TikToker shares his fear of mass shootings when watching movies

The United States “endures the most mass shootings in the world,” according to data collected by Retrospective of the world population. The outlet analyzed the number of cases of mass shootings country by country between 2000 and 2014. In the US it was 133. The country with the second highest number was Germany with 6.

The number of mass shootings in 2022 is all the more overwhelming: 214 took place in the USA alone in 2022. Americans were particularly shocked by the shooting at the Uvalde school, which killed 21 people, including 19 children.

The rise in mass shootings has also manifested itself in a form of second-hand trauma that makes people feel unsafe in public places, as evidenced by this now-viral TikTok uploaded by @iantonio1015.

@iantonio1015 It’s been 10 years since the unfortunate event and I’m still strategizing exits wherever I go #auroracolorado #movietheater #topgunmaverick #cinemark ♬ original sound –

Antonio asks, “Am I the only one who pays more attention to the other people in a movie theater because of what happened in Aurora, Colorado?”

The TikToker refers to the Aurora Colorado shooting that took place in 2012 during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20, killing 12 people.

Antonio shares that filming has prompted him to mentally prepare for various “contingency plans” whenever he’s watching a movie.

There were several commenters who responded to Antonio’s TikTok video, saying that they too were afraid of watching certain films in theaters.

One user said: “I was terrified when I saw Batman.”

Another shared, “I NEVER sit in the middle of a theater — always near an exit, and if someone stands up during the movie my eyes are glued to them.”

A third said: “The sad thing about living in America is you never know when or where.”

Other commenters said they have the same mentality no matter where they are.

One commenter said: “My boyfriend didn’t understand why I couldn’t relax all the time. I’m so worried about being in the public eye before these events lately.”

Another said: “That. And also at festivals or concerts or when shopping for groceries. All of us in America live with PTSD, tbh.”

A third said: “This comment section made me realize I should start watching people and planning exit strategies. Unfortunately, I’m naive and it never crossed my mind.”

Vice President Kamala Harris has called for a ban on assault weapons in the United States following the Uvalde shooting. Similar bans have been voted on in response to similar acts of violence in the past, but never passed when both Republicans and Democrats held Senate majorities.

So what exactly is an “assault rifle”? Contrary to popular belief, it is not a fully automatic weapon. It is illegal for a private citizen of the United States to sell, buy and/or possess an automatic firearm unless registered before 1978.

According to Brittanica, the definition of an “assault rifle” is a weapon that can switch between semi-automatic and automatic fire. The difference between semi-automatic and automatic is significant. In semi-automatic operation, only one bullet is fired per trigger. However, the gun’s cartridge is designed to automatically feed grenades into the gun’s chamber. In fully automatic fire, bullets are continuously released from the chamber as long as the trigger is held down.

While many people assume that AR literally means “assault rifle,” an AR-15 is an Armalite rifle named after the company that developed that particular model.

On September 13, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed legislation banning “semi-automatic firearms, which were defined as assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines. This law included the AR-15 rifle. A 2019 study examined data on mass shootings between 1994 and 2004 and found that these specific types of attacks were 70% less likely to occur.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Antonio for further comment.

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