Titans Season 4 Episode 2 Recap “Mother Mayhem”

Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of Titans season 4 episode 2 “Mother Chaos.” Following the sudden death of Lex Luthor, Conner is framed for murder while the Titans attempt to unravel Luthor’s suspicious connection to Rachel’s haunting and clear her teammate’s name. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date and Time: Thursday, November 3, 2022 on HBO Max. Airs Thursdays at 3:01 am ET, 2:01 am CT, 12:01 am PT on HBO Max.

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Watch Titans Season 4 Episode 2 “Mother Mayhem”.

previously on Titans SSeason 4 episode 1 premiereAfter Superman requests a meeting with Conner, the Titans travel to Metropolis for exclusive access to STAR Labs. But when unexpected complications arise, including the reappearance of Lex Luthor, Conner is faced with a difficult decision.

Warning… spoilers below!

On Titans season 4 episode 2, in her bedroom, a little girl plays on a game console while her parents talk downstairs. Suddenly their game starts to disrupt and blood starts dripping down the walls of the house. Below, the masked man appears and kills both of the little girl’s parents before catching them as well.


At Lex Luthor’s penthouse, police remove his body while officers read Conner his rights until a SWAT team arrives to take him into custody. Conner is the only one there to be accused of his father’s murder, and it is publicly revealed that he is both a Kent and a Luthor.

The Titans find out and rush back to Metropolis to see Conner, who is being held under Kryptonite in a top-secret facility. He tells Dick and Kory what he saw, and is clearly distressed and angry at the public’s perception of him as a villain and a medical aberration.

Kory and Dick are upset that they have to leave Conner in the hands of the police and they vow to get him out as soon as possible. Dick tells Kory that Lex Luthor has been watching and stalking her and gives her an address that was with Luthor’s photos of her.

Secrets and Snakes

While Dick and Kory are out, Tim practices with the bo staff and gar to become a better tracker. As they practice, Gar hears someone calling his name and runs into the woods alone. The voice begins to overwhelm him and Gar passes out after attempting to transform and failing.

At the address Dick gave her, Kory finds Nelson Blake, who tells her that the entire inner circle of LexCorp died last night from choking on their own blood. He suggests that Luthor was watching her so she could help him cheat death since he was involved with the occult.

As Kory speaks to Blake Nelson, he begins to choke on his own blood before a snake crawls out of his mouth, forcing Kory to burn them both to dust. Meanwhile, Rachel and Dick search Lex’s penthouse so she can use her magic to find out what happened.

Rachel confirms that someone used magic to kill Lex, and she uses her own magic to figure out why. In her head, Rachel sees a house where she assumes whoever killed Lex has been recently. In the woods, Tim finds Gar passed out and freaked out at the voice he heard.

support and suspicion

At a nursing home, taxidermist Sebastian answers his mother’s questions about a woman named Julie, whom he apparently no longer sees. Sebastian tells his mother that he has a big meeting coming up that may get him funding for his special project, and she’s proud.

In Metropolis, the Titans minus Kory find the house Rachel saw in her vision and go inside. Mr. Sandman is playing an old radio in the house and Rachel sees a picture of the family living in the house, the same family that was previously murdered by the masked man.

Eventually Rachel finds the little girl’s mother dead on the ground and Dick sends Gar and Tim to guard the front door since Tim is stressed out by his first dead body. Rachel and Dick hear noises in the house and run upstairs to find the little girl in the middle of a nightmare.

Whatever killed the girl’s parents left her with a terrible nightmare, and Rachel tries to help. In the girl’s mind, Raven imagines Aria, the little girl. She promises to get her out, but then Rachel spots the bone-faced man in the corner and he attacks her.

Change the world

The Titans on Titans Season 4 Episode 2. Credit: HBO/Warner Media.

The Titans on Titans Season 4 Episode 2. Credit: HBO/Warner Media.

In the girl’s mind, Raven fights off the bone-faced man as best she can, but he chokes her as she tries to see under the mask. She manages to grab the girl and get out, and she tells the other Titans that she knows who killed Lex Luthor, despite never seeing his face.

At the secret compound, Conner tells Kory that although Lex has spent a lot of time researching her, she believes she is connected to everything. Kory worries about Conner, who now sees himself alone as Luthor’s creation and is becoming increasingly bitter towards humanity.

