The zodiac sign to marry based on your sun sign

Choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with is not easy.

How do we know if Keith from Accounts is a better match than Nigel from Zumba? But the lycra…

The stars can tell us the most suitable sign to get married


The stars can tell us the most suitable sign to get marriedPhoto credit: Getty

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Getting married is one of the biggest decisions we will make in our lives.

Fortunately, the stars can guide us. By using our sun sign, which is the main sign of the zodiac that we read in our horoscopes, we can see which sign will see us jumping down the aisle and saying yes to the dress!


Fire sign Aries creates maximum passion, but you are very competitive.

You want to marry someone who encourages your spontaneity, which makes the free-spirited Aquarius a perfect partner.


Dedicated Taurus seeks stability, which is why committing to a Cancer is a great choice for you.

Expect them to ask the question quickly since you both want to feel confident super fast.

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Gemini’s nonstop ideas and chatty charms need a smart partner on their wavelength.

The hardworking Virgo makes a great husband or wife as they love long, interesting conversations as much as you do.


Cancer values ​​the security that comes with a family, and such a strong and reliable Libra is a great choice for marriage.

However, if you’re one of those romantic Cancers, you might prefer a Pisces that puts rose petals in your bridal suite.


The glamorous lion loves to be the boss, so he goes well with a shield that allows him to be in the spotlight.

Aquarius is a great match for our lovely Leos as they will love your amazing creativity while giving you room to shine.

Scorpio and Taurus are a great match in marriage


Scorpio and Taurus are a great match in marriagePhoto credit: Getty


The detail-oriented Virgo keeps all receipts, but marrying a drifting Pisces allows them to loosen up a bit.

Expect to have the best of both worlds with this sign, which will bring you a newfound sense of freedom.


The gregarious Libra likes to think things through – a lot. You strive to create a sense of balance, so marrying a fire sign would add the perfect ying to your yang.

Fire Aries is a great match for you to ensure your wedding night ends with a bang!


The passionate Scorpio likes to be kept up to date. You need someone who understands your deep feelings.

A strong and consistent Taurus will make you open your heart to him – great marriage potential.

List of 12 zodiac signs

The traditional dates Mystic Meg uses for each character are listed below.


Wanderlust is a Sagittarius zest for life and that’s why they need someone who has been gripped by the travel bug just as badly.

A fellow Sagittarius would have no problem adjusting their energy just thinking about where they were going to spend their honeymoon!


The patient Capricorn will not rush to dash down the aisle. You are incredibly motivated and focused and would make a great partner for Taurus.

They can help Capricorn fulfill their fanciest ambitions while also keeping their feet on the ground.



The deep-thinking Aquarius needs an intellectual counterpart. A quick witted Gemini would make a great marriage partner.

They can search you by word and read the papers with you while you snuggle up on a lazy Sunday morning.


The dreamy Pisces has a quirky, artistic nature that needs to be respected.

The Scorpio water sign listens to all your thoughts, making sure your marriage is full of delightful twists and turns. The zodiac sign to marry based on your sun sign

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