This zodiac sign is the biggest procrastinator – the best life

For some people, punctuality is not a problem at all. They thrive on crossing things off their to-do list and are known for being dependable in the workplace. But for others, looming deadlines and missed deadlines are part of life. This can make them seem lazy at times, but this last-minute nature can be partially out of their control. Astrologers say that some zodiac signs are more prone to procrastination than others, from those who casually dawdle to people who really can’t do anything without much delay. Read on to see if your colleague who needs constant reminders or your family member who never bothers to reply made the list.

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Libras don’t want to hesitate, they just have a hard time deciding what they want. “Libra’s constant indecisiveness is one of the main reasons they procrastinate,” says the Hollywood astrologer Ryan Marquardt. “Represented by Libra, Libra is constantly weighing more than one option, so they can easily have trouble figuring out how to prioritize, resulting in mental paralysis that prevents them from taking action and moving forward,” explains Marquardt.

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Marquardt explains that because Cancer is a water sign, “they are preoccupied with emotional matters.” Their thoughts and fears can make it difficult for them to concentrate when they need to get something done. They wait to send an email because they’re worried about the reply, or they neglect their to-do list because it’s stressful.

“But cancer is a cardinal sign, so they like to be in control and take initiative,” Marquardt notes. So if they are able to separate their emotions from a task, they will certainly take it on.

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Virgos are notoriously high achievers. But because they expect the best from everyone, including themselves, they tend to get caught up in the little things. “Virgo is the perfectionist sign, and they pay attention to every little detail, which is time-consuming,” explains the spiritual healer and astrologer Emily Neuman.

The quest for perfection also makes this zodiac sign difficult to get off the ground unless they are confident they can do it 100 percent. “Virgo is a mutable sign, which means they’re always changing and have a hard time committing to anything,” says Marquardt. “Once Virgo finally decides to start something, she’ll work on it obsessively until she feels like it’s done — but getting her to start is the hard part.”

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Sagittarians are high energy and impulsive which leads to many missed deadlines. Marquardt says they will “break through countless goals and projects in life, but many will remain uncompleted.”

This is due to Sags’ love of having fun. “They don’t miss opportunities in life, but they have a hard time committing,” notes Newman. Maybe they said they were going to join a volleyball league and a kickball club at the same time, and now they’re faced with a choice. These free spirits are also constantly busy planning their next vacation or adventurous getaway, making it difficult to focus on what’s right in front of them.

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Gemini might teach lessons in hesitation and indecision. After all, their sign represents Gemini, which means they often feel split in half. This scattered sign keeps moving on to something else – a new job, a new significant other, a new quest – without completing its most recent task. Marquardt describes them as “the sign par excellence that is distracted by shiny objects”.

Like Sagittarius, Gemini loves to have a good time and socialize, and if something isn’t on their fun gauge, they’re willing to move on or put it off. “They have the ability to focus on one thing, but they can’t keep that focus for very long because they get bored easily,” Marquardt explains.

Pisces would rather take a nap than pay their taxes. “As the sleepiest sign of the zodiac, motivating Pisces to take action can be extremely difficult,” says Marquardt. “[They’re] the sign most likely to snooze the alarm clock in the morning, or be late for work, or let half a day go by before deciding to cross things off their to-do list.”

One of the roots of this behavior is that this sign gets nervous easily. “When Pisces are pressured, harried, or overwhelmed, they begin to evade their real-world duties and hesitate as if it’s their job,” notes Marquardt.

The other reason Pisces hesitates is their highly innovative and creative nature, Newman notes. They find it difficult to take on tasks that don’t feel artistically fruitful or that don’t motivate them. They have “their own special way of doing things,” says Newman. This zodiac sign is the biggest procrastinator – the best life

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