TikToker claims his girlfriend was fired for reporting sexual harassment

A man on TikTok says his girlfriend was fired from her job for four years after she reported sexual harassment to her boss.

The man, named Ken Waks (@ken), says his girlfriend emailed human resources to report the harassment and she provided six different examples with witnesses.

A few months earlier, a man broke into his girlfriend’s car to “leave her a present” after molesting her, Waks says. HR did nothing.

This time, the molester was the girlfriend’s direct supervisor for four months. After Waks’ girlfriend provided six separate cases of sexual harassment by the boss, HR told her, “We’ve received your concerns,” Waks says. Then HR put his girlfriend on a group chat with the manager who was harassing her. They reportedly told both the girlfriend and the manager, “We have received your concerns and will work to address them.”

@ken We will sue them for everything we can. I’ll document the whole thing. This is why people are afraid to speak out against #harassment, #wrongful termination, #workplace discrimination, #laborlaw, #corporateamerica, #retaliation ♬ BORN FOR THESE – Foxxi

“She’s afraid to go into the office, afraid of retaliation, afraid of what this guy might do, she’s working from home that day,” Waks says in the video. He explains that his girlfriend worked from home on the Friday before Memorial Day, was then off work, and Tuesday was her day off.

On Tuesday, Human Resources emailed Waks’ girlfriend saying she had to come to the office for a 10 a.m. meeting on Wednesday. Waks says one of the company’s owners should also be on the phone.

Waks says his girlfriend was fired during the meeting. The company cited “poor attendance at work.”

“She worked there for four years, never got in trouble about anything,” Waks says in the video. “She was never warned about attendance, never missed a performance or anything related to her work, got only exemplary grades in four years.”

The TikToker claims his girlfriend was fired from the company as a form of “retaliation”. He says his girlfriend was “wrongly terminated” and says they will sue the company.

“This call wasn’t about sexual harassment at all, this call wasn’t about what she was going through, it wasn’t about finding new ways of working,” Waks says in the video. “They immediately took the manager’s point of view and sided with him – choosing him over her. Do you think this guy won’t do it again?”

Waks adds that he “will not sleep” until this issue is resolved.

“That’s why people don’t come forward,” he adds. “It’s disgusting. It’s crazy that people would do that in American companies.”

The TikToker says he’s recorded and documented everything and he’ll get his girlfriend “justice.”

Commenting on his video, Waks wrote, “I will later remove this video via legal advice, it will be back after we win and I will document everything we did.”

Viewers largely agreed with Waks that the layoffs were grounds for a lawsuit and urged him to hire an attorney immediately.

“It’s a lawsuit. Congratulations,” one viewer commented on the video.

“Yes 100% she needs to file a lawsuit,” commented a second viewer.

A third wrote: “From a lawyer: GOOD ON YOU GUYS! Lawyer and stop this madness. Nobody should put up with that.”

In response to that comment, Waks wrote, “Everyone in my family but me is a lawyer and I knew what we needed to do while she was going through this to prepare this case.”

Another comment read: “Never go to HR and get a lawyer!” Waks replied: “I know but you have to show you’ve tried to follow ‘the rules’ before you can win a suit. ”

Some viewers called the company’s human resources department.

“HR here. oh damn no I’m so sorry this happened… get them! You haven’t even completed an investigation. The temporal proximity of the term is a major disadvantage,” said one user.

“lmao shouldn’t HR prevent the company from being sued for things like this?” asked another user.

Several viewers asked Waks to reveal the company’s name, but he said he wouldn’t do so just yet.

“I’ll wait for the lawyers to say I can definitely publicly denounce them,” he wrote in response to a comment.

The Daily Dot reached out to user @ken via TikTok comment.

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*Initial publication: June 5, 2022 at 10:56 am CDT

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