At Sebastian’s big meeting in town, his investors are clearly unimpressed by his game presentation. He wants to build community, not compete, but the company is passing on his suggestion. As he watches, the investors start bleeding and Sebastian panics.

At an out-of-town slaughterhouse, Rachel recognizes the location where she saw the bone-faced man, and the Titans join forces to search for him. Upstairs they find corpses hung to drain blood, not all dead, while Rachel goes downstairs to search on her own.

time heals everyone

The Battle of the Titans in Titans Season 4 Episode 2. Credit: HBO/Warner Media.

The Battle of the Titans in Titans Season 4 Episode 2. Credit: HBO/Warner Media.

Eventually, the bone-faced man appears in the basement and Raven fights him with her powers, prompting him to let her fuck her. She removes his mask with her powers and he immediately begins burning himself alive. After leaving, Dick notices that the bone mask is still empty.

When Sebastian visits his mother after his meeting, he finds out that she died that morning while he was there. He’s understandably distraught, and the nurse – who’s actually Ms. Bennet – smiles as she hears him screaming in pain, shock, and anger at his mother.

At the hospital, Dick visits Aria, the little girl who saved Rachel. He sympathizes with her over the loss of her mother and gives her the jacket Bruce Wayne gave him the night his parents died. He tells her that time will make it better and explains that there is good magic and bad magic.

Eventually, Conner is released and exonerated of Lex Luthor’s death. The man under the bone mask was Lex’s personal doctor, Arthur Homewood, who Dick believes wanted Luthor’s power for himself. Angry and hurt, Conner claims he never wants to return to Metropolis.

mother chaos

Franka Potente portrays Mother Mayhem in Titans Season 4 Episode 2. Credit: HBO/Warner Media.

Franka Potente portrays Mother Mayhem in Titans Season 4 Episode 2. Credit: HBO/Warner Media.

In the RV on the way to San Francisco, Kory is distracted by thoughts of the horrific magic they found at the slaughterhouse. During the drive, Rachel tells them they are not alone and they see the woman who really killed Lex, a witch with red lightning powers and magic.

When Conner is unable to stop them, Rachel tries her magic and the rest of the Titans begin to attack. As Dick goes after her, the witch overpowers him and the recoil takes Gar out. Kory’s powers are the only ones strong enough to repel the witch, but it causes a small explosion.

When everyone recovers, the witch is gone, but Rachel is badly injured. The diamond on her forehead disappears and her hair turns brilliant white. Elsewhere, the witch enters the Temple of Azarath and approaches the throne, surrounded by zealous zealots chanting Azarath.

In his workshop, Sebastian hears the singing from the temple and his coffee cup is overflowing with blood.

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Titans season 4 cast

Here are the main actors…

  • Brenton Thwaitesas “Dick Grayson” aka “Nightwing”
  • Anna Diopas “Kory Anders” a.k.a. “Starfire”
  • Teagan Croftas “Rachel Roth” aka “Raven”
  • Ryan Potteras “Gar Logan” aka “Beast Boy”
  • Conor Leslieas “Donna Troy” aka “Wonder Girl”
  • Curran Waltersas “Jason Todd” aka “Red Hood”
  • Joshua Orpinas “Conner Kent” aka “Superboy”
  • Alan Ritchsonas “Hank Hall” a.k.a. “Hawk”
  • Minka Kellyas “Dawn Granger” aka “Dove”
  • Damaris Lewisas “Blackfire”
  • Savannah Walchas “Barbara Gordon”
  • Vincent Kartheiseras “Dr. Jonathan Crane”
  • Jay Lycurgoas Tim Drake
  • Titus Welliver as “Lex Luther”
  • Frank Potente as Mother Mayhem
  • Tim Post as brother blood
  • Lisa Hayley Ambalavanaras Jinx

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4 9 “Dick & Karol & Ted & Kory” open
4 8th “Caul’s Folly” open
4 7 “Dude, where’s my gar” open
4 6 “Brother Blood” December 1, 2022
4 5 “Insider” November 24, 2022
4 4 “Super Supermarket” November 17, 2022
4 3 “Hex” November 10, 2022
4 2 “Mother Chaos” November 3, 2022
4 1 “Lex Luthor” Titans Season 4 Premiere November 3, 2022

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