Traveling Around the UK: Pros and Cons

Along with every other aspect of a human’s life journey, there are a good number of pros and cons attached to going on traveling expeditions. However, regardless of the cons, the pros always prevail as several benefits could arise from going on trips, especially around the world.

Examples of the add-on benefits that individuals can potentially derive from travelling include:

  • Getting educated on more subjects, thereby broadening one’s horizons;
  • Receiving a new perspective on how life is seen;
  • Attaining a higher level of humility and growing confidence;
  • Opening up chances to add to your list of spoken languages;
  • Being granted new opportunities and ideas for a happier and better life.

However, generally speaking, on the side-effects of travelling, you might want to consider knowing the following before delving into making your travel plans:

  • Traveling may lead to isolation, causing loneliness;
  • Moving from one place may suck out all your funds;
  • Getting sick along the way is possible.

However, in this article, we shall go in with a little more specificity on traveling, thus building our write-up around the UK travel experience version.

Pros and Cons Surrounding the UK Travel Experience 

The United Kingdom includes four distinct countries: Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Traveling to any of these countries would light a spark of fulfilment, living to remember every moment of an exciting experience.

There are a million and one advantages to exploring the UK on your leisure days as opposed to the few disadvantages that may present themselves. In two distinct sections, we shall discuss the pros and cons surrounding the notion of creating a travel path around the UK.

The Many Pros of Traveling Through and Across the UK

The number of advantages of traveling around the amazing country is much bigger than the one with disadvantages. First, let’s read about the good sides of the journey. This section will address the various advantages of traveling to the UK.

Health Care Services

The most important factor to consider when sojourning is one’s health because when you fall sick and don’t get treated properly, you might find yourself skydiving into the emergency room. Anyway, visiting the UK comes with one assurance: a top-notch National Health Service (NHS). Depending on your visa type, this NHS benefit is covered only on work visas. Being protected means premium access to all medical treatment procedures and facilities for free. In comparison with the rest of Europe, the United Kingdom happens to be the best when it comes to National Health Services.

Transportation Medium and Channels

Variable transportation media and the availability of secure transit channels are practical tools in the box of safe travels. You can not have one without seeking out the other. In the UK, travelers can channel to wherever they wish to go through transport services such as Uber, Taxi cars, public buses plying specific routes, and subway trains, among others. This ease of transmuting from one place to another using public modes of transportation is sure to lower travel costs.

Pick Up a Few Accents

Leaving and coming back with a sensualizing British accent is a traveler’s dream, especially one exploring the UK. English is more or less a second language to the population of half of the world. It carries special essentiality in its tone, speaking up for itself in terms of leadership and being a front runner with other languages far behind. 

Being the Centre of the World Show 

The United Kingdom is like a perfect oil stain, rounded around a spot belonging to a red-coloured button. It indeed sits right in the centre of the scenery, with its primary point of existence being impossible to handy with levity. The world can travel to the UK in no time to get started on whatever business brought these people to the colony.

Other Essentialities

If you are a fan of all genres of music, you might be surprised to find and listen to some of the most excellent country musicians and themes while in the UK. There are several other modern genres of music, such as hip-hop and pop music. The greatest cities to go to in search of inspiring songs would be London, Manchester, and Liverpool. 

There are several famous, ancient and historical places to visit in the UK. These places would include The British Museum, The Natural History Museum, The National Gallery, and Imperial War Museum. The British Museum is the biggest in the UK, and this dome of knowledge is filled with the history of the UK and the entire world. The experience translates to taking a trip around the globe within the UK. On the other hand, the Natural history museum brings you into a tight space with various natural objects from the past, including dinosaurs, extinct land, sea animals, jewels, and possessions, among many other items on show. The National Gallery Museum comprises over 2000 historical works of art dating back several centuries before now. Artists created the oldest object on display in the 13th century. Lastly, the Imperial War Museum, as the name suggests, explores all information and artifacts related to the war days in the history of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is blessed with incredible and serene landscapes with national parks such as the Peak District and Snowdonia. However, if you want to see sights on a larger scale, try scuba diving off the coast, skiing in the mountains, and even going skydiving if you please. These fun activities are all possible experiences during your travels around the UK. 

Two of the grandest cultures to find in the UK include the pub and gambling culture. The United Kingdom houses traditional pubs to quirky hipster hangouts at the tip of one’s fingers. Also, there are many gambling casinos that people can identify within the United Kingdom. It is also possible to find excellent online casinos in the UK. For instance, you can check out free casino UK platforms, which are famous with lots of opportunities they give to their customers. Besides the possibility to enjoy many games for free, most of these casinos offer lucrative bonuses and different promotions for people to win if they choose to play for real money.

The Cons of Traveling Around the UK

No matter how good something seems, there are a few cons to consider. In this section, we shall be reviewing the various cons of travelling around the UK. There are only a few of them, but still worth mentioning.

Living Expenses

The first issue on the agenda would be the cost of living in the large cities in the UK. For instance, of all the towns in Britain, Winchester is the most expensive city to live in. You might consider visiting the lower towns instead of the King’s court to reduce expenses. The table below highlights five of the most expensive cities and counties in each of the four countries under the United Kingdom:

The CountryThe Cities
Great BritainWinchester, London, Oxford, Bath, Truro.
Northern IrelandLisburn and Castlereagh, Causeway Coast and Glen, Ards and North Down, Belfast, Newry and Mourne.
ScotlandEdinburgh, East Lothian, Aberdeenshire, Highland, Inverclyde.
WalesVale of Glamorgan, Monmouthshire, Powys, Pembrokeshire, Gwynedd.

The Weather

This factor is essential and should be put into consideration. Almost all through the year, the UK, especially London, experiences cloudy and rainy weather which might seem uncomfortable for people coming from a different climate. If you require more sunny days, visit the southern counties instead. 


Other Essentialities

The traffic conditions in the UK could be extra frustrating as it is often heavy. This assertion is due to the high population of countrymen within very minimal land spaces, the existence of personal vehicles and lack of carpools, and very narrow roads.

Another frustrating element would be the different accents you may encounter on your trip. The language spoken in the UK is British English. However, it is relatively more difficult to understand than American English. However, this is due to the wide disparities in accents as you move along the country. It is said that for every 20 miles traveled. Individuals will encounter a new accent. Moreover, these are no problems as it would only require a certain period to get used to these factors.

It is respectful in the UK to call a citizen who is yet to warm up to you by his last name. Anything short of that would be regarded as an insult to their persons. Also, gifting is one cultural necessity portrayed, especially by the British. However, this is limited to social gatherings and should never extend to working environments.

Also, being on the clock is a critical quality character assessment by the UK. Interruptions during dialogue are considered disrespectful behaviour in the colonies. There are many other things to take note of, much more than we have mentioned in this article. However, traveling around the UK increases your level of exposure to their culture, and you certainly will get to find out and know more during your journeys.


Every existing country is bounded by its own culture and background. Also, in the UK, you shall experience different cultures, and with time, you shall warm into all of them. Most significantly, the British are usually withdrawn as it is often said that the weather might have been a crucial influence. However, despite their reclusiveness, these individuals are still accepting, welcoming, and intimate with outlanders. 

As it is clear from the article, the United Kingdom is an amazing place for visiting. It is so easy to fall in love with the culture and language and beautiful landscapes. Your journey is going to be unforgettable. Moreover, the UK is very tolerant of gambling and it means that moving around the country may be also very entertaining. Especially if you choose to play slots for free, they are available on These games can be played on the go, wherever you are. You can open them with the help of your mobile browser and enjoy the gameplay with no limits and risks.

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