TikToker is calling out these “fruity” audios for disguised homophobia

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Problematic on TikTok


A TikToker exclaimed viral audios—many of whom use the derogatory term “fruity– for her thinly veiled homophobia.

In a TikTok posted on Sept. 13, Owen (@cal_owen) lip syncs audio saying, “mmm, this one has a little sweetness,‘ with the overlay text ‘It’s time for the monthly tone used by straight women to refer to men as gay.’

The sound is from KeKe Palmers appearance on Name is (Palmer referred to a chicken wings) and was used in over 5,000 videos. Many of the videos refer to “feminine” behavior in men, such as with the abbreviation “tf” (“To hell”), SMS with emojior SMS in all lower case letters.

The tone is the latest iteration a viral TikTok sound categorizing various behaviors of men as feminine or gay. Queer TikTokers in August called out Videos with audio saying “How can I be homophobic my bitch is gay” to say that men are “gay” for wearing it tight pants or hanging out with male friendsamong other things.

Another audio, “that’s definitely fruity,” used in almost 17,000 videoswas also used to denote “gay” behavior.

In the caption of his video about using the above audios homophobic Wisely, Owen wrote that “fruity was a slippery slope‘, referring to the jokes about the behavior of men referred to as ‘fruity’, which is a pejorative Term for gay men, especially females.

Why it matters

in the an interview Owen told the Daily Dot that he doesn’t think the people who use audio to call out when men are “not acting appropriately gender norms” Recognize that they are homophobic and Contribution to gender stereotypes.

“In her eyes, it’s okay to be gay,” Owen said, citing the immense social potential progress the LGBTQ+ community has done over the past few decades. “[So] They think it’s okay to call men gay when men don’t conform to gender norms.”

But just because being gay is now universally accepted doesn’t mean it is heterosexual women (as mentioned in Owen’s TikTok) who attributes certain behaviors to homosexuality is without fault.

“It punishes men for breaking out of gender roles that are inherently harmful to both men and women,” Owen told the Daily Dot. “It continues a broken system.”

TikTok’s ability, of course Meme-ify audios By allowing users to place sounds in unexpected contexts, it adds to the app’s hilarity and popularity — but Owen said it does also a dark side.

“It legitimizes immoral and discriminatory feelings Super fast‘ said Owen when audios go viral.

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*Initial publication: September 28, 2022 at 6:00 am CDT

Tricia Crimmins

Tricia Crimmins is the IRL Editor at the Daily Dot. She is also a New York-based comedian and an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She has previously written for Mashable, Complex Networks and Moment magazine. She can be found on Twitter at @TriciaCrimmins.

Tricia Crimmins

https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tiktok-fruity-audios-veiled-homophobia/ TikToker is calling out these “fruity” audios for disguised homophobia

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