TikToker lashes out at someone who tried to help her lift without consent

A TikToker filmed himself telling a man at the gym after he allegedly stalked her and tried to help her with her workout. The video, posted to the platform, sparked a discussion.

The video shows a man surprising the TikToker while she is lifting, trying to encourage her to stand up. She told him to go. TikTok has amassed more than 2 million views.


I thought I lost this video. This man had been following me around the gym trying to “help” me my entire lift. 😩😩😩😩 reasons I need a fucking home gym. #girlswholift #staysafe #creeper #gymcreep #anxiety #foryou #gymtok #fittok #girlswholift #powerliftingwomen #squat #quarantine

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Commenters on TikTok were appalled at the man’s brazenness, especially since surprising someone in the middle of a phone call could lead to injury.

“That’s dangerous,” one person wrote. “Especially when you obviously have your headphones on.”

“He can [have easily] Another commenter said. “Glad you’ve settled it.”

Other women also joined in to share similar stories from their experiences at the gym.

“Last week after finishing my last set on the leg press [an] an elderly man came over and started rubbing my knees…told me to be careful,” one woman commented.

“I had to stop going to this gym [because] I feel unsafe all the time! ‘ wrote another.

Even more frequent gym attendees said such behavior would not be allowed in their gyms.

One TikTok commenter stated: “As a gym man, if you show me this video he will have his membership revoked that day and you will be kicked out later. at the end of your sesh session.

While many commenters begged @dezsquats to make a story explaining the whole situation, she revealed in a later video that there wasn’t much to explain beyond what happened in the original TikTok.

“There is no story at all,” she said in a follow-up TikTok. “He followed me around the gym, and I just went out and told him not to touch my damn barbell.”

In the description of the follow-up video, @dezsquats states that she no longer goes to the gym in the original video, although she does not specify whether the man was the driving factor behind her departure. Are not.

“He never tried to excuse himself or anything,” she shared in another follow-up. “He just got scared and went back to doing whatever exercise he was doing.”

For skeptics who assume the man is simply trying to correct her shape, @dezsquats notes that surprising someone from the side while they’re lifting is not the right way to go. for lifting support.

In another TikTok, she shows the proper way someone can assist with lifting.

Many commenters on all the videos note that men should take the series as a lesson.

As one commenter explained, “Guys won’t make it if we don’t ask for your help then we don’t need you.”

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*First published: December 14, 2021, 3:37 p.m. CST

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