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Would you like to broaden your horizons? Visiting different cities is one of the best ways to learn about new cultures, meet new people, and possibly even convince yourself that you live in the wrong place. Across the country, every city has its own unique vibe and offerings. But which city you will feel most comfortable in depends on your personality – and your horoscope. We consulted our resident astrologer to find the US city that best matches your zodiac sign. Will you find yourself in a small, nondescript place like Madison, Wisconsin, or a bustling metropolis like New York City?

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You’re always up to date on what’s cool and trendy, Aries. While other people follow the crowd and flock to more popular metropolitan areas, you’d rather seek out the hidden gems – as long as they have equal access to nature and vibrant nightlife. Austin, Texas meets those needs with the perfect blend of big city fun and Southern charm. Also, it has a lot of art and culture, which is important as you have endless energy. The Lone Star State is sure to make you feel at home.

The Madison, Wisconsin skyline from the lake at dusk
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You are a lover of the slow life, Taurus. The typical hustle and bustle of the big city will not irritate you. But as a foodie of the Zodiac, it goes without saying that the food and drink scene needs to be a priority when choosing a place to base yourself. If you’re looking for a city that offers the perfect blend of comfort and indulgence, then Madison is an under-the-radar gem you’ll never want to leave. And although you can indulge in the finer things in this location, it is relatively affordable, another important consideration for you.

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Street in Savannah Georgia
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A little bit cute, a little bit spicy – you know how to activate the charm and make friends everywhere, Gemini. As a chameleon of the zodiac, you are able to face new situations with grace and ease. This also makes you an adventure lover, so you need a city with plenty to explore. Warm and welcoming, Savannah has an eclectic food scene, plenty of art, and a never-ending history. You’ll love chatting with the locals between rounds of local bourbon, and you’ll go home with enough stories to last a lifetime.

New Orleans, Louisiana
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You’re all about the mood, Cancer. Whether it’s picking your best friends or deciding what to eat for dinner, you choose what feels right. The same applies to the cities where you feel at home. Don’t be swayed by bright lights or flashy attractions; You’re looking for that inviting feeling. They fit in well with the people of New Orleans, where the people are particularly friendly and the food tastes like delicious home cooking. And when you really want to unwind, you’re just a short drive away from calm waters and sandy beaches.

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Illuminated skyscrapers in Manhattan in the evening with Empire State Building and Freedom Tower - the new World Trade Center, New York City

It may sound cliche, but there’s no city better equipped to deal with your over-the-top personality than NYC. There’s a reason the world’s greatest artists and artists flock to this cultural hub, trying to make their mark on the country’s creative capital. You’ll never have to worry about being too off the beaten track or too outgoing in the city that never sleeps. And with people flocking to New York from all over the world, you’ll never tire of socializing and making new friends.

Aerial view of Washington DC with Thomas Jefferson Memorial Building

You like order and order, but that doesn’t mean you’re boring! Some people confuse your love of predictability with resistance to change, but the truth is, you just like efficiency. Therefore, they thrive in cities with well-established public transportation, thoughtful infrastructure, and the common good. Washington, DC is probably the best example of this type of city in the US. Your practical side will thrive in the orderly layout of the nation’s capital, while your curious side can’t get enough of all the free museums and historical sites right in your own backyard.

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Chicago Illinois at night
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You like a lot of balance in life, Libra. Some days you want to be in the thick of the action and the next you’re hoping for a cozy night out with some friends. Your ideal lifestyle offers you the opportunity to do both without feeling like you’re missing out if you decide to be a couch potato. In Chicago, you’ll enjoy amazing food, a thriving sports culture, plenty of social events to make friends, and laid-back Midwest charm all rolled into one.

San Francisco Cable Car Tram

You are a lover of secrets and all things scary, Scorpio. An intuitive water sign, you like to dig beneath the surface and see what’s beneath—whether it’s in your relationships or the city you call home. So why not travel to one of the oldest and most haunted cities in the country? San Francisco has everything you could want: rich history, amazingly authentic food, rocky shores and unexpected twists and turns and hills.

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Fanueil Hall Marketplace and the Custom House Tower in Boston, Massachusetts
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You tell it like it is, Sagittarius, and you sure have a lot to say. You’ve been around the block a few times and picked up new life lessons and skills in all your world travels. As such, you thrive in environments where you are free to express yourself while exploring exciting new ideas with those around you. Next time you want to travel within the country, head to Boston. These no-nonsense folks are sure to love your spitfire personality, and this city’s beer scene couldn’t be livelier.

The town square of St. Augustine, Florida
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You’re used to running the show, Capricorn, so you have some high expectations. It may sound tempting to travel to a big city like LA or NYC where you can show off and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. But as someone who always works around the clock, the best place for you is not one that never stops, but one that has a calming effect. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the USA and is steeped in rich traditions and history. You’ll love being surrounded by some of the most historic and beautiful architecture in the country, and while you thrive in the chaos, you might be surprised at how the slower pace suits you.

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Skyline, Portland, Oregon, mountains, city
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You like it fun and funky, Aquarius. Following trends is not your style, so you prefer to travel to places where there is a diverse mix of people with different perspectives. A tight-knit community is important to you, as your humanitarian nature means you’re likely to be drawn into the local scene very quickly. Portland is known for its thriving culture, unique architecture and groundbreaking ideals. Nestled close to the coast with plenty of natural beauty in every direction, you’ll feel right at home among the friendly people who call this town home.

Wide view of downtown Juneau and the coast, Alaska. Morning, waterfalls and mist nestled in the mountains. The Mount Roberts Tramway runs on the right.
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You’re a hopeless romantic, Pisces, and you feel closer to nature than to people. It’s not that you’re not kind; In fact, you are more understanding and empathetic than most. That’s why you need to be in a place where you can quickly escape into the silent stillness of nature to recharge your batteries. Juneau is a beautiful gem of a city with a tight-knit community and plenty of space to retreat and forget your cares. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that you’re only a stone’s throw away from the sea. The US city that best suits you based on your zodiac sign – Best Life

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