Three men harass a lesbian couple and their daughter on their doorstep

Three men harassed a lesbian couple and their daughter in McFarland, Wisconsin for leaving a pride flag on their home. The couple’s friend, TikToker @mermaidmomarielle, shared footage of the Ring doorbell harassers on a viral TikTok last week.

After the three rang the bell, the couple’s 5-year-old daughter opened the door, with one of her mothers right behind and out of sight by the harassers.

“See, I’m not from here, but would you like to get out of my neighborhood please?” one of the harassers, wearing a hat that says “Show me your boobs,” laughs.

The three then ran away when the girl’s mother called the police.

“Is the whole point of making a baby cry? What the fuck,” said TikToker’s Arielle Petri in the middle of a scene about the harassment.

“They knew there was a camera but felt so invincible in their hatred of their fellow human beings that they thought nothing could happen to them,” says Petri.

The TikToker then asked viewers to help identify the harassers in the video.

“My friends don’t deserve to feel unsafe in their neighborhood because they’re gay,” they said. “Pass it.”

In the video of the incident, the harassers are frustrated because they come across a “different” doorbell with a camera.

According to a comment on the McFarland Police Department Facebook page, three harassers visited another house with a proud flag earlier that day. Petri said in a follow-up video that she has reached out to the second home’s family, but has yet to receive a response.

All three men were arrested. According to a Press Release from the McFarland Police Department, two of the harassers, Malik Yrios and Bradley Behling, were charged with one count of hate disorder, while a third person who spoke directly to the child, Cory Mellum, was charged. guilty of two crimes.

Petri’s TikTok has received nearly 900,000 views, and in a follow-up video they share the immense support the family has received from their neighbours. Petri says they have been given flowers and ice cream, and many of their neighbors have hoisted flags proud of their solidarity.

One of the moms, user @hiitsnursechristine, made her own follow-up video addressing the problem and the support they received in return. Petri then enhanced the video by sharing it to her page.

“As hard as it is, it’s really great to read and read all of that, and know that we are loved and supported,” the mother said.

Christine also said her daughter is still shaking and has trouble sleeping at night. However, Petri created a Amazon Wish List for their daughter, and Christine says their neighbors generously gave her gifts.

In a statement to the Daily Dot, Petri provided more context: “I was the family’s child caretaker until Brielle started 4K. When I saw Christine’s facebook post about the incident on 12/23/21, I immediately texted her. After 30 seconds of no reply, I couldn’t wait any longer and called Christine, lol. We chatted and she told me how upset they were all. I volunteer my foundation to help identify these men. Within minutes of posting, messages identifying the men began flooding in. We gave the name to the PD and they were arrested. Brielle’s natural talent in life is to be more compassionate, but this also means that she is a rather sensitive person. I really wanted to show her her support from the community, so I started an Amazon wish list for Brielle. We were overwhelmed with love and I’m so excited to surprise her with over 100 gifts! ”

Christine also suggested that TikTok users create their own videos of support and solidarity for the family that she can show her daughter.

“She really thought it was cool when I told her that the whole internet thought the people who came in and were mean to her, you know, thought they were the bad guys and she was awesome, ‘ she said of her daughter.

The support the family received was echoed in the comments on TikTok.

“I live about a mile from them, my mother, my sister and my grandparents all live in town. Your friends are more than welcome here,” said one user.

“The guy didn’t seem very brave, he ran away before finishing his sentence. I’m so sorry this happened. I hope it never happens again,” another user said.

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*First published: December 27, 2021, 12:06 pm CST

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