Think about what you celebrate on January 26th

January 26th is and remains invasion day. Rick Johnston, Potts Point

Pathetic trolls are no match for Dokic

It’s time to explain the game, set, and fight against online trolls (“Survivors Have Each Other’s Backs,” January 25). It’s just too hard for trolls to be kind or considerate to other people. They even find it too difficult to think about their deeds in peace, let alone respect others. One suspects that they do not reach for the stars in life.

Some loser in New Zealand even felt the need to write nasty things about Jacinda Ardern in his paddock to become a one minute wonder. The art of keeping evil thoughts to himself clearly wasn’t in his toolbox, and he seems to be struggling with living his best life.

But you, Jelena Dokic, are living your best life. And I think you’re a great tennis commentator because you know your stuff. Have pity on the trolls and keep a strong belief in your self-confidence.
Karma tells us that eventually they will go down their lonely and miserable holes. wendy atkins, Cook’s Hill

Jelena Dokic

Jelena DokicCredit:Nine messages

When I tune in to the Open, I’m always happy to hear Jelena Dokic – intelligent, to the point, caring about the players and illuminating the game. I’m glad she went from a player to a commentator; I’m even happier that she’s a survivor and, may I add, a tigress to boot. Role models come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but they usually have one thing in common – the proverbial heart as big as Phar Lap’s. Dokic can be proud because she knows that she is loved and admired by this sporting nation. How many of those stinky online trolls can say that? Patrick McGrath, Potts Point

Congratulations to Jelena Dokic on her article, written with sincere frankness. Advance with a brilliant TV career, be out there and be strong. Be very proud of yourself, Jelena, and your achievements. Susan Chan, St Ives

Dokic is an asset to tennis and the Australian Open. Your comment is informative and different. As a person, she has suffered enough and deserves awards, not abuse. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be human. We are capable of so much ugliness. Dokic is an asset to our society. Geoff Hermon, Maraylya

Good luck to Dokic as she reciprocates the pretentious serves and unwarranted backhands of the self-proclaimed image makers. Her courageous approach is recognized and respected far more than anything she has ever accomplished in court. She deserves full support for her contribution to mental health outside of sport. Jennifer Nicholls, Armadale (Vic)

The crisis turns out to be a voice

The situation in Alice Springs is a good example of the need for the voice (“Prime Minister Too Slow to Respond to Alice Springs Violence,” 25 January). A few centuries of paternalistic and arbitrary policies have only had a detrimental effect on Aboriginal prospects for health, education and economic outcomes. There was little or no voice involved, but the standard reaction of so many Australians is that it is a matter of law and order. Noel Pearson may have provided the answer to the question that seems to bother people who doubt the need for the Voice. Speaking on the radio this week, he made the subject crystal clear: The answers to the questions raised by Peter Dutton are that the federal legislature will decide. The only thing people are asked is whether they agree with the principle of recognizing a voice in the Constitution giving advice on public policies dealing with our first peoples. The Federal Parliament decides on the composition of the voice as a body and its role in policy development. The importance of the voice will be that knowledgeable, informed and respected members act as advisers to the government in providing guidance to Indigenous Australians. Its meaning will emerge from the constitutional recognition proposed for the vote. let them be heard Victor Boase, Narraweena

Australia’s doctors have one vote in Parliament; it’s called AMA (Letters, January 25). Unionists have one vote in Parliament – the ACTU. Big business has one voice – the Business Council of Australia. Twiggy Forrest has a voice – his own. We enable everyone – from clubs and pubs to property councils – to have a voice in Parliament. Why on earth would anyone reasonably oppose an indigenous vote in Parliament?

Does the AMA truly and democratically represent physicians? Probably not. And the ATU? Probably not. In the current debate we simply recognize that it is so important that the indigenous voice is heard, that we want it to be well organized and elected as democratically as possible. The Australian Parliament will from time to time detail how best to do this, having listened to all those who have an opinion on this sensitive issue.

