TikToker is asking T-Mobile to change the billing date without notice

A letter of complaint from TikToker to T-Mobile has gone viral after it shared a reading of the text to the platform.

User Amuuso (@viliamufanene) posted the video to his page earlier this week, where it quickly racked up over 2.5 million views.

The video has inspired several follow-ups and comments from other wireless carriers like AT&T and Cricket Wireless.

@viliamufanene Dear @tmobile #fyp #foryou #badbusiness ♬ Stories 2 – Danilo Stankovic

In his first video, Amuuso reads the contents of the letter and asks viewers for feedback.

“Dear T-Mobile, your service sucks,” he reads. “You all arbitrarily changed my invoice date without warning and none of your unqualified experts seem to know why. In fact, none of your pandemic experts have given me the same answer.”

“Per our agreement, you were not allowed to touch my account until the 27th of each month,” he continues. “I only noticed in March that you’ve been moving out early since last October on the 24th.”

“What caught my attention were some random $170 fees from your Everest College graduate accountants,” he adds. “I called to see what the charges were and you know what? Neither could any of your customer service reps explain it.”

Finally, Amuuso said the company told him they would no longer charge those fees and offered him a $170 credit for the fee. But as Amuuso points out, that doesn’t make much sense.

“You mean $170 you stole from me with no explanation? It’s not a loan, it just gives me my money back,” he says. He then states that there was no single solution to this problem.

“To top it off, your service is Burner Phone quality at best,” he reads. “I shouldn’t have to stand on one leg and hold a piece of tinfoil in 2022 to get a good signal out of your ass.”

He adds a few more points before closing the video by saying he wants them to end his contract.

“Cancel my contract immediately. I will not pay your early termination fees and I will report your pirated business to the Attorney General, the District Attorney and the Federal Trade Commission and file a report with the Better Business Bureau and a small claims claim which we will provide you with the specific reason upon service by your local sheriff.”

In comments, users supported Amuuso, with many sharing similar complaints.

“Hey, let me sign my name down real quick because I [too]’ wrote one commenter.

“This must be a template,” added another.

“Effing T-Mobile! 15 years with Sprint not a single problem a week at TMobile and nothing but problems,” shared a third.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, as detailed in an update posted by Amuuso.

@viliamufanene in reply to @angeliquedis Part 2 #storytime @tmobile #fyp #foryou ♬ Laverne and Shirley – The Main Cover Theme – TV Themes

The text overlaid on the video reads as follows:

“After my wife emailed and I posted this tiktok…. the management of T-Mobile called us. The executive actually LISTENED… She forwarded our past calls and complaints to T-Mobile…. She will personally help us in our transition from T-Mobile.”

According to Amuuso, this includes “$440 in credit in our account” and “no cancellation fees on all 9 of our devices,” which he says has saved him over $3,000.

All of this means that T-Mobile will avoid Amuuso’s planned lawsuit, he continues.

In comments below this video, carriers AT&T and Cricket Wireless suggested themselves as alternatives.

“Still SMH in Vernon…let’s do some magic,” wrote Cricket Wireless, calling T-Mobile’s unhelpful customer service representative.

“We may have a proposal for a new vendor,” AT&T said.

While Amuuso appears to be entertaining Cricket’s bid, in a later video he slammed AT&T for their bid using a clip from the 1990 film Goodfellas.

@viliamufanene Reply to @att Inside the comments section under Craig’s answer be like..why are you doing this to Craig😪. #fyp #foryou @uhjoyful @tpritch @khalednassar93 @maribella90210 @brikissell @mintmobile ♬ original sound – amuuso

Many spectators also supported him.

As one user wrote, “I’m sick of these companies getting away with it all.”

We contacted Amuuso via email.

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*Initial publication: May 27, 2022 at 10:19 am CDT

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