TikToker calls the target employee because she accused her of theft

A Target customer accused an employee of racially profiling her in a series of viral TikTok videos.

In the clips, TikTok user OVee (@ohdatgirlov) confronts the worker for asking her to show him her receipt, though she confirms the man followed her through the store and saw her paying for her item paid for.

She was so frustrated that she decided to return all the items she bought and even started reading online reviews about this particular place, where other shoppers also expressed concerns that the store staff were deliberately targeting women of color.

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“I was at Target yesterday when I was being followed as I left this guy, he stepped in front of my basket and said, WHERE ARE THE COSMETICS THAT WERE IN YOUR BASKET?” she describes in the text overlay. “Then when I said they were in the bag, he asked where the receipt was? Mind you, the cashier checked me out, I didn’t pay at the self checkout.”

In the clip, she captures a man wearing a black, short-sleeved, button-down shirt sitting at a table in front of a Starbucks at a Target eatery, glancing sporadically at his phone while she talks to him.

“It’s called racial profiling,” OVee says to the man. “I didn’t see that this guy didn’t ask anyone for anything, but you come up to me and ask for my receipt for the cosmetics…how did it get in my pocket?” You didn’t see me over there? Isn’t there a camera here?”

Then she asks the manager to come over to solve the problem.

“If you didn’t see anything, why did you come and ask me?” She questions the worker who accused her. “I want the manager to come. Many Thanks. “Do you have a receipt for all the cosmetics in there?” If you didn’t see what I had, why are you asking me about it? You lie.”

The man, believed to be a claims prevention worker at Target, asks the TikToker, “What are you talking about?”

The creator explains that the man claimed he didn’t follow her through the store because he was at Starbucks. He claimed he didn’t know what was in her basket.

In a follow-up clip, she follows the man in the black button-down shirt as she pushes her shopping cart full of purchased items.

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“Excuse my language in this video,” OVee writes in the text overlay, “I was pissed at this point. He stepped in front of my basket and accused me of stealing. All my items were paid for and bagged by their team member so I was completely mortified. He lied and said they all stop and ask for a receipt but after calling the manager he said that was not true.”

She tells the clerk, “Take it all back…you don’t even get paid enough to fuck people” in this second video as she walks him through the store.

She then yells at the clerk, who seems to be asking what she’s talking about. “No, what are you talking about?” she replies. “Don’t ask me what I’m talking about. You messed me up… asked for my receipt.”

She points out that she didn’t see any other customers in the store asking for their receipts. “Stupid people out here, I want all my damn money back.”

At the end of the clip, she appears to be waiting on the customer service line to return the items she just bought.

In a third clip, she spoke in more detail about the incident and gave a storytime to followers who wanted to know more about the incident at Target.


Prt 3. Target Incident

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She explains that she brought several items to the checkout and asked the cashier to put one back because OVee thought it was on sale, but it turned out it wasn’t. One item she pulled from the shelf was a bottle of body spray that caught the eye of the cashier. She shared this with the TikToker and asked if she wanted to grab an unopened bottle instead. OVee says she paid for the items, except for the body spray and coffee, which she got from Starbucks while she was at it.

She then said she ran to replace the body spray with an unopened bottle, but left her already-paid basket at the counter because she didn’t want to carry it around the store unnecessarily.

However, when she returned, there were three more customers in line, and the Target cashier suggested she take the body spray to the self-checkout so TikToker wouldn’t waste her time waiting in line to order each item to buy. She then grabbed her coffee and hamper, then went to the self-service checkout area to buy her body spray.

After she bought the body spray, OVee said a man stepped in front of her basket, blocked her exit from the store, and asked, “Where are the cosmetics that were in your basket?”

She told him they were in the bag because she paid for them and that’s when the claims prevention clerk demanded to see her receipt. She couldn’t understand why she was being isolated as a security guard stood by the checkout counter while she paid for her items. She added that the alleged loss-prevention worker had followed her before she even bought her items, so she should have known she’d paid for everything. At that point, she decided to record her interaction with the Target employee.

She said she ended up returning the items, but that the manager she interacted with was “no better” than the loss prevention worker, and that he said he “does it [her] do a favor by returning these items.”

In an additional video, OVee published five separate reviews from other Target customers who said they had visited that particular location and accused the staff of racial profiling.

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One reviewer wrote: “I am a woman of color and every time I go to this destination a worker follows me and asks a million times if I need help. Especially when I’m wearing my natural hair. I’m pretty sure some kind of discrimination is going on.”

In OVee’s latest video on the situation, she responded to a TikTok user who said that instead of confronting the employee, she should have simply proved him wrong. In her response, the creator added that she didn’t “need to prove anything to anyone,” adding that the clerk should have proved she was stealing, not the other way around.

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The Daily Dot has emailed @ohdatgirlov on TikTok and Target for further comment.

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