TikToker’s video about lack of government support sparks debate

The cost of living in the United States has skyrocketed due to a perfect storm of global business wealth redistribution impacted by COVID-19 sanctions, inflation and rising property costs and rental/lease rates.

It was easier to buy a home during the Great Depression than it was in 2022. The Biden administration’s series of miscalculations also failed to dampen the rate of inflation, which is outstripping the average raises that many retailers are making to end the “work shortage,” that emerged during the pandemic.

A growing number of Americans need side hustles not to have savings but to make sure they can pay their bills and just stay afloat. In fact, 64% of US citizens have reported living paycheck to paycheck, and missing a single payment period will set them back financially, meaning they will either have to take on more work or take out a loan to maintain their current standard Life.

And that “standard of living” isn’t luxury and excess, but one that covers just the basics of a place to live, eat and pay bills – something a TikToker (user @dddiamondmonae) expressed in an emotional clip posted on the social media platform goes viral.

@dddiamondmonae Thanks for letting me vent. #fyp #ReadyForHell #justventing ♬ Epic Emotional – AShamaluevMusic

In a caption for the post, she writes, “Thanks for letting me vent,” and a text overlay reads, “I totally understand why people don’t live themselves, this is so freaking pointless.”

In her video, the YouTuber shares her frustration with the lack of financial support available to her.

“I’m sick of this shit,” she says in the clip. “Like I’m seriously sick of this shit. I really hate that you don’t get help if you don’t have kids or a disability or you’ve been in the army or something. You don’t get help, you don’t get anything, like it’s frustrating bro.”

She goes on to say that dealing with depression and anxiety can make things even harder on top of a job (or several, as she does).

“I’m trying so hard, I’m trying so hard to stay positive… so damn hard,” she continues. “I do so much, I give everything, I work as much as I can. Multiple jobs. And I try every damn time to pay my bills on time, but I can’t.”

The TikToker stresses that despite the long hours she works, she still struggles to afford essentials. “For some reason I can never stay in front,” she says. “It’s always something that doesn’t get paid and something messes up because there’s only so much I can do.”

She claims she has applied for government support on a number of occasions for a variety of programs, including ones that help with utility bills and public transportation costs. However, she claims that she has been rejected each time because she believes it is because she is a single woman.

“Bro, I’ve been denied everyone,” she says. “Every time. And I know it’s because I’m a single woman with nothing else. No kids, no disability, no navy, no army, none of that shit behind me.”

The TikToker shares that she doesn’t know what else she can do to gain some financial stability.

“I’m already working like a slave,” she says. “For example, it’s really designed for you to lose. Like you’re really meant to fail, and I hate America, this shit is so fucked up.”

Her video has been viewed over 100,000 times, with other people adding their own frustration in the comments.

“I was there. It’s like they punished us for making different choices,” wrote one viewer.

“Girl, you are not alone! I have 3 jobs and honestly I feel like I’m just making ends meet every month. It’s frustrating and I’m sorry boo,” added another.

“You are not alone. There is NO HELP,” said a third.

However, several parents countered her argument that help was out of reach because she was single and without children.

“Bhhhhhh! I have five kids but because I make $200 over the allowable amount I don’t qualify for anything! So I rush my way through braids!” commented one viewer.

“I have two children, no help. I’m making ‘too much’ they’re using a ’90s income table,” chimed in another.

One user argued that most low-income adults need a partner because the cost of living is too high to afford on a single wage. “It’s set up so you have to love someone to split bills because the wages they pay aren’t enough,” they said.

Statistically, many people share @dddiamondmonae’s opinion. Studies show that only 19% of Americans believe they make enough money despite the amount of work they do.

Given the speed at which the economy is developing, many believe the United States is headed for another recession.

However, that hasn’t stopped people from wondering what the real cause of such large income disparities is. Many research analysts have pointed out that corporate lobbyists are fattening the wallets of government leaders and their own private interests as the main cause of massive wealth inequalities, the destruction of a middle class and increasing difficulty for citizens in becoming homeowners.

Others have also called it unfair that banking conglomerates and large corporations such as airlines are able to use individuals’ taxpayers’ money for bailouts while missing out on financial assistance programs, student loan forgiveness and/or universal healthcare. Airlines, for example, have been quick and easy to play with their finances in share buyback programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, only to have their profits eroded by the pandemic. They received a lifeline thanks to federal government funds raised by the taxpayer.

Businesses have been criticized for not paying their “fair share” of taxes for years, with many large American companies outsourcing many of their processes overseas to countries like Ireland to avoid paying state tax rates.

The Daily Dot reached out to @dddiamondmonae for more comments on TikTok.

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