TIME said in 1966 we were All Supposed to be Rich & Machines Would Do Everything by 2000 – Investment Watch

by Martin Armstrong

Time Fed 25 1966

In 1966, TIME Magazine printed a prediction for 2000. They mentioned:

By 2000, the machines can be producing a lot that everybody within the U.S. will, in impact, be independently rich. With Authorities advantages, even nonworking households may have, by one estimate, an annual earnings of $30,000-$40,000 (in 1966 {dollars}). Tips on how to use leisure meaningfully can be a serious drawback, and Herman Kahn foresees a pleasure-oriented society stuffed with “healthful degeneracy.”

Schwab Gates Soros

Effectively, they by no means counted on Klaus Schwab in league with Invoice Gates and George Soros. Sure, they wish to lock down all the world to scale back CO2 and the inhabitants whereas they’re at it by decreasing the meals provide. Maybe they did research historical past and understand that when you may have malnutrition, plagues emerge and wipe out anyplace been 10% to 50% of the inhabitants if they’ll get an excellent one just like the black plague.

Living Forever

In fact, maybe Soros and Schwab are relying on printing their very own physique organs to allow them to stay perpetually! That is certainly one of their predictions. You need to marvel who they’re funding to experiment on individuals who most likely haven’t any households and are homeless.


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