in forums and more!

With TubeSiphon, Results like this can be your new reality

TubeSiphon Proof

TubeSiphon Proof

TubeSiphon Price

I really recommend you to try TubeSiphon because of its usefulness.

You can take the big opportunity to buy it for the lowest price – $ 17.97 – equivalent to the other price for this high quality product.

TubeSiphon Inside

TubeSiphon Inside

In my opinion, it is worth every penny you buy this product because it is packed with lots of valuable automatic features. Alternatively, you can easily request a refund within the first month of use if you feel this tool is not right for you.

Front End Pricing Strategy

SUNDAY: Early Bird 1 From 9am EST – 3pm EST – PRO: $17.97

Early Bird 2 – 3pm EST – Midnight. PRO: 19.97

Day 2 (MON) PRO: 21.97

Day 3 (TUES): $22.97

Day 4 5 6: $23.97

Day 7 PRO: $24.97

Retail From SUN MIDNIGHT: PRO: $37.97

TubeSiphon OTO

In case, you want to have more option and maximize the benefit, you can check TubeSiphon‘s upgrades below:

OTO 1 – Unlimited Version – $67/47

OTO 2 – Additional Done-For-You Sites In Various Niches $97/67

OTO 3 – Automated Traffic Flow $97/67

OTO 4 – Conversion Boosting Tools $67/47

OTO 5 – Bonus Page Creator $67/37

OTO 6 – License Rights $197/97

Who is TubeSiphon for?

Obviously TubeSiphon can completely serve everyone even the newcomer. In particular, if you are on the following list, you should seriously consider this:

     +     Affiliate marketers

     +     Business owner

     +     Blogger

     +     Owner of e-commerce business

     +     Businessman

     +     Freelancer

     +     New people

And the list goes on and on

TubeSiphon Pros and Cons

  • Many passive income streams are built into a copy and paste system
  • Utilize other people’s content and powers to earn instant profits
  • Extremely fast completion system for you: Having your automated profit factors drive traffic and sales within minutes
  • Set and forget technology: No daily maintenance required
  • Bank commissions right after TODAY while growing your email list for long term returns
  • Scale your income like never before with TubeSiphon
  • Turn your passion into profit: This works in any Niche, even strangers!
  • No blogs, social media posts, hashtags, TickTocking or creating content needed!
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.
  • You need internet to access and use.
  • Price will increase when the launch is over.


TubeSiphon is a complete A-Z income system that takes you from Scratch off 3 numbers every day. It builds you stunning video style websites in any niche you want. Fill them up with related YouTube videos created by OTHER people

AND make money from them with offers that make you a lot of money.

Beginners who have completed get great results with this. TubeSiphon uses custom technology to turn this into a fully automated revenue solution.

There is nothing else like it anywhere.

If you’ve got 20 minutes and can follow simple instructions, then you’ve got all it needs to do this for you. In addition, when you access TubeSiphon, you will also receive a money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. That means you have the opportunity to try it out for 30 days without risk. So don’t think any more. Click on the button below to get access to TubeSiphon today.

Thank you for taking the time to read my TubeSiphon review today. Hope it helps you make your decision. If you have any questions – please let me know below the comments.

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