This is how you get the maximum possible share of each GTA V heist

When it comes to the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto V/GTA V game, the highlights that can give you the most bang for your buck are the heist missions. These are complex missions that can bring in a lot of money, which can then be invested in more useful things like safe houses, vehicles, or weapons. However, each of the heists in GTA V is different and requires preparation work to fully realize its potential. If you were wondering about this how to get the biggest possible share of each GTA V heisthere’s what you need to know.

This is how you get the maximum possible share of each GTA V heist

The jeweler robbery

GTA V Heist - The Jeweler

In the first heist, the goal is to scout out the jewelry store before attempting to rob it. Players should choose the silent option to eliminate unwanted complications. Next you need to choose your preferred crew.

Having Rickie Lukens as your hacker gives the crew more time to get the goods in the store without costing you too much, so picking him is the right option. Make sure to unlock him by completing his Lifeinvader mission before the heist. Likewise, Packie McCreary will do the job for less money and must be unlocked via a random event near the Dollar Pills Pharmacy in Strawberry.

Choosing Karim Denz as your getaway rider can make things harder since you’ll be riding street bikes instead of dirt bikes, but you’re not losing any money in the process. He’s also cheaper than Eddie Toh. Overall, you can expect to win about $4.9 million, with Michael taking home $1.2 million and Franklin taking home almost $300,000.

The Merryweather Raid

As part of the narrative in GTA V, there is simply no way for players to win this heist no matter what they do. Rather than worrying about the best approach, it’s best to enjoy this section of the game as you wish, as it doesn’t affect the outcome in any way. This is also the first time we see the trio of Michael, Franklin and Trevor in action.

The Paleto Score

GTA V Heist - The Paleto Score

In the next heist, the crew will target a small bank in Paleto Bay. To avoid unexpected casualties, select McCreary as the gunman for the heist. After the jewelry store heist, McCreary will have better stats, so it will definitely help in the job as you will eventually encounter resistance.

Starting with a take of $8,016,020, the challenge here isn’t getting shot in the back, as you’re losing money with every hit, whether you or your allies get shot. You’ll also lose a small portion of the shot as part of the mission, so do your best not to get shot in the back as you escape.

If all goes well, there will be a win of over $8 million, with each trio getting between $425,000 and around $470,000.

The office robbery

GTA V Heist - The Office Heist

Going into the FIB skyscraper for a heist might seem crazy, but it’s just another day at the office for our three heroes. Choose the rooftop landing option for the best chance of success in this heist. Next, choosing the right crew will help a lot, and since nobody dies on this mission, it makes things a lot easier.

For your hacker, choosing Lukens is more than enough, especially if he has been involved in previous heists. As for the shooter, this time going with Norm Richards is the preferred choice as you get a higher cut.

Finally, for the getaway driver, you should go for Taliana Martinez’s option. To unlock her, you must visit her after the jewelry heist. It can be found off the Great Ocean Highway around Mount Chiliad and Braddock Pass. Bring her to Sandy Shore before she dies, and she’ll be an invaluable crew member in this raid and the next.

Do what you have to do and Martinez will be waiting to drive the crew from there in an ambulance to avoid unwanted police attention. If the heist is successful, Franklin will receive a cut of about $240,000.

The big score

GTA V Heist - The big success

In the biggest heist of all in GTA V, Michael, Franklin and Trevor will find their criminal careers to the toughest test yet. If you’re hoping for a huge payday, you’re definitely going to want to do this mission right. To start, we’re going to get noisy by choosing the Driller option. It might seem like the riskier option because it is, but you’re looking at an increased profit of about $6 million per character compared to the other option, so this is a no-brainer for anyone looking to get their earnings from the biggest heist want to maximize Of all.

As for the crew, here’s the perfect team to assemble to make things run as smoothly as possible. Martinez should be your choice to fly the helicopter and she will get the job done without fuss and give you no problems. Put Denz in charge of the train as he will crash the chopper if that were his job. Finally, choose the cheapest options for your two gunmen as they cannot affect the mission in any way that could cost money.

Of course, at the end of the day you have to do your job as the main character, so keep calm, choose your shots, and you’ll exit this heist with the max stake. That’ll add up to more than $41 million per character, so a lot here depends on your performance. If something goes wrong, you can always replay the mission to clear things up.

Here we go, all the important decisions and information you need how to get the biggest possible share of each GTA V heist. If that’s not enough, be sure to check out all the other related GTA V news below, including how to get the game on current-gen consoles, how to fly a plane effectively, and the confirmation of the next GTA game in development. This is how you get the maximum possible share of each GTA V heist

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