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Is Chennai subject to the new traffic penalties?

An interesting note is that the Chennai traffic police started enforcing the fine structures on September 1, 2019, although the State Government has yet to make a decision on the matter. Therefore, the Government has decided to apply these guidelines in a limited way along with improving prices.


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Although some increased fines were agreed upon by Tamil Nadu and later by the Chennai government, the exact rate prescribed for each crime was not. Several rates have been applied, while others are recommended to minimize the rates proposed by the Central Government. Traffic fines in Chennai remain unchanged for some additional violations and traffic violations.

Revisited traffic penalties in Chennai

In Chennai, there are many misunderstandings about the complete information about traffic penalties. Below is a list of the fines that have been changed. Keep in mind that depending on the severity of the offence, some offenses can also result in imprisonment. Furthermore, repeat offenders will be subject to higher penalties. The following are the traffic violations related to the revised MV fines and the old traffic fines:


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  • For drinking and driving – about 10,000 or 6 months in prison or 15,000 and 2 years in prison for repeated offenses
  • For violations of normal traffic rules, you will be fined about 500
  • For violations of road regulations and rules – fined around 500
  • When traveling without a ticket, you pay about ₹500.
  • About $5000 is charged for driving a vehicle without a registered certificate.
  • About $2000 was charged for disobeying traffic police orders.
  • About ₹5000 is charged for oversized driving.
  • You may be banned from riding or you may be charged ₹1000 for riding without a helmet.
  • If you drive without insurance, it will cost you about $2000.
  • About ₹5000 is charged if you drive insignificantly.
  • About $2000 will be charged in case you overboard the two-wheeler.
  • You will be charged 25,000 yen or imprisoned in case of minor violations.
  • Driving without a seat belt means you could be fined 1,000 yen and community service.
  • You will be fined between $25,000 and $1,000 in case of violation of the conditions of the license.
  • In case you drive without a valid license, you will have to give 10,000

While traffic fines, as mentioned earlier, have been revised, many more are still under consideration.

Traffic penalties in Chennai are currently unchanged

Following are the remaining unchanged traffic fines in Tamil Nadu & Chennai. You must keep an eye on them, but keep in mind that the rules and penalties involved are still under development. Therefore, some of them may change in the near future.


Good amount

Violate any provisions of the learner’s license

About 150 is charged

To run too fast

About 300 is charged

For more on speeding

₹350 is charged

If you drive carelessly, it’s not good for public health

You will be charged 500

When you are driving despite being declared physically or mentally unfit

You will be charged 150

When you use illegal or harmful fuels (such as kerosene and cheaper ones)

You will be charged 200

In case you are violating the noise control standards

You will be charged 100

If you are violating the air pollution control norms

You will be charged 400

Just in case you’re driving without paying the road tax

You will be charged 300 yen, although that can be extended to around 600 yen if someone repeats the same offence.

If you are driving in a no-entry area

You will be charged 2,000 or even 5,000

When you do not follow the instructions of the authorities

You will be charged 300 to 600

When you drive in a pedestrian zone

You will be charged 300 to 600


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Chennai traffic laws are constantly being revised and can be elusive in times of crisis! On the other hand, this blog will assist you in understanding the important parts of the road law and the cost of penalties that apply in different situations.

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