It is unlikely that the indigenous voice in parliament will be as powerful as the gun or gambling lobbies, but it will try. Unless we are hard-hearted or blinded by deliberately deceitful arguments, we will give them a chance and wish them well. Richard Walsh, Woollahra

Museums better off

The leadership struggles at Museums of History NSW come as no surprise (“Leadership strife grips new museums body,” 25 January). The third CEO of Sydney Living Museums in 10 years left the position at short notice and due to unclear circumstances. In 10 years, attendance plummeted, opening hours dropped dramatically, 8,000 members were lost, millions of legacies were withdrawn, a strong audience and publication program withered. During the same period, the organization spent enormous sums to rebrand themselves with two new and different names and bizarrely merged with State Records. The country’s most knowledgeable and experienced historic site administrators left the country, costing taxpayers millions in severance payments. The government has no one to blame but itself for this appalling mismanagement. Hubris, self-adulation and nepotism are no substitute for knowledge, skill and experience.

Thankfully, the newly appointed interim CEO has stated that he will avoid “dumbing it down — that kind of Disney fiction you see around the world.” In the State Library, he showed how the public’s darling and in-depth knowledge in the right hands can make happy bedfellows. peter watts, lily field

Sharing wins

In addition to cementing and deepening inequality, the gap between private and public schools means that millions of children are confined solely to their class and/or religious world (“Private Education for two children hits $1m,” January 25). The situation does not lay the foundations for a cohesive society. alan morris, baltic seas

Musically misunderstood

The cast of Miss Saigon performs during the 2017 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The cast of Miss Saigon performs during the 2017 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.Credit:Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions).

What a successful musical is often criticized for is what it actually seeks to confront (“Opera Australia Faces Backlash,” January 25). For years a revival of South Pacific was ruled out because of the taint of racism until people looked again and saw that it exposed racism. A revival of promise promise was avoided due to perceived misogyny until people considered the mockery of men in it and saw the depiction of a suicide attempt by the emotionally abused female lead. Miss Saigon has done tremendously to create empathy for Vietnamese refugees and to uncover the long-hidden plight of abandoned children of American soldiers and Vietnamese women, while at the same time offering a wide range of opportunities for Asian artists. Just because a show is financially successful while pursuing virtuous goals is no reason to misrepresent and bemoan its intentions. Opera Australia should be applauded for taking on this seriously challenging show. Peter Fleming, Northmead

More parks please

Here’s a radical idea (“Smart Visions Are Required to Revitalize Central Station,” January 25). Why not just build the new park over the railway and keep Prince Alfred Park? Let’s catch up with all the new high-rise developments that have popped up around the city in recent years without contributing to more green space. The poor kids trapped in their homes will have an outdoor play space to get away from their video games and participate in sports activities, and there will be plenty of space for those who want to exercise or enjoy an outdoor walk . In addition, all the green naturally compensates for some greenhouse effects. To win. Neville Pleffer, root mound

plane or train?

Your correspondent rightly points to the advantages of flying on long-distance bullet trains (Letters, January 25). However, she doesn’t mention the travel time to the airport, in my case about an hour, and then you have to check in and plan for queues an hour before departure. All in all, a one-hour round-trip flight can take up to six hours door-to-door—but you have the privilege of sitting in a crowded airport and paying extraordinary prices for perfectly ordinary food and drink. Markus Nugent, Lugarno

As a former Montreal resident, I can attest to the popularity of the 5-hour train ride from Montreal to Toronto. Having made more than 30 round trips between these two great cities, I can vouch for its popularity, soothing quiet and convenience in the heart of downtown. Catherine Gallagher, Western Pennant Hill

Original cucumber

The “American” pickle, a cucumber pickled in sweetened vinegar and seasoned with dill and mustard seeds, actually came to us from there. However, the pickle made its way to America from Eastern Europe during the great transatlantic migrations of the early twentieth century and crept into American culinary tradition (Letters, January 25). john constable, Balmain